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    My husband and I are expecting our first child. Although we are both in our upper 20’s, we are quite clueless when it comes to buying baby items. Can anyone recommend good but not too pricy strollers, car seats, swings, etc? Besides the basics, what other things are useful? Thanks.


    Get him (it) the new iphone.


    Na get him/er the new galaxy or droid-much better


    Graco for car seats.

    Baby jogger for strollers.

    Check out or consumer reports for evaluations of products.


    Yay!! Bshaa Tova!! I recently had my first baby:). Finally a thread that I actually know a thing or two about. You definitely want to get a snap n go stroller. I have a chicco key fit 30 ( my doctor and other realizable sources say that this is the safest. It fits until 35 pounds, however my child is only 5 months old and very tall and I can’t see him being in this by his first birthday. I definitely reccomended a swing. I did not get one because my apartment just did not have the space. All of my friends with babies have any one of the standard swings from buy buy baby and their children loved it, napped in it, played etc.

    Do not waste your time with swaddle blankets except for the ” miracle blanket”. It saved my (sanity). I had 50 different swaddle blankets and after about a month, my son was able to break out of the swaddle. The miracle blanket is great and not too expensive.

    This may be a basic but I found the pacifiers the hospital reccomended are horrible, my son only likes the nuk pacifiers, they helped put him back to sleep when he would wake up at night.

    I’m not sure if you are planning to nurse but I do, and a good pump is worth a million bucks. BH I got mine as a gift but it is the smartest thing I own. Medela is great.

    I have had a fantastic pack n play as my sons crib, he is moving to his actual crib this week, but if you want him/her with you I suggest this. Babies often outgrow bassinets and the pack n play will be more useful in the future. I will think of more things but.. Good luck bhaa Tova I hope that I helped a bit.



    Wow thanks for all your help! Do you think its worth it to invest in a baby carrier?


    What’s a baby carrier?


    I have one. A Britax. Do you mean the thing you can wear the baby in? I love mine but truthfully I have used it maybe 6 or 7 times. It is handy if you want to do errands with the baby, or in the warm weather take walks but I wouldn’t not have it as a necessity!


    Farrocks, its one of those snuggly things you wear that the baby fits inside. it makes quick errands easier rather then shlepping around a stroller. i dont think i have ever seen a frum person wear one. maybe it goes against fashion? i dont know to me they seem so convienent!


    A lot of frum women where them where I love. My son likes it a lot but I have never been completely at ease in that I feel like he will fall out. ( he won’t)!


    Yes i can tell you exactly what you need. and it will be spot on.. tried and true. first where do you live (city, suburbs, israel usa) for the stroller get the city mini (not the new version) i liken in to the honda odyssey. everyone has one and everyone cant be wrong!! for the car seat get the graco, snap and go. if you have and use a car get the adapter to the stroller so the car seat can snap on in and out of the car elimintating theneed to wake up the baby. get the fisher price swing although you cant use it on shabbos, its still alifesaver…learn how to swaddle, you will need that…..if you are using bottles, everyone likes the avent ones, (i am not sure i understand why) I would stick with the playtex w drop in liners. if nursing you MUST buy the “my breast friend” nusring pillow. and buy that purple johnson and johnson bath soap that puts babies right to sleep!!! GOod luck, beshaah tova


    We live in Queens. I guess thats considered “the city” although I have heard some Brooklyn people refer to it as “the suburbs”. We each have our own car so I guess we would need 2 car seats or 1 car seat and 2 base attachments. My sister told me to stay away from any travel system strollers and get a seperate stroller and car seat. My sis in law has a city mini and loves it but I dont think its for infants. As for the snap and go Im alittle hesitant becuase I read reviews its not so sturdy and can tip. Plus when the baby outgrows the car seat I would need a new stroller anyway.


    B’shaa tova. Always lovely to hear about babies coming. Any type of Snap and Go that snaps into the carseat base, turns into a stroller, and can be carried without having to move the baby, is a bracha!!!! A pac and play is a good choice in lieu of a crib for the first several months, as it is very portable.

    DON’T use old fashioned type nipples on baby bottles (for when you bottlefeed your own expressed milk or formula, something I STRONGLY recommend you get the baby used to doing, because there WILL be times you are not available to nurse the baby, even if you might not think so). Get the MAM or Nuk type nipples, they are silicon nipples shaped like a real nipple during a feeding, and it is really better for the baby’s oral muscle development. Above all, make sure you take some Mommy time for yourself after the baby is born. Your husband can give a bottle feeding (yes the Medela pump is a great idea, but you can more inexpensively buy an Evenflow electric pump and it works almost as well).

    during the night, so you can get some sleep.


    If u get a baby carrier, spend the extra money on one with lumbar support. It makes a MAJOR difference

    Hatzlacha and b’sha’ah tova


    Get sleep when you can!


    I remembered a few more things! I chose the wrong bath tub I wish I could return it but its been 5 months and I don’t feel right, but it was no good. Some tubs have a little infant sling, and then you can take it off for your bigger baby, but I find that the seat hurts his back. Better find a tub with no “seat” within and just a basin type tub. If this makes no sense tell me I will try to explain better, sorry!

    My son loves the sleep sacks. For the fest few months I put him in pajamas but I find that he breaks out of the swaddle a lot less if at all, in a sleep sack. You can get cheap cute ones Marshall’s or target.

    Don’t forget the miracle blanket! If I swore I would swear by it:).

    Don’t waste your time with a wipe warmer ya not necessary.


    I actually liked the bathtubs that can accommodate different ages (sling, laying, sitting). Wet babies are incredibly slippery and hard to hold on to. It’s much easier and in my opinion safer to be able to lay your baby down reclining and rinse them. If the seat back seems too hard, you can always put a washcloth or small hand towel in to line the tub underneath them.

    You’re going to want to look at the safety record of car seats before buying. There are websites that list these records for popular brands for the last few years.

    Don’t go by recommendations of others. Safety records can change year to year. When we checked (a few years ago) Graco had a fantastic safety record for years and years and was very economical. Still, you need to check the last few years.

    A pump (I liked medella; they use similar ones in the hospital) is extremely useful.

    Using a pump helps the milk flow and is one of the ways you’ll be able to get more rest. This will allow others to take over a shift or two to give you a break.

    We used a bassinet in our room for the first few months. They have ones with wheels that can be moved anywhere in the house. This is a real lifesaver when you want your baby nearby. They can sleep in swings too, but it requires picking them up and moving them mid-nap.

    Choose your furniture carefully.

    We opted for white nursery furniture which, unfortunately, really isn’t suitable for older children (and won’t fetch much second hand if we were to sell it).

    Try to get things that are “timeless” and can be used for all ages (newborns through early adulthood).


    Thanks morachrach and mommamia and everyone else that has added their input. Its really helped us. To be honest a bathtub completely didnt even come to mind. Im sure it would have occured to me eventually. Becuase I am only just entering my 7th month, my husband doesn’t want me buying anything yet even if its a good sale. But thanks to everyones help i have been researching things and prices. Otherwise I seriously would not have known where to start. I have never heard of a wipe warmer…lol…the things people come up with…


    First baby advice? Have a second.


    i have a 7 month old (not my first- my 3rd b”h). for my oldest i got everything graco- travel system (stroller plus car seat that attaches to it, in the same pattern) pack n play, swing….cant think of anything else, but i was a real graco fan. i planned on nursing, but got bottles because i was in school at the time and planned on pumping. i got avent and he was just fine with them. i bough pacies for him, and i tried a few different brands, but he didnt want them.

    when number two came along, i needed a double stroller, so i got the city mini, cuz its what everyone had- even though i dont usually get things just cuz everyone else does. I HATE IT!!!!!! my second did not take a bottle, but she loved (still does actually) her pacie- and she ONLY takes mam brand.

    now, when number three came along, i needed a new single stroller, so i started doing research all over. i ended up getting the valco baby latitude, and i am THRILLED with it. it has an adjustable handle, you can get to the basket VERY easily (even with a sleeping kid)its very easy to push and fold, and it folds flat. he also loved the hospital pacie, and preffered that to everything else. (unfortunately for me, he stopped taking it a few months ago) he doesnt take bottles either, so i didnt need to get new ones. im trying to get him to take bottles now (pumped, because i work) but hes not so thrilled. i borrowed a carried from my sister (baby k’tan) and i absolutely LOVED it. hes more mobile now, and doesnt constantly need to be held like he used to, so i havent gotten a new carrier that is more age appropriate for him. if i did get a new one at this stage, it would probably be a mei tai.

    i also got a new car seat this time around. i got the safety first car seat that goes up to 35lb (dont remember what its called. its a great seat, high safety ratings, but ive got two problems with it. it has a lousy canopy, and it doesnt fit onto the universal srtoller bars (like the bar for the city mini) he now weighs about 16lbs, and i dont have a problem carrying him in the car seat. i also got a winter bundle me, which is perfect because its warm enough that he doesnt need a snow suit, which is not really safe to wear under car seat straps anyway.

    ps- i DONT have an odyssey. i test drove one and didnt like the way it drove. i have a town and country. so not EVERYONE has an odyssey….just saying… 🙂


    Ooo yes I forgot the bundle me! I just got a jj cold bundle me, fits all the strollers and car seats. It is a mechiah. My baby kicks blankets off and since it is so cold out I just did not know what to do, this is perfect you fit it into the car seat or stroller, loop the straps trough and its like a sleeping bag. So cozy he loves it.


    Hi there! First of all- I got a couple of my own things at this awesome frum store (i think they are based out of lakewood) called Pishposh baby. they have this adorable site with tons of stuff. I loved loved loved the customer service! you have no idea how much they helped me. they totally had all the time in the world. they recommended a great stroller for me (baby jogger gt) and they were able to help me figure out what sort of gear it made sense to buy before or after. i would try to call them to hear their opinions.

    they gave me a great deal too on a some things that you can’t find cheaper.


    Looks like you got plenty of advice so not sure if you want mine too but here’s the scoop from the good old shkoyach.

    Rule #1- If you dont have lots of money to spend… go on craigslist. We got so man thing in GREAT condition from there and spent close to nothing. Find people that used it for their 1 or 2 kids and arent planning on more. Make sure to see everything and anything before you buy it. We got clothes also – mostly like new or new – tons of gorgeous things for a joke of a price!

    Carseat- we found the chicco keyfit to be the most padded and comfortable and yet affordable. You can get 2 bases and it snaps in and out of both cars. My baby lasted in it till abt a year. He is very tall and really started growing out of it at abt 10 months but still managed till abt 13mos.

    We got the Stroller to go along with car seat. The carseat snaps into the stroller and you can use it without the car seat once they are big enough to sit in it and see the world. Also can be used to lay back and lay the baby in it tho I like to pad it with soft blanket when did that.

    Stroller drawback- its a bit heavy and takes space. Try it out in store.

    Swing – got a Graco swing – was pretty decent. The battery cover went missing and they sent me a new part no problem. I wish I got swing earlier cuz by the time I got it baby only fit in for a few months.

    bassinet- we got kolcraft with music mobile and vibrator it was really very good. (aside from annoying song by a lady but you dont have to push that button.) The brakes on the wheels werent awesome and like to stay in locked position but that could be just our luck.

    bathtub – no such luck. I had one that had a slope in it to hold the baby up but he hated the bath so he just kicked and screamed… somehow he learned to love the bath tub and offering bath time is like offering ice cream!

    Diapers- contrary to popular belief you DONT need to buy huggies or pampers! I got Luvs, huggies, pampers, target, walmart and baby leaked through all of them. Some ppl love the luvs – they were the worst for me. huggies and pampers were compareable to target brand so being that the case, we stick to the cheaper option which is target. if you do want to get huggies or pampers – GO TO target – you can find major sales there on the cases.

    Bibs- they come in handy with leaky bottles and jar food

    Bottles- everyone goes nuts about the AVENT bottles. Baby sitter made us get also. They have one maila for a babysitter- it feeds the baby quickly. It has one maila that is really a MAJOR drawback: it has a leak guard ring. this is annoying because some of the leak guard rings dont fit properly and all the milk spills all over anyway. The rings that do fit nicely are great… but if you lose them – you’re doomed! You cant use the bottle without the guard ring or you end up with 90% of milk on babys onesie and 10% in his mouth!

    I found the NUK orthodontic bottles to be the best. They have an air spot for air to go out when sucking so baby gets less gas and lied alot.

    passifiers- docs and nurses tell you not to- DONT listen. It is the biggest lifesaver and you’d rather baby use the passy as a passy instead of Mom as a passy!

    Pump- Medella pump in style is the “in” pump from what I hear. Many insurance cover and many dont. If they dont… Do not despair if you qualify for WIC (which you should be getting if you are low income as it is now! Important to get your nutrients and they pay for it!) WIC gave us an AMEDA electric pump and we were very happy with it. It takes patience to get the whole pumping thing straight but its great. If you dont get enough milk… DO not worry. You can speak to a lactation consultant and there is nothing wrong with supplementing with formula – just watch out for kashrus on dif types. If chalav stam is an issue – you can use soy or J&J has a chalav yisrael run of similac as well as sunrise brand which is WAY cheaper.

    Nursing pillows-The Boppy was a LIFESAVER tho I dont know about others. I also got a pillow for my bed thats shaped like the back of a couch… hence turned bed into comfortable place to lean back when feeding baby.

    Recliner – a Must whether its a rocking chair or a full recliner but great for feedings.

    Nursing sheilds – nobody tells you about them but it saved me many moments of tears when I was in agony and it taught baby how to suck correctly.

    Nursing pads- I found nuk disposable breathable to be great… evryone has dif prefernce…. you’ll have to try out what works for you.

    highchair – we got safety 1st reclining and moveable height and baby LOVES it. Mother in law calls it his “throne”. It has removeable tray also good for cleaning (and for milchig fleishig!)

    nail clippers nose bulb etc- many hospitals give it to you along with other stuff but if not you can always get in target.

    Changing table – If you have no room for changing table you can always get changing pads that are washable and use them on the floor or bed. make sure to get a few in case of lucky leaky times.

    co-sleeper- When I went to visit parents someone lent us a co sleeper that attaches to the bed and it was really great.

    Pack n’ play we use the even flo brand but you can get graco also and if you will use it as a crib for a while I suggest you get the plush mattress to stick in. I didnt know abt it till after I got a crib and my poor baby slept on the hard mattress.

    Cribs- they cost ALOT but get a good solid one. Watch for recalls! You can get on craigslist also but sometimes the price is almost worth it to get new. The jewish stores sometimes have some nice deals and nice sales.

    And most important- get ready to ROB a Bank!!! Having kids cost lots of money and you just gotta do what you gotta do!


    first baby…advice?!! Get yourself 5 silver Selo’im, so you can buy him back from the Kohen, and won’t already forfeit & loose your adorable baby after only 30 days.

    Next:- Get yourself a good naming book, in case some wonderful names slip your minds.


    shkoyach, wow!! thanks so much that was really informative! i know other people have mentioned the chicco car seat but after testing out the chicco stroller i was definetly not going to get it. although people do get snap and gos and use the chicco car seat, many have problems with it fitting in properly so i probably will not go with the chicco car seat but a graco ( i happened to have really liked the graco snugrider elite stroller frame as a starter stroller.) i also will probably not get a bassinet and go strait to the pack and play. unfortionatly a crib is out of the question for now. anything bigger then a pack and play will not fit in our room. we have a small apartment so whatever doesnt fit in my room or in the small den area we have, the baby is just going to have to live without! my mother said i also should get a rocker. problem? expensive. i will have to see whats available second hand most likely. i have a computer chair that swivels if that counts! 🙂 thanks again for all your info!


    The Maxi Cosi is very easy to use.


    What about a port-a-crib (not a Pack and play, but a real mini crib)? I used one for many years along with a big crib. The Portacrib was used by my parents until we were able to buy an additional crib to keep by them, and then I used it as a second crib when I had babies 18 months apart. It really served us very well.


    Why are you buying anything? First of all, be sha’ah tovah, but weren’t you taught that it’s an ayin hara to buy anything for the baby before it’s born? This is why Jews don’t have baby showers.


    I think that she just wants an idea of what to buy when the time is right. Also, not everyone holds by that. I learned that the Ayin harah is that if someone sees you buying baby items it could cause them to be jealous etc.. You know the rest. But someone could be just as envious when they see your growing belly, right? I didn’t purchase items before hand but I do know many frum people who did.

    I really would suggest the chicco key fit it does have the best safety ratings. The only thing I don’t like about it is the sun roof but its not horrible, and it is very roomy and semi light weight.


    Most people, rebdoniel, used to order their furniture for the baby (crib, dresser, carriage, etc.) in advance of the birth, putting a down payment on it, then have it delivered right after the birth. If we didn’t do this in advance, we ran the risk of not being able to get these items when they were immediately needed. I am not sure what most people do nowadays, but I have seen MANY pregnant young women and their moms at Chinese auctions putting tickets down on these items.

    You can look at this as ayin hara as you mentioned, OR you could look at this as having true emunah that Hashem is watching out for the baby.


    Oomis I like your last paragraph:)


    Rebdoniel thanks for your input. I guess you missed what I wrote in an earlier post that we are not buying now, only researching. I didnt know where to even start when it comes to researching so I started this post asking people for advice. Im sure there are other couples out here wondering the same things about whats out there in term of baby products so this is a way to help everyone.


    Mercury: Bsha’ah tovah! This is such exciting news! I hope you have an easy and smooth (rest of your) pregnancy, labor and delivery!

    Its great that you’re getting so much advise here. But i think that you have to realize that there is so much out there, and so many different opinions. Perhaps your question should be a more general one, like what do i need to buy for a first baby?

    I’m more of a simpler shopper and many of these things that were mentioned are not necessities.

    For example, this baby bundle thing, while one baby may love to be bundled in a cuddly blanket, this may not be how your baby likes to sleep. Or you could just learn how to swaddle your baby in the hospital. I did not spend money on a special swaddle/bundle blanket for any of my children, rather learnt how to swaddle in the hospital and saved a couple of bucks there.

    Ottomans: some say that you must have one where as just sitting in a comfortable chair or on your couch is perfectly fine too and this is a bigger expense to save on.

    The best thing to do would be to make sure you have necessities first and as you feel that you need it, buy other items that will make your life easier. I dont know your financial status, but if you go through a list of items that people feel are necessities, you may find you can cross off many items, or you can get ideas about what you might want to get.



    Car seat

    winter blanket

    thinner blanket

    baby crib sheets



    paci’s (if you are into them)


    baby shampoo/bodywash

    baby nail clippers

    warm baby socks




    snowsuit (or those warm cocoon-like fitted “blanket” that fit to the standard infant car seat so that you dont need a snowsuit)


    I know i’m missing many items, but this can be the start of a necessity items list. Or you can visit a baby store and get ideas from there.


    FYI: For a number of years, common medical practice has been to advocate for use of pacifiers, rather than against, as there seems to be decreased incidence of SIDS associated with pacifier use.


    thank you miritchka you provided alot of useful basic items i need. i appreciate everyones help! thank you all!

    i am here

    besha tova u metzlachs, another important not so spoken about thing, is if you have single sis n laws try NOT to take to much advantage of them, cause they eventually get burned out, even though they love your baby.


    An old tzaddeikis from Yerusholayim once told my MIL that she davens for all her kids’ shidduchim since they’re born.


    ok after doing alot of research i think i made up my mind regarding which 2 strollers and car seats id like to choose from imyh for when the time comes. i cant make up my mind if i want the britax b agile or the city mini. even after reading the pros and cons of each and testing both out in the store, i still cant decide. for anyone that currently has one of these strollers please let me know your experiences and if your happy or disatisfied. also, i cant seem to choose between the graco snugride 30 or the 35. i happen to like the 30 patterns better and think its easier to shlep around a baby in a lighter/smaller car seat but am wondering if the extra 5 pounds is worth getting because you can use the car seat longer. if anyone has either of these car seats please let me know your opinions of each and how long the baby truly lasts in each one (as i know the baby outgrows the car seat by height not weight). thanks.


    we all get nervous at first, may you have much hatzlacha the fact that you are planning shows youll be a great parent


    well now all u got to do is enjoy ur sleep while it lasts


    well now all u got to do is enjoy ur sleep … & tax deduction …. while it lasts


    I have the city mini. I chose it because compared to the uppa baby and bugaboo, it was what I could afford. I love the steering and the sun roof but there are some drawbacks. The bottom basket is tiny. With my chicco snap n go ( LOVE) I can do an entire grocery shop with Only my stroller and pack everything in it and walk home. With the city mini I am lucky if I can fit 4 small items below there. Also my child is 6 and a half months old and quite chubby and long, and still seems a bit small for the city mini. I Don’t think it is an infant stroller. Hatzlacha!!!


    the only reason i have so much time on my hands looking online is because unfortunately i am not working now (my husband isnt either so its been a frustrating situation to say the least.) since i graduated this past year, i have not been able to find a job in my field. so researching baby stuff just keeps me semi occupied during the day….i heard the older version city mini has the smaller basket but the new one doesnt. the britax also has that small basket issue. but when i tried it, it seemed to maneuver better and felt lighter then the city mini (but the colors to choose from arent all that exciting) although people love how the city mini is easy to fold up and how the newer one has a bigger basket the britax. but pretty much the reviews all say they are on par with each other. to me getting an uppa baby or a bugaboo or something like that is like buying your baby a lexus. totally unnecessary. graco for strollers people told me to stay away from (altho i did test out the graco snugrider elite in toys r us and i liked it better then the snap and go. so i will probably get that for the first few months) but their car seats are top quality which is why i decided to go with the snugride 30 or 35. and still after reading all the reviews of each, i cant decide. i need to borrow someones stroller, car seat, and kid for a while and shlep around 🙂


    Don’t know if anyone added it, but get those baby intercom monitor things. They really come in handy.


    I hope you both find work soon and that this frustrating situation does not cloud this beautiful time in your life! Btw my city mini in brand new, if this is the ” big” basket I can’t imagine what the old version had. All in all basket or no basket it’s a solid stroller and my son really enjoys being in it. My chicco key fit , besides the fact that the color choices aren’t great, really is great and the top rated car seat out there. I think it isore expensive than the graco though, but has a better harness. Whatever you get, your child should be happy healthy, and you should only have nachas.


    Pack n’ play we use the even flo brand but you can get graco also and if you will use it as a crib for a while I suggest you get the plush mattress to stick in. I didnt know abt it till after I got a crib and my poor baby slept on the hard mattress.”

    I am leery of using the plush mattress, because with mesh sides, the baby’s moving around can chalilah create a gap in which the baby’s head can get caught, causing a suffocation hazard. I would only use the mat that comes with the P and P, though it is less comfortable than a mattress.


    I’m also expecting my first baby .

    Have you any ideas about the Baby Roues pram? It sounds good – light and folds with the bassinet, and looks good – and not very expensive. I still haven’t found any reveiws online though, and I don’t know how their after sales service is


    sh, i hope your feeling well and bshaah tova!

    ive never heard of that particular company. i just googled it. it does look like a very nice stroller. seems like it costs about 550 dollars. way more then my budget. but your right i cant find reviews on it either. the only thing i was able to find was that people say its a cross between a britax and an uppababy if that means anything to you?


    having my own first this summer….great thread with tons of info…thanks all 🙂

    from Long Island

    First of all, go onto the babiesrus web site. There you can down load a list of things you will need for a first child. THEN, go over the list with someone who has kids and they will tell you what is a waste and what is not.

    Next go shopping with consumer reports. It will tell you which is the safest car seat, crib brand, etc.

    Next, go into a large store and just look, try wheeling different strollers to see which fits your height, etc.

    It MUST recline fully for a newborn.

    Regarding passies, well, each child will like a different one, so when it is time, go into a store and buy several different ones and see which your baby will use. (it takes time, sometimes for the child to get used to one.)

    I think a changing table is a lifesaver, you can dress, bathe your child, and underneath shelve your sheets, waterproof pads, clothes, diapers, etc.

    A swing is a lifesaver !! So is the exersaucer when the child is around 5 months old.

    The baby carriers are wonderful, BUT it has to be a perfect fit. Try them on ONLY after you have the baby, with the baby (bring your husband or Mom along)

    Stack your sheets & waterproof pads on the crib so when the baby wets during the night, all you have to do is pull off the wet, and you will have a dry layer. (I and my daughters’ do 5 layers at a time.)

    Do your research now, you can set up a baby registry in many stores so when someone asks you what you need, just refer them to your registry and you will get exactly what you want.

    Mazal & Bracha !!

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