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    i was reading the funny shiduch stories thread and really enjoyed it

    so i thought i should start a similar thread

    anyone out there have funny babysitting stories they would like to share?? please do!!!


    One time a kid told me he was going to poke out my eyes and pour ketchup on my head!


    alwaysmile: since you started it, how about you share with us a funny story.:)


    I once thought someone broke into the basement of the house where I was babysitting. I told the kids we were playing Hide and Seek, and hid them safely, with instructions not to talk or come out until I called them by name. Arming myself with a frying pan, I called my parents to let them know what was happening, as well as the people for whom I was sitting (no 911 in those days and I wasn’t absolutely sure I was correct).

    It turned out to be an elderly carpenter who often came over on a motzai Shabbos to do repair work in the basement for them, and had been given a key to the house. My employers had forgotten to mention it to me, but they put me at ease about our safety but told him to go home and leave the key with me, as they “needed to give it to a relative for the week, who was staying by them.”

    I told the kids they had been great Hide and Seekers, gave them a treat, and put them to bed. My father had stayed on the phone (they had two lines) with me all that time. He was two minutes away and would have come immediately, but I didn’t want him to. All in all, it was a “fun” night, once my heart rate settled down.



    You are lucky to be alive.


    jewishfeminist02 you were my babysitter!


    My siblings and I once tied up the babysitter and ran to our neighbors house to play. We forgot about the babysitter until we heard our parents car pulling into the driveway. We scurried home and took off the knots. The babysitter never ratted us out.


    One time i wanted to make a kid feel pretty so im like “you are so lucky you are so pretty, you should thank Hashem because not everyone is as lucky!” And shes like “like you!”


    this isnt exactly a babysitting story, but here it is:

    i used to babysit this kid named hadassa, and i also have a friend named hadassa. so one time my friend hadassa was babysitting this hadassa kid, and so i wanted to talk to her so i called their house, but i was too late and she alredy went home, so the mother asked why i called and i told her i called to talk to hadassa (i forgot for a second there that her daughter’s name was hadassa), so the mother replied to me saying that hadassa was in bed, and then it clicked! it was really funny, and we both realized what each of us meant- it was hilarious!


    Two short stories:

    1. After a long day and finally putting the kids to bed I settled on the couch with my phone in hand. All of the sudden I’m being poked at and someone is calling my name. THE PARENTS! I totally fell asleep (like drooling sleep), phone in hand. Very embarrasing….they still called me though for other babysitting offers:)

    2. It was before Pesach and the kids were up. I attempted to put the kids to bed, but they were a tough bunch. The oldest out of no where took a potato chip bag out of the snack department from the kitchen. Literally two seconds laer, after opening the bag the oldest dumped out the chips onto the freshly cleaned non-chametz carpet. He smiled, stepped all over the chips, and refused to clean them up “BEFORE MOMMY GETS HOME!!!”. I never returned there again. Trouble makers are not my thing…


    It was late, everyone was in bed, it was dark, the couch was extremely comfortable, it was cold, there was a blanket. Next thing I know, parents are home and they’re waking me up.

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