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    and looking for a way out 🙁 . Ideas anybody?


    take a walk, eat some shaloch manos, go to the gym (if you find a friend to help you lift weights, your stress will be focused on how much weight you are lifting instead of your mood, I used to lift weights in school… I should probably start up again).


    Two fish were in a tank. One said to the other, “Do you have any idea how to drive this thing?”


    Start fake laughing;you’ll crack yourself up for real! It works!!!

    Do jumping jacks! Or any exercise for that matter…

    Talk it out to Hashem… at least you know someOne is listening…

    Listen to Hashem Loves you…??? and dance along! 😀


    no friends available. Its too cold for a walk when you’re in a bad mood… Eating candy is not a good solution! Thanks for the suggestions


    i played piano. i talked to Him and cried, and now am curled up in bed instead of working. Exercise is so not happening now. I feel so lonely


    but it is the key to feeling better… It will give you endorphins to that will make you feel better. At least do me a favor and walk to your kitchen, make a salad, and then put on the type of music you would hear in a kosher restaurant on speakers, and then eat your salad.


    my kitchen is currently being occupied by others and i dont want a confrontation about why i’m home and why i’m crying now


    maybe the people in your kitchen can comfort you! All the better.



    first of all, dont be afraid to cry- it always wrks wonders!!

    sencond of all- excersize releases endorphins (makes u in a better mood..)

    third of all-

    forget all u have to accomplish today, and hav a long convo w a frend then go out for ice coffes and if u wana be a good girl mayb a lecture in ur neighborhood tonite? rabbi wallersteins AMAZING!!


    Cheer Up!

    That big wart on your cheek

    Makes your hook nose look smaller

    The fungus under your feet

    Makes you two inches taller

    The coffee stain on your suit

    Draws attention from your breath

    Fewer people will take note

    That it smells like death

    Cheer up and smile

    It only takes a minute

    To flip that scowl upside down

    That big hump on your back

    Instead, just be the camel

    So your hair fell out

    Now lights up the room

    Cheer up and grin

    Put you in a slump

    Oh, your great buck teeth

    So protruding they look fake

    Well, they’re good for something

    We can use you as a rake

    And your Dumbo ears

    You can flap them to keep cool

    Cheer up and laugh

    Cheer up and snort

    Just keep your chin up

    And be a good sport

    just my hapence


    Purple people with purple faces,

    In purple houses from purple places,

    Owning purple dogs and purple cats,

    And purple coats and purple hats.

    Purple bees in purple hives,

    Purple cars on purple drives,

    Purple trees, phones, roads and stores

    Are all contained on these purple shores,

    With purple beaches and purple sand.

    You can find all of these in Orangeland.

    (With apologies to ThePurpleOne)



    nice one!!

    just my happence-

    luvin it!!



    Think about some of the good things Hashem gave you and realize you have so much more than you realize and you are so much better off than other people. I know somebody who is not old and his levaya was today. YOU ARE ALIVE! Be happy that you are alive!


    Sorry I missed this thread! Hope you are feeling better now.

    anyway, when I am feeling peevish I watch Pomplamoose’s Angry Birds cover. lol it is hilarious ^_^


    Saysme, you didn’t do pba’s suggestion.

    I go help out my neighbors with little kids when I need a pick-me-up. It never fails. 🙂


    thanks everyone for ur replies. I’m gonna reread them all tomorrow again.

    Snowbunny- i was avoiding those ppl…

    Purple- i do believe in crying, ur right. And if i had a friend i cld do that with…

    Icot, jmh- thanks so much. You both know me n poetry. Thanks for it

    wiy- ur right, but its hard. These are my nisyonos and believe me, for me they are Hard

    oom- u didnt miss it… I shall have to check that out!

    Torah- it works its true. Chesed is the best mood fix. If u can get ur emotions under control enough to get there.

    Popa- yeahhhhhh



    hope ur faring ok!! btw i was in a rly bad mood today so i ttly made myself “4get” abt my test tom and me and my frend went 4 sushi and then got sugar loaded slurpees and prob going to a dance/exsersize class soon!! so mayb do that next time ur in a bad mood.. IT WORKS WONDERS!! and i wasnt even sure myself why i was so mad so it all worked out;)


    and im soo n the mood of nice weather.. if it was pesachish weather we wud study in the park and go runnning!! heaven!! yum!!



    I understand you, we all get down and we all have nisyonos and I dont think anyone here wants to trade with anyone else.


    Hi SaysMe,

    No idea what made you so sad, but sometimes life is just sad…

    Not a good time to think about the person down the block who just died, or the person around the corner who just broke their ankle.

    Personally, listening to a shiur at a time like that would just give me a headache.

    Drowning your misery in food is a really bad idea. (About as good a suggestion as telling you to take up drinking or smoking.)

    Definitely good idea to go walking, running, swimming, babysitting, whatever will get you moving and breathing.

    Bur sometimes you just don’t feel like it.

    So, at the risk of getting all your good friends here a little upset, dare I suggest that it might be ok for a little while to pull the covers over your head (leave a crack for oxygen) and just be sad-?

    Hope you’re feeling all better by now and don’t need my 2 cents.


    golfer- thank you for saying itjust like it feels. And yes, i 100% agree its ok to sometimes cry, lie in bed, be sad. And its healthy. Not good to be in denial, you gotta acknowledge and accept emotions. Thank you for giving support to my approach!!!! The trouble starts when i dont wanna get up again.

    Purple- i hear, and it does work, and i did it tonight, and it helped somewhat. But when you have to study and dont have time for both studying n chilling…

    Wiy- yes, thanks. I meant, i’m struggling with my nisyonos, and yes i am for sure better off than so many. But then again, its the nisayon on my level. The tests i get are the ones at the edge of my tolerance zone. Others have harder nisyonos but are stronger for it and from it. So no i’m not struggling with being b’simcha while in the hospital, but i’m struggling to be b’simcha with my nisyonos



    gess what?? i just dont study when im in bad moods!! it works wonders and BH still get beautiful marks when i dont study.. and s/ts when i do study i dont do so well.. all in Hashems hands!!

    and REFUAH SHLEIMA:) i didnt rly understand ur post if u in the hosptal or not.. BTW there is SOME good n ur sitch.. i had to get surgery in the summer and was NOT pleasent cuz messed up all my summer plans but in the end was rlly good for a certain reason..

    Hang in there and keep on davening!!


    purple- sorry to confuse. B”H i’m healthy. re studying, i mean i cant always do that, because i sometimes have to do my homework

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