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    Everyone always pokes fun of me that I have friends from all AGES & STAGES. Is anything wrong with being close very friends with someone 10-15 years older or younger than you?



    There’s nothing wrong with it. I think one of the frum periodicals actually had an article about this phenomenon recently.



    Is anything wrong with being close very friends with someone 10-15 years older or younger than you?

    I have friends in their early 20s. I also have friends in their 60s. If that’s wrong, then I guess I’m wrong.

    The Wolf



    cookies: I agree with yitayningwut. I have good friends 20+ years my senior and junior.



    LOL I always thought I was the only one who had friends that are 15-45!!!!! My family makes so much fun of me its nuts


    Sender Av

    Most of my good friends are at least in their 60s +. I am in my 20s. Most people my age and who I went to school with I would call acquaintances. The reason is all my friends(people who are there for me and who I can be there for are family friends) and all the people I went to high school with are still too immature for me to really associate with.


    My friends are also quite a bit older and some younger than I am. I only have a handful of friends the same age as I am.



    A friend is someone you can trust and you can count on. A friend is also someone you admire and can learn from. Is there really and age limit on that?


    minyan gal

    aries: Gut gezocht. Someone whose company you enjoy is a friend. I have friends who are younger than my daughter (who is in her mid 40’s)and I have friends in the 85-90+ range and I have friends in all age ranges between. Age should never be a barrier in developing a friendship – if you use age only as a guide, you will miss out on knowing some wonderful and fascinating people. You can learn a lot by having friends of all ages.

    I wish everyone an easy fast.



    I agree with the consensus above. I am in my 30’s and have many friends in their teens (14, 15, 18, etc.) I think it is beautiful. Although I don’t have as a wide range of aged friends as Wolf and Sender Av indicated they do, as I get older I will continue to have teenaged friends, so the gap will widen (and iy”H I’ll match Wolf and Sender Av 🙂



    If someone 15 has a 30 year old friend, that might not work, but a 45 year old with a 30 year old friend works. Certainly a 50 year old can have a 75 year old friend. and a 120 year old can have an 80 year old friend.

    I think it matters where you are in life.



    The reason a 30 year old would have a 15 year old friend is that a teenager would look up to that person and find that person easy to talk to and someone they can trust and open up to. So there is an attachment there and the 30 year old is a friend, mentor, big brother/sister. However you want to put it. It is hard to put a name to it other than “friend”. But still a 30 year old can find something they can admire, respect and appreciate in that a teenager.



    A big fear anyone with younger teenaged friends has is that they will be falsely accused of abuse if they give their friend an innocent hug or something (or even for no reason). Which is why unfortunately many people are reluctant or refuse to have such young friends even though it would be nice for both of them.



    I don’t think so. My wife and I are in our late 30’s and a couple who are among our closest friends are in their mid 20’s. We have other friends who are about old enough to be our parents.


    Another name

    I think their is something really beautiful and special about a friendship that isn’t bound by age!

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