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    Just to give those driving in Flatbush a heads up – there is police at the intersection of Avenue N and East 10th Street. They are giving tickets to cars that get stuck in the intersection (it gets backed up from coney island avenue. They tend to hide on the side streets and then come out! Watch out! The ticket is $115!


    In a similar vein on j and east 12th they’ve been doing the very same. Waiting for you to get stuck in the intersection and they coming out from the side streets to pull you over and ticket you!


    They are also hanging out on J and 15 waiting for people to make an illegal turn onto Ave J from E 14 in either direction (which you can not do M-F 8am ti 7pm).


    Thankx for all the tips. Everyone be careful DO NOT DOUBLE PARK even for a minute. Especially on Coney Between J and K. If you stop for a second they scan your registration before you even see they’re there. And DONT stop by a bus stop no matter how desperate you are.


    In Chicago there are street cameras which do the police work 24/7 with tickets galore being given out. For any fellow Chicagoans reading this site be aware of an increased police presence in West Rogers Park’s Devon area.


    are you allowed to double park if someone’s in the drivers seat?


    i don’t know about legally, however it makes it much harder for all the driving cars to pass when there is a double parked car.


    Why do you need these kind of warnings to obey the law? What they all have in common ( blocking an intersection, double-parking, parking in a bus stop ) is lack of derech eretz for others.


    To the best of my recollection, there are three separate levels of “no”:

    1) No parking – the least severe.

    2) No standing – you can drop off or pick up a passenger, but you can’t remain in the spot, even if you stay in the driver’s seat with the engine running. A bus stop is an example.

    3) No stopping – you can’t even stop to let someone out. If you can’t pull over to the curb and you pull over next to a parked car to let someone out, you are in violation. This is usually not enforced for drop-offs and pick-ups, but occasionally people get ticketed for this. If you double-park you are in violation of the no-stopping area and can be ticketed. Remaining in the drivers seat (even with the engine running and the car in gear) makes no difference.


    no, it is NOT legal to “double park”, with or without someone in the drivers seat. In fact, I would like to start a campaign to ban the term “double park” which makes it sound so innocent. Lets actually call it what it is “parking your car in middle of the road, in a lane of travel”


    And to comment on the main topic here. NYC’s “dont block the box” laws are very clear. There is no reason why anyone should get “stuck” in the intersection. You are required to stay out of the intersection and not proceed until you see that there is enough room on the other side to cross and keep out of the intersection.


    If double parking is so bad why do school busses do it every day and collectively block streets in Boro Park for hours at a time?

    Some busses stop 3 times on one street and I have been stuck behind some and have been help up for over 1/2 hour just to go one block, which made me late for work.

    And it does not help when the mother of a child has to further hold things up by having extensive conversations with the driver while he is the middle of the street, blocking traffic.


    School buses must stop and halt traffic in order to pick up children. Indeed the law is drivers cannot pass on either direction of traffic, in New York State, to pass a stopped school bus with blinking lights. This is the way it must be.


    There is no reason why anyone should get “stuck” in the intersection. You are required to stay out of the intersection and not proceed until you see that there is enough room on the other side to cross and keep out of the intersection.

    I’m usually very careful not to block the box and wait until there is room for me to go. Nonetheless, there was a time that I ended up, unwittingly, blocking the box. I was on a two lane street waiting by an intersection for a spot to clear up beyond the box for me to move up. When it did, I began to move. However, shortly after I began to move, the driver from the next lane decided he wanted that spot (since his lane wasn’t moving as quickly) and rushed forward and cut me off. By that time I was in the box and the light changed again.

    But cases like that are rare. Generally speaking, there is no reason to block the box.

    The Wolf


    ModernGuy i second your ban. Sunday was so crazy you couldnt even get a double parked spot. The entire block of Coney bet J and K on both sides of the street was double parked and someone trying to go around the double parked cars lost control and hit two of them. Between the cars and all the people crossing in between them it was a miracle noone was hurt. Besides being such a danger it is a major Chillul Hashem. Yes were busy and rushed for yom tov but be considerate of everyone else you share the street with.

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