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    Anyone here from Germany? Please get in touch.



    How exactly are you going to do that?


    Aliza around here we don’t request info on other posters such as locality and place of birth if they choose to volunteer than fine but its best not to request, and as the president of the YWNCRWW welcome to the coffee room.


    Hi alizachava.

    I was born in the United States and live in Jersey. I am not from Germany, but if I were, I would tell you and have no problem with your request.

    Hi The Goq.

    Can we turn down the overly enthusiastic hallway monitor tone?

    A Heimishe Mom

    Do you mean currently living in Germany, or of German heritage?


    I live in Germany….


    Is there a way for posters to speak or send messages to eachother ?

    I think it is interesting to hear where others are from.


    There should be a Cherem on Germany; The land is drenched with Jewish Blood, so how can any Loving Jew, even think of setting foot on blood soaked German soil? Let alone for living there!!


    Many people go to blood soaked Spain. Is that ok?


    Ive been in Germany , Austria and Spain aint no big deal. Most of the people who committed the atrocities are dead and the few that are left are old and senile.

    Ill admit I did feel creeped out the first time I was in Germany and I was a bit creeped out in Vienna and Vienna is an awesome city to visit if it didnt have a past , it would have been one of my favorites


    Spain I didnt really feel anything, Felt like Italy or France to me


    In times of old, our great Rabbis yielded great power, both in the upper realms and in conducting the affairs of our nation. It’s been said that the Gedolim in the era of the crusades cursed and put a cherem on the land (I think it was York) that no Jew should ever live there again, due to the great atrocities that were visited upon our people there. A land’s greatest gift is the ability to have a Jew do mitzvhos on it, they felt that was the best way to repay, avenge it – forever – for the brutality, cruelty done to us on it.

    I have no doubt, had they been living in our era, they’d most certainly forbid – FOREVER – any Jew from treading upon its most cursed land.



    The Gedolim put the Ukraine in Cherem The Ukraine after Tat V tat in the 17th Century, and see how that worked out


    From Little Froggie: “It’s been said that the Gedolim … put a cherem on the land … no Jew should ever live there again”

    I believe the Tur writes the same after his father the Rosh, himself and other surviving family members left Germany, immediately after the Rindfleish Massacres of 1298 (Remember the Mordechai; Rav Mordechai Ben Hillel, famous Talmudist and Halachist was murdered during these atrocities). It’s not clear how long that Cherem was supposed to last and what geographical areas were included in that Takana.


    It is said that there is still a cherem on York. Many people visit the museum or whatever it is that is there, but don’t stay overnight. (If you ever are in England, and travel intercity by train, York is a major interchange station. The museum is across the road from the station and apparently its kedai to visit if you can.)


    As we enter Teves whence we shall be commemorating 125th Johrzeit of RSRH this month, is it more appropriate to go & visit his Kever in Germany? or more appropriate to boycott Germany?

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