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    Y.W. Editor

    This was submitted to YWN via email:

    As the last trickle of couples make their way back to Eretz Yisroel from bein hazemanim, it seems that there is a topic that seems to be recurring in kollel coffee rooms and playgrounds among the English-speaking sectors of Yerushalayim: To put children to sleep on the floors of aircraft or not? As many parents who have flown with toddlers or small children can attest, traveling with more than one child, especially without a bassinet or extra seat, can be a harrowing experience.

    While all airline regulations state that doing so is not only dangerous but illegal as well, most parents who have done so will tell you that they could have not survived the flight without putting a child to sleep on the floor in front of them, making sure of course to pad the area with blankets or pillows first. A number of airlines are known to be accommodating to the practice and look the other way, as flight attendants have no more interest with dealing with irate passengers than parents have in managing their screaming children.

    However, this bein hazemanim (helped in no part by diverted and delayed flights) has seen attendants (even from “friendlier” airlines) cracking down on this practice, either giving it to a parent citing safety concerns, or in some cases even threatening to blacklist a spouse from the airline should they not comply. Other than hand a package of earplugs to the flight attendant and request that they be distributed to neighboring passengers, what other ideas and experiences have people had when dealing with this matter:

    – Actual Saftey Concerns

    – The Chillul Hashem Aspect

    – Parent’s Sanity

    – Car Seat: Yes or No?

    A Parent Who Has Recently Flown With Children



    Actual Saftey Concerns

    Flying without a seatbelt is dangerous, but it is safer than driving, which is why the FAA allows babies without seatbelts- they are afraid you will otherwise drive.

    The Chillul Hashem Aspect

    Meh. Anyone with kids would do it; just we’re the ones with kids.

    Parent’s Sanity

    Yes, just put the kid to sleep.

    Car Seat: Yes or No?

    Yes, very good, if the kid has a seat. Keep in mind that your kid will then be kicking the seat in front of him the entire flight, but that’s just what kids do.



    i flew with my children when they were young. be assured they never laid down on the floor to sleep. they remained in seats or on laps when safe to do so.



    would you let your child lay accross the backseat of your car or mini van? i hope not



    I know someone who officially puts her kids to sleep on the floor while flying. I wonder if she is aware how unsafe this is.



    When the fasten seatbelt signs are off, you are free to roam around the aircraft.. so i see no reason why children cannot sleep on the flood during that time.

    Personally, I always take car seats with me aboard aircraft. A pain to lug around airport.. but a blessing once on board!

    re; kicking pasenger infront.. hard to avoid.. i try discipling child to best of ability.. not an issue once kid falls asleep..


    i wouldnt recommend that children sleep on a flood. very dangerous. i see no problem with them sleeping on the floor though.



    MOD-80: Weather is getting to you too? And I thought they operate in a deep, deep underground fortified bunker, antennas, satellites… top-secret location…


    what do you mean zees

    i just responded to a very dangerous suggestion by leah222. i dont even know why she brought up the subject of floods though, i thought we were talking about airplanes



    Yeah I know. I just thought weather changes don’t affect 2 miles towards China (the short way – through earth), where I supposed YW CR Moderators Inc. Etc. operate, under heavy security… Bunker made to withstand bunker-busting bombs (that are made to explode bunkers made to withstand bunker-buster bombs..)


    i am not authorized to discuss our security arrangements.

    and i would not publicly speculate if i were you.



    In my opinion, and yes i have done it, is that it is safe for you to put your child on the floor during flight times when you would otherwise be allowed to roam around without a seatbelt. IT is not at all like driving a car once the plane is airbound. Yes, if it is taxing you need to be buckled, but if CV that plane falls out of the sky at fifty thousand feet, what good is a seatbelt going to do? I suppose the airline regulations dont like it because it may be a tripping hazard for exiting passengers in an emergency. Also, if the flight attendant asks you to move the child, then yes, in the name of kiddush Hahsem you are obligated to do so.IMHO



    That’s the problem, you’re not me. Nobody wanted to be me, so I offered. Anyways, seems like you’re gonna scare me with a ‘two minus one’ helicopter raid. OK. I’m stopping to speculate. NO MORE THINKING!

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