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    So did you see the most amazing show by and for frum girls and women, you don’t want to miss it, and of course, “approved by respected Mechanchos”?

    How do you know they were really approved?

    Maybe someone just made it up?

    And why do these mechanchos remain anonymous?

    I can’t imagine respected Mechanchos actually watched the whole show, and there are subtle things that shouldn’t be there that a sharp eye should have caught. Every year the performances get fancier and less creative, more copying from the outside world.

    (Disclaimer: I’m procrastinating.)


    Meh. (translation: who cares)


    I once helped out with one of these women’s films, and I distinctly remember them having to refilm some parts since the rebbetzins who had watched it had some issues with things (such as dress)…

    I’m not speaking for all films, but I assume most do have some sort of authorities okaying things…


    If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.


    metziut, i agree with you. it first started out as plays with things you could learn from, and then it suddenly turned into movies. I remember the first film i went to- I was watching it and i realized it was different than the other plays I have watched, but i couldn’t really pin point it. Only after, i realized that it was filmed and looked just like a movie. Have you realized what the ads have become? suddenly you have stars and famous actresses… Just because the content may be kosher, doesn’t mean the idea is kosher. kind of like there’s the letter of the law, and than theres the spirit of the law. Why should we feel like we have to copy the goyim and their means of entertainment? It’s not even like most of these films have something you can learn from. as might as well open a jewish movie theater! – because thats what some of these films are!


    sms- that’s what I’m referring to.

    OTOH many girls do need the outlet, they are extremely talented and this is one way they can do it in a Torah environment.

    It’s hard not to notice the change though. It could be good or bad or neither.


    I happen to love these things. Ever since my family came to the decision of no more non jewish videos I craved for good entertainment. Now that these jewish films came out I find it so entertaining and my craving is satisfied in a jewish way. I just watched the “Newcomer” for women only, I really enjoyed it!! I thought the story was refreshing, the lesson was great, the acting was comical and the props and costumes were outstanding.


    I surely hope only girls see these shows. I trust they are NOT videotaped.

    It is bad enough that the standards have fallen to the point where they are picking up non-Jewish styles and forgoing tznius, but at least I would hope they have the common sense to not record it.

    tomim tihye

    Wow, this thread really resonates with me! In my previous life, I aspired to become an actress, and although at some point I decided to drop the idea, I wondered how I would channel that talent. Was it given to me just for the nisayon of sacrifice? I didn’t think so and decided I would join one of these women’s productions when college and work would no longer be so time-consuming. Well, family obligations make far more demands on a woman’s time than do college and work! And yet, motherhood provided a real outlet for my acting abilities! I now perform daily, albeit for a limited audience! Actually, I think R’ Miller ztz’l wrote that life is a stage in that we must act according to what the head knows is proper behavior, though our hearts may feel quite differently.

    And with that in mind, there are many times when I really do feel like an actress!

    tomim tihye

    Tums, unfortunately, I have seen dvd’s of these performances in supermarkets and seforim stores.

    And thanks for reminding me to take my calcium!


    You think that just because DVDs say “Women Only” that men can’t buy it?


    kay, i havent watched any of these videos myself, so i dont know what u mean by not tznius dress, copying goyish ideas but:a-how untznius can they be if its directed by machanchos? not to be sarcastic, but like what, their skirts will go up a little when they are dancing? and maybe im just young and innocent, but i don’t think men would diliberatly watch these dvds, im sure they cud care less…

    b-isn’t it the same like goyish changed jewish music? arent these directors trying to take girls away from innapropriate blockbuster dvds to watch something of higher quality? and if wat the jewish women are trying to sell isn’t interesting, jewish teenage girls wont wanna watch it

    personally, we shud stop jumping down everyones throats and say thanx 4 trying to protect us jewish girls


    stay tuned,a new film is almost on the market…just waiting for technical issues to be finalized.sorry,can’t divulge more at this time….it’s not typical ,the price is right,and you will definitely be a different person after watching it.unless you are under your seat looking for your cellphone the whole time.initials of title:S.Y.Y.


    eclipse i don’t know if we’re talking about the same one, but there is a new film coming!!!!! it’s spectacular, and i was told by one of the actresses (i can’t vouch for her judgement tho) that the acting is very refined and the storyline is stunning.

    i can’t vouce for her judgement b/c she’s coming from a different place than i am; she’s coming from the place i once came from. and the last film that i was involved in from the maker of the coming one had some subtleties and even not-so-subtelties that i missed way back when, and now when i see that film, i cringe!!

    so as i said, frum quality i can’t vouch for, frum content i definitely can, and general quality – absolutely amazingly professional!

    can’t wait!


    Where do you get these films?


    well this is my first film but i really worked hard with limited resources and my hope is that the film will find favor in everyone’s eyes….

    so right

    I sure hope it isn’t on video, where it will get distributed outside of female channels…


    so right

    You really think men are interested in those videos? They are for women and would bore most men. If men want to see something they shouldnt see theres plenty on the internet without bothering with this video. Please be realistic.


    I agree with well informed….do you really think they are sneaking these videos?????? I think its a great way to give gir,ls something to do because everything else is usually off limits!


    so right:no,it is not being sold as a dvd,and that is one of the main reasons.also,i was asked by several people to put trailers of the film online,but that also compromises general,i have seen more siyata dishmaya when i do things properly.for example about 20 years ago i got a heter to sing an original song i wrote for a male producer (unknown to most) since he hadn’t met me.well needless to say,he listened to the tape,and said “we need to meet to discuss this”.total waste of time,he wasn’t serious about paying me,and stole one of the songs.i never relied on that heter again.20 years later,i would have been confident enough to simply explain what the heter was based on…take it or leave it.

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