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    yossi z.

    This thread is dedicated to what people would like to improve/add in memory of the fogel victims and news on the family situation.

    I would like to suggest that each person pick one halacha and make it their halacha. In other words do your utmost to perfect yourself in that particular halacha.

    I will start with taking upon myself the halachos of netilas yadayim shachris.

    News: Rami Levi (who owns one of the larger super market chains in Israel) comes by the shiva house in Itamar and fills the cupboards and refrigerator himself with food for the family. Today,the relatives expressed their appreciation to him. he said you will get used to my face. I have committed myself that I will deliver food and stock your home until the youngest orphan turns 18 years old. Mi ki’amcha yisrael

    😀 Zuberman! 😀


    wow…im almost in tears…

    Pashuteh Yid

    Beautiful story.

    i am here

    Incredible! mika amcha yisroel.

    Papa Bear

    Wow amazing


    That is truly incredible.

    Yossi z, what are the halachos of netilas yadayim shacharis?

    I will take upon myself to IYH do a mitzvah in their zechus. What is a fitting mitzvah to work on doing, to the utmost perfection?


    i will iyh work on shmiras haloshon i already started a few months ago. but now i will add a few more hours a day!!!

    Shticky Guy

    When posters say beautiful, incredible or amazing story, they really mean what a beautiful act of kindness at the end of a horrific, brutal, barbaric, inhumane, vicious, shocking, savage, mind boggling and despicable story.

    How anyone can kill young children in cold blood, for any reason, and not be condemned by absolutely every human being on the planet whether arab, muslim, hindu, sikh, chinese, japanese or anything else is beyond reason and shows a level of tacit agreement and or sympathy. There is not enough coverage of this story in the world media. (They were just setlers who shouldnt have been there anyway… Makes me sick!)

    Yossi, its very commendable of you to think of a thread such as this. An ??? ???? once said that it is better to choose something small that one will keep to eg to undertake to make ????? slowly with ????? than something large that one will not keep up!


    How to we respond to the massacre in Itamar?

    What can we do?

    How should we react?

    Obviously, the ways of Hashem are beyond our comprehension.

    Obviously we must leave true and complete justice to Hashem.

    Nevertheless, we must react and we must respond; indeed, how can we not react?

    We have just lost three Jewish children and their parents.

    The response of Aharon to the death of his sons was silence.

    So too let us respond with silence.

    This Shabbos is Parshas Zachor.

    This Shabbos we remember Amalek and how they wanted to destroy us.

    This week we are told to remember; and remember we must do.

    What better way to remember the kedoshim (holy

    Therefore, as a proper response to what has occurred in Itamar I am proposing an SOS program.




    Meaning, from the time we enter the Shul (the actual sanctuary- not including an anteroom or the lobby) until the davening totally ends- [which means the completion of Adon Olam (or however your Shul ends davening)]

    This includes NOT talking between Aliyos.

    This includes everything outside of davening itself.

    You may ask that this is very difficult?

    You may ask that this is too hard to ask of the kehilla?

    I ask you in retort:

    How can we not respond to the massacre in Itamar in a meaningful way?

    Therefore, I am asking of all of you who will daven with us this Shabbos to assist us in responding to the tragedy by bettering ourselves and with self-improvement in the manner of Aharon HaKohen – And Aaron was silent.


    Very well said genug

    yossi z.

    Thank you all. I find this very heartening to see us all come together like this. SOS is a great idea and I think it shouldn’t be a one time thing but we should have a number of shabbosim throughout the year and maybe even spread the idea around to shuls making it an official type of thing.

    😀 Zuberman! 😀

    Pashuteh Yid

    Genug, while not talking in davening is important, bein adam lachaveiro is also important. Not to say Good Shabbos to the fellow sitting next to you when it is permissible to be mafsik may not be what the RBSH wants.


    There are reputable sites that are seeking donations for the Fogel’s remaining children, with permission here is a link to one of them, I encourage all that can to give… Family Emergency Fund

    Select FOGEL EMERGENCT FUND on the left under Donation Information

    Ken Zayn

    Thank you for the link, mike.

    Genug that’s an amazing and powerful piece and I agree 100%. Did you write it yourself otherwise where did you copy it from? The pasuk says Hashem yilachem lachem v’atem tacharishun, that H’ will fight for us, as long as we are silent when we are supposed to be ie during davening, say the meforshim. So guys come on! Its an emergency and in an emergency, REMEMBER SOS!

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