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    Camden Aquarium, Liberty Science Center, Storybook Playland (I think thats the name), Jewish Children’s Museum, Please Touch Me Museum (in Philly), Bear Mountain, any easy hiking trails…

    How old are the “little kids”?


    lancaser county is also fun…hershey park, anderson pretzel factory, amish country, and sesame place/elmos world…all in driving distance from eachother. if you go further south theres baltimore (bay area is nice and the aquarium is mag) and in baltimore you wont have to pack sooo much food, also great outlets when you drive back north. my sis in law loved philadelphia zoo havent been yet. maybe when kids end camp.


    We went to the Philadelphia zoo a six years ago. It was very nice. There are lots of Kosher places to eat in Philly and in Cherry Hill,New Jersey. Also, the New Jersey Aquarium is in Camden right across the river. It’s a nice indoor aquarium, that is perfect for small children. They have a Hippo Exhibit, shark tunnel and a really huge tank with fish. My husband and I went there, when he had a business appointment in Philly. We had some time before the appointment so we decided to visit the Aquarium. We liked it very much. Keep in mind that Weekends are very crowded where ever you go. Also, some places are pricey. Find out about them before you go. It would pay to have your husband take off a day or 2 to really get the most out of your visit.

    We also went to Boston, about 5 years ago. It’s a 4 hour drive. The New England Aquarium was very nice. There are also lots of ferry boats. Also, lots of kosher places to eat and you can find a Minyan for your husband to pray at.

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    depending on the age of the kids bear mountain can be fun. on Wednesday nights they have a car show on the great lawn with all sorts of old cars and such.


    The Mint in Philly is a nice place to take the family on an outing. Franklin Institute, and the Fels Planetarium (the second oldest planetarium) are also options.


    If you are considering the Philly mint please be aware of the following:

    1) No cameras are allowed. This includes anything that can take a picture, including cell phones, mp3 players, etc. This is much stricter than simply not allowing picture-taking.

    2) There is no place nearby where you can stow your camera (there are no lockers or anything else). The guards will not hold your camera for you while you go thru the mint.

    4) The above opinion is mine. No insult intended to anyone who liked the mint.

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