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    I’m considering buying a pet gerbil, and would like some advice.
    I’ve been researching different cage options, and it’s confusing. Every “expert” has a different opinion on how big the cage needs to be, and what type is best.
    Does anyone here own a gerbil? What cage do you use, and is it big enough? What other advice do you have to offer?


    Be careful. Gerbils are extremely venomous


    If I was in your situation id definitely consider the option of picking up a ferret over a gerbil ill even list out the reasons why.

    1. Ferrets are way more cost effective than gerbils, since gerbils require their own special food which can only be bought from pet stores which have the monoply on Gerbil food, dont even get me started with that…

    2. Ferrets are 10 times cuter than gerbils, just look up now if you have time and just compare them, not really a sheilah honestly

    3. Ferrets are greats for excercise, just strap on the leash and take it for a walk in the park, great outdoor fun for you and your furrie friend, you codnt do that with a gerbil.

    4. Ferrets make great work of your leftover gefilte fish and the crusty cholent from the side of the crockpot. Cool and help recycle!

    5. You can find your pet ferret today for free, just tonight hang around by your nearest dumpster, you’ll have to be very quiet and lure it with cheese. But it sure is fun the 2 and 1/2 hours it took me to catch scruffles we’re definitely worth it.

    I hope Ive made you reconsider, I dont think I could be more clear to be honest. Goodluck with your decision my good friend


    Ferrets are considered serious biters, so much so that it’s illegal to keep them as pets in some locations.
    Since I don’t have much pet experience, a ferret doesn’t seem like a good choice.


    Why don’t you go with a pony. Gerbils are vile venomous creators. Ponies are elegant, not to mention they make for a great mode of transportation


    How about a mongoose? Then you don’t have to worry about snakes.


    Gerbils are good at escaping. Get a acid that you can control. That is hard to leave almost locked. And easy to open when you are holding the gerbil.


    Good idea to have acid to murder the gerbils when you’ve had enough with them, i would also but as Ive previously stated they’re overrated animals. Theyre like the kobe of the animal kingdom. Do yourself a favor achi and pick up a ferret instead


    I live in a house that doesn’t have enough room for a pony or mongoose.
    Shtark, who exactly are you calling “achi?”
    And I’ve already explained why I don’t want a ferret; however, I would be interested in hearing about your experiences.
    Finally, since gerbils have an average lifespan of 2 – 3 years, I don’t expect that acid will be necessary.


    Gerbils are NOT part of a yiddeshe hashkafah. Nowhere do you hear about anyone in the Alte Heim keeping a pet gerbil. Perhaps a goat or a few chickens?


    As much as I’d love too to tell you about all my experiences I simply cant, there’s just too much. At this current time, I own 16 ferrets 9male 7female, I used to keep a mechitza between them but then gave up because the bochurim just kept getting around it anyways. I would definitely getting pair of ferrets 1male & 1female, and then force them to breed that way when they have kids you feel like they’re your kids as well (you’re then free to do whatever you’d like with the original parents, I flushed them)
    Advice #2 give them cute silly names, like curly, jimbo, tobias, or shmendrik, honestly whatever you come up with.

    Advice #3 If you get the point where your breeders are popping out with 3or more babies a week, and you happen to be low on cash, your local Asian market is always looking for fresh rat alternatives and theyre more then willing to pay good money for some nice Ferret specimen, you do feel a bit bad because they are like your babies, but hey, $20 is $20🤷🏻‍♂️

    Good luck with your decision(the correct decision is Ferret, never ever ever get a gerbil!

    You’re achi

    Avi K

    N0mesorah, before a word that starts with a vowel “a” becomes “an”.


    Thanks. “Acid” should read as cage. T9 word. I apologize.


    best advice I ever got from a gerbil was to run the other way.


    Ferrets excrete a natural musk that smells to high heaven.


    Ferret musk is actually considered a smellicacy in many places. It takes a while to get used to, but eventually you will be addicted to it.


    They say that if you tie your ferret to a cat, they secrete hormones called tyrogens that help them learn defensive fighting skills. Try it, and let me know if it works.


    False hock, I tried this also because I saw it on the online ferret forums, but alas the only thing that came out of it was Scruffles killing the cat (because as aforementioned Ferrets are lean, mean Defensive machines (obviously not actually machines, they’re mammals..))

    And yes ferret musk is wonderful


    Sniffing ferrets! Spoken like a true Biden supporter!


    Ever thought about getting a pet skunk? They are probably the most peaceful creatures to have as a pet. The smell though, takes some time to get used to, but is useful if you are the antisocial type…
    Never tried it though.


    There is no species that can substitute for a gerbil. However, gerbil owners are also allowed to have other pets.

    A larger cage is better. Gerbils like to have plenty of space, toys, quality substrate, and a gerbil companion. You’ll want to avoid a breeding pair, of course, or else you’ll end up with an unmanageable number of gerbils.


    What are the halachic issues involved in owning and handling a sheretz, which would include both gerbils and ferrets?


    A quick update: I ended up purchasing a pair of gerbils about five weeks ago, from PetSmart. I’m keeping them in a 20 – gallon glass aquarium with a tank topper, and they seem to be enjoying it. They are adorable, playful animals who love to run, chew up their toys, and dig in their bedding. Anyone who sends empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls to my house will become my friend.
    Sorry it took so long to update you; I’ve been too busy playing with my gerbils! 🙂

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