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    I’m currently in high school and looking at different seminaries. i have been hearing alot about the 2 Gateshead seminaries and think I’d be interested in going to one of them. Can anyone tell me the differences, in detail, between the old and the new? What types of girls go to each? What are the classes like? What are the dorms like? How frum? and what are the standards?

    I also dont really know many girls that are going to either Sem. Would it be hard to make new friends and adjust especially coming from America?

    I’d also apreciate it if people who have attended either Gateshead Sem to respond aswell and tell me a bit about your experience.

    Thanks Alot!


    Till today, the Gateshead graduates are great girls who end up being great wives. They come back with a foundation that they can bystand any gashmius being sold on the street and can raise their children with such. So go ahead and enjoy with such as Mrs. Cohen and Rabbi Royd who continue and are available even 20+ years after having left seminary. Rabbi M. Solomon Shlita of Lakewood used to be one of the mechanchim there as well. We have one daughter in law from there and when we checked her out we had all we needed to know in 24 hours and she is even today, not a Wow of a person but a Wow, wow , wow, wow…………………………..and is GR-R-R-R-R-EAT!!!!!!

    So stick to the old one and don’t get sold on something new!




    It’s not brainwashing it’s real life with real Torah values which add up to a peacefull and most functional home. No, i don’t have any affiliation to the seminary,it’s my experience that i have with graduates that makes me write what i did. Should i suspect that you don’t like to read positive posts or don’t fargin!?!?!?!?


    who said its negative? chafetz chaim brainwashes too and i approve of that


    I posted a detailed response to this subject some time last year.. look thru coffee room.. or i will try and find it too..


    no, they don’t brainwash. They teach Torah-true hashkofos.

    True, some girls may come out brainwashed, but that is their fault.

    Mrs Chritique: you mean Manchester, don’t you?

    i went to old Gateshead before the new one opened. I have warm memories of a wonderful seminary. I hear both are very solid though they are different. You need to find out which suits you more.

    Shticky Guy

    RisingSun613 -Just realize that one or both are a 3 (or 2 -not sure) year program, so to get out the same time as every girl from seminary -you have to go for 12th grade.


    Gateshead old sem is a 3 year program. but girls do get engaged or leave after 2 years (not always recommended!)

    gateshead new is 2 years with a few only staying for 1 year.

    If you have a drive to teach or do kiruv, then gateshead old is more up your alley.

    giggle girl

    if you went to 12th grade somewhere else, why can’t you continue there for seminary? i don’t get it? and can someone only go for one year? or if they go, they have to stay? like if you only want one year of seminary.


    Ms Critique: There is some misunderstanding there.

    Rabbi Royde is the principal of Manchester Old and is not connected to any of the Gateshead Sems. The principals in Gateshead Old are Rabbi Kohn & Rabbi Miller.

    As far as I know Rabbi M Salomon shlitah did not give a regular shiur there. Just once or twice a year.

    That sem has a 3 year intense Kodesh program with no or little vocational courses. For studious frum girls it is an excellent choice.

    Gateshead New (BCR) is headed by Rabbi Katz and during their two years program, they do have Kodesh in the morning and courses in the afternoon. Even less studious girls will be very happy there as there is a lovely family-atmosphere. It used to have a name of being a more modern sem, but Rabbi Katz has pulled it up over the years.


    Thanx to everyone who commented so far!

    Many people have recomended either one of the gateshead seminaries to me and i would really like some detailed infromation about both Sems so i can compare and contrast and see which one fits me best. I really appreciate all the comments i got so far. Please keep it up!

    also does anyone know if they have any websites? or somewhere where i can get info. on the sems?


    i’m also looking into both those seminaries. i find the best way is to hear straight from girls who went there. from what i have heard, a main difference is from the learning point of view. and also that old focuses on growing in limudei kodesh while the new provides secular courses as well…


    Have you ever been to Gateshead?

    I might suggest visting the community and staying with them for a few weeks to see if the community is right for you.

    You will need to stay with a family and not at a hotel to really get the feeling. You can also maybe ask the locals about the seminaries there as well.


    I think the girls that come out are great great girls(my neighbor sent his daughter) but I think that she came back a little ‘too’ separated from the real world after being secluded there for two years. yeah, she came home for yom tov but spent most of her time in shul.


    Visiting Gateshead and being there as a seminary girl are so totally different. one cannot get a good picture as a visitor.

    there are no websites for the old seminary for sure. but there are many alumni over the US that you can hook up with.

    I heard that last year there wsa not enough visa’s and they had to do a Gorel for all those who got in.. i’m not sure how that works.. but its good to do your homework beforehand.

    Although Gateshead Old seminary does not offer voational courses, there are plenty of motivated girls who find free time to do courses. the seminary does not onject providing it does not take away from the seminary course.

    The old seminary has a huge mix of girls. However, it is the more mature, independant thinker that gains the most from their program. There are a minority that leave after 1 year.. but they leave in the middle and do not receive the full length of the course, of which some of the best stuff is in the 3rd year. Their whole approach is done in a mature way. They don’t baby you. THere are very few rules… yet the place demands a certain respect without them having to enforce it.

    The new seminary has a mix of girls too. It is fair to say that the foreign girls in the new sem definately need ‘checking into’ vs the foreign girls in the old sem. The ones in the old sem come because they have strong connections to the seminary, British ones, or their mom’s went there etc.. or a huge drive to become teachers etc.. in the new sem, the foreign girls are often dropouts that left the US etc once again, i’m sure there always exceptionss to everything.. but i know first hand that this is generally the case.

    IF you state why Gateshead even hit your radar.. it may be easier to see which is better. Why not israel or other places in the US?


    Curious as to whether anyone has more information on the old Gateshead seminary… I’m really interested in it. Anyone? Thanks


    Find people that went here.. thats your best info..

    or ask specific questions…


    Imho i would forsure recommend new manchester sem. It’s got the advantages of both gateshead old and gateshead new sem: courses, warm family atmosphere, excellent rabbonim, amazing shiurim with lots of hashkafa input.


    In the learning aspect, is it very textual based?

    Do students need to be able to understand mefarshim alone?

    What type of classes are there?

    How do classes run? (as a lecture, as a question answer session, etc?)



    Gateshead Old Seminary – the classes are huge. between 140-180 girls in class (which shrinks closer to 100 by end 3rd year due to girls leaving, getting engaged etc)

    The classes on the whole are more lecture style. However, questions are ALWAYS welcome. Certain Rabbonim do actually prefer a more interactive style class.. but this is always done in a higly respectable way. Noone calls out.

    Halacha is taughtr by the famous Rabbi Falk. His classes are interactive, very detailed and interesting.

    Hard to go through everything.. but there is a HUGE emphasis on basic hashkofos, emunah the basics of yiddishkeit.. it gets better as you move through 3 year program.

    re; textual learning.. It is not stresed.. however, the girls that are good in that area, have an esaier time preparing, and perhaps get more out of the program. But it is not essential at all. There are very minimal amoutn of tests. and the tests (not the halacha ones) are vrey much based around haskofa.. and understanding.. not text based. There is so little stress ont eh tests.. that they don’t even give back the tests or the results! This makes a great learning enviorment. where you elarn for yourslef nad not for the test result!

    Gateshead sem is the ideal place for the mature thinking student.

    I heard last year, that there was limited amount of visa, and they had to make a Gorel to who to allocate them to!

    the mix of girls there is extraordinary.. There are some girls that drown in the large enviroment.. and otrhers that thrive! its all about personal growth.. & the 3 yr programm gives great older peers to learn from. (which is unique to Gateshead!)

    Ask more Q’s..

    Hatzlacha Raba


    Thanks for such a quick response! It sounds incredible! Alright, I’ve got some more questions to ask:

    Its really strange because I’ve always thought it was very textual based, and I heard that rabbonim randomly call on students to read out from the sforim, which could be rather intimidating- is that not true at all? Really, what I’m asking is whether I will be disadvantaged if I’m not particularly strong in that area…

    Oh no! What do you mean with the visas? I, myself, don’t know anything about that, but I think that my parents are looking into it.

    What is the age range that girls come for their first year? Does anyone (even just a few girls) that are significantly younger or older than the other girls come?

    Are there only Rabbonim, or also Rabbetzins that teach?

    What would you say is the main focus of the sem? I could be wrong, but it seems like you went there, and loved it. Is the focus on teaching life lessons and hashkofos or what?

    And finally, why is it a 3 year program? Personally, I think that its a wonderful opportunity to grow over 3 years as a 1 year program would have less of a lasting impact in my opinion, but is there a true reason? What is different with this sem that it runs through 3 years?

    Thanks for all your help, and I will keep the questions coming, please keep an eye on this thread. Thanks Leah222!


    I’massuming you are American.. if you are not particularly good at textual stuff.. you will still be much better than the average British girl.. I certainly would not worry on that front. I don’t recall ever being an issue re; being called upon in class. if it was, it was more to read basic chumash.. not mefarshim.

    The british girls all come age 16.. but turn 17 during the year (could even be rightaway) All other nationalities typically start off 12-18 months older. I recall in my days where there were 3 American girls who were all classmated in America who ended up in 3 different years.. one came after 10th grade, one after 11th & the other after 12th! It is not rare for there to be 16 and 19 yr olds in that 1st yaer. Age is not an issue there at all. It’s only an advantage cause it gives the place a more mature atmosphere. Even though split in 3 classes.. everyone eats and sleeps mixed up classes.. and there are a few shiurim on shabbos and during week that are everyone together.

    There are Women teachers. I think they mainly teach the Teachers Training & social development stuff.

    FOCUS – like you said. Good old fashioned Emesdikeh Torah Haskofos.. from Talmidei Chachomin. Mussar, self development. teaching you to THINK.. and not to glide thru life. Many students do end up becoming teachers. it is a product of knowing so much and wanting to give it over.. the teaching program is great.. you can get hands on teaching experience in the Gateshead schools. you pick the age that inteerest you.

    As in any place, there are many graduates of G’head sem who unfortunately do not resemble or reflect the education they got there.. shame..

    3 years – like you said.. many advantages.. some are

    1stly.. having a 3 year program cultivates a ‘mesorah’ style amongst the girls themselves.. very powerful.

    its more relaxed style learning.. you live it and absorb it by default.. not cause you’re cramming in knowledge.

    Expression – Hashkafas can’t be Taught, they are ‘Caught’! – hence more long lasting.. & obviously, much easier done in a longer program.

    Friendships – real & longlasting.. I have deeper & more meaningful ones with seminarygirls than i do with girls i grew up with!

    visa – to enter Britain if yo’re not a citizen.. you must have student visa or some equivelent.. tjhere was an issue last year.. I don’t know where the shortage came from.. did the sem apply for too little.. or did Britain only allocate too few.. just a technical issue to work through.. that i’m sure Hashem will figure out for you.. if its bashert!

    ps. The hilchos Shabbos shiurim from Rabbi Falk are absolutely incredible. Where else are girls taught such crucial halachos from such a famous Posek.

    Yup, i went there.. changed me for life!


    Leah222: good description

    “I’massuming you are American.. if you are not particularly good at textual stuff.. you will still be much better than the average British girl.. “

    that’s very true, so don’t worry kkbmp.


    Again, thanks for the quick reply!

    Talking about textual skills, what do you mean by better than the average British girl? What is the general standard there?

    Do you know what they look for in a girl when considering accepting her? I really want to go!

    Do you start the teacher training in the first year? What are you expected to do? Give over lessons?


    British Bais Yaakov’s do not focus on mefarshim like American BY’s.

    age – i’m not sure – perhaps a 18+ girl might have harder time getting in.. not sure. they reluctant to take girls who will not stay the 3 yr course. not that anyone knows what future holds.. but its a commitment that they do like. That is certainly something that you should stress in your application – that bearing unforseen circumstances, you do intend to stay 3 years.

    Rabbi Falk – also Bedikas Toli’im (bugs!) very interesting.. but only in 3rd year. Hilchos Brachos in 1st year. Yichud.. and otherstuff i can’t receall..

    basic teaching/social/educational skills are taught in 1st year. More taught in 2nd year. Actual hands on teaching etc is in 3rd year. sometimes at end of 2nd year, you might start observing in the schools.. all depends on how many girls in each class..


    Just want to say, kkbmp, that dont get your hopes up so high of getting accepted, because they turn down a lot of girls, even British girls, because of lack of space. But if you do get in, its amazing and youll love it!


    I’m firm believer, wehn there’s a will, there’s a way. If you really did research.. and this is really what you want.. then do as much as you can ot get in. Write them a personal letter as to why you wnat to go there. Get teachers, role models , parents to write too! try and find contats who are already there and can put in a good word for you.

    But don’t forget, with such a huge Alumni, they do hae a lot of ‘chiuvim’ like students children etc

    ps. Rabbi Simcha Kohn (pronounced Korn, who’s father started the Seminary) is the main Head and Rabbi Todros Miller (son of Rabbi Mordechai Miller z”l) is the 2nd one.

    and don’t forget your pull UP ABOVE in SHOMAYIM!


    skiaddict, that’s what I’m afraid of… But as Leah222 said, I do believe in that Upper Hand!

    My older sister went, but that was many years ago, so I’m not sure how much it will help with me getting in.. Leah, you are so helpful, I really do hope that all your time and effort spent helping me, pays off!

    “that bearing unforseen circumstances, you do intend to stay 3 years”

    Thanks for that line, I really do intend to stay the entire 3 year course!

    I’m not in a BY, can you please elaborate on what the standards there, are? Thanks again


    “if they have any websites?”

    A community that has separate hours in their stores for boys and girls is not going to have schools that target bloggers.

    RisingSun613, there is now another thread about Gateshead that will shed light on where Gateshead (and in turn any institution within) is within the religious spectrum.

    If the intense Kedusha (holiness) of Gateshead is what you want, go for it. But for the typical frum blogger a more “middle of the road” location and school is more appropriate.


    I recently heard that this VISA thing has somethign to do with Razel Reit and credits.. something became more complicated than it was previously.

    Try speaking to some girls who were there within past 2 years..


    one year they had appx 1200 applicants and only accepted abt 200.

    abt the visa, i know a few ppl that got visas/dual citizenship to countries in europe, like from an ancestor or s/thing that used to live in europe/came from Europe. cuz in england its impos to get a visa, but if u have a visa 4 europe, u cud jus walk in to england practically.



    Rabbi Falk also gives shiur in the New Sem


    Wow! thanks everyone for helping me make my decision much easier!

    About the old Sem. im still not so clear about what types of girls go there and who gets accepted.

    I dont go to Beis Yaakov but im in a frum school and i would like to go to a place where I could grow to reach my full potential. But Whats the criteria for the old sem?


    More important than a visa to the UK or the EEC, you also need a visa to go to Steinway Grocery, as believe it or not, they operate segregated hours for females from the seminary, and males from the Yeshiva.

    You may also wish to watch your health in June, with Motzei Schabbos not until 11.13PM, so a very late nite to bed. At least this was the Zeman under the previous Gatehead Rov:- Moreinu HoRav Betzalel Rakow ZTKKLH’H.


    RisingSun613: I think you need someone who knows you personally and is familiar with the sem to guide you.

    147: Stenhouse, actually.

    ‘segregated’! hee hee. This isn’t America, y’know.

    I believe Motzei Shabbos is just a few minutes earlier than it was. Still very late.


    @147 – there is no store called “Steinway” in Gateshead. You might find a piano by that name, though (Steinway is a piano brand, I believe). Now perhaps let’s stick to relevant issues? You kind of sound like a sort of troll. A Dutch troll, to be precise…

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