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    what can I do to get Mickey and Minnie and all their little ones to stay AWAY?


    Get a cat.

    (I’m not kidding.)


    If you have seen the mishpacha already, you need an exterminator. You can try putting out the sticky traps and poison baits, but the exterminator has better ones.


    I don’t know but an ogre like you should just eat them!



    Poisons and traps CAN work, but they are only solutions AFTER the fact, i.e. AFTER mice are already in your home.

    The most important thing is to close up openings FROM THE OUTSIDE TO THE INSIDE OF YOUR HOME, -TIGHTLY!

    That means that holes WITHIN your home (like where pipes under your sink go in the wall, are NOT important. If you closed a hole like that, and a mouse got UP TO where you closed the hole, he is ALREADY in the house, and will come out somewhere else.

    Check to see that your doors seal COMPLETELY FLUSH with the floor.

    Believe it or not, if you can slip a credit card under your door, a mouse can slip in. Go to a good hardware store and buy what is called a “door sweep” to attach to the bottom of the door. Make sure you attach it so it touches the floor, or you have wasted your time and money.


    Get rats.


    Put up a picture of the Mouse Rebbe – No Joke. Go to any seforim store and ask for it. I forget right now the name of the Rebbe.

    There is a whole story how he saved someone in Europe – that the mice ate up the papers and the case was dropped.

    The picture is really a segulah. Have two of them in my kitchen.

    Y.W. Editor

    R’ Shayala Kerestirer.

    Just giving the name you didn’t know.

    YWN has no clue if this is legit or not. Just stating the name people use.


    We used mice electricuters – you can buy them online, i think. they are the most humane way to catch and kill.


    time tested method. Focus on the kitchen and other food source areas. Sweep very well, a crumb is a whole feast for multiple mice. When there are reasonably no other mouse food sources left, set spring traps in the evening around the edges of the area, perpendicular to the edge. Bait with a dab of peanut butter, and alternate with squashed raisin. When the lights go out, the action begins. Rise early and clean up the mess, or any unsprung traps. In a few days, there will be no more mice.


    No disrespect, but…

    The pictures of the “mouser rebbe” work much better if you put a tray of mouse poison next to them.

    (The fact that “he saved someone in Europe – that the mice ate up the papers and the case was dropped” does not mean that we are obligated to believe that his picture keeps mice away today.)


    thanks, everyone. I take it I’m not only one who has/had this problem. Funny how people will admit to having mice, but not bedbugs!

    Onegoal: I will have you know that I uphold the highest standards of kashrus and would NEVER eat a mouse. Unless I was starving, of course.


    If someone has mice, an exterminator is very expensive. As far as traps go, whether the snap or glue type, they usually catch at the begining, but the rest get smart and stay clear.

    What I recommend is products from Tomcat. They almost always get rid of them. They have traps, but I don’t know how well they work.

    There are 2 types of poison bait out there -Decon & Tomcat.

    Decon works some times -not all mice/rats go for the bait. Tomcat works almost always. You put out the bait and you usually don’t ever see them again. (Don’t ever touch any bait with your hands. Including but not limited to, peanut butter, cheese, poison bait. Your smell will keep them away.) They take it with them to their family and return to their nest. They die there.


    Health said…

    “They take it with them to their family and return to their nest. They die there.”

    Sorry “Health”, but you are incorrect.

    What you said IS true regarding ROACH bait, but NOT mouse bait.

    Mice do NOT bring the bait to the mishpacha, roaches DO.

    Mice eat whatever they eat on the spot and then go vaiyter.

    Fortunately, they do NOT usually die in their “nest”, i.e. in your walls, (although SOMETIMES they do).

    Mouse poison works in 2 ways (not to get too gross)- it contains an anti-coagulant, which means they bleed internally, AND a dessicant that makes them very thirsty, which, fortunately, usually sends them back outside in search for water, and that is where they die.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using poison or traps, be sure they can NOT be reached or touched by children!


    We got an exterminator. Only 280 shekels in E”Y. So far we’ve seen 2, within 2 days after he was here, and they apparently ate the poison. So we’ve been clean for a week. We got a year warranty.


    I don’t understand why nobody else is promoting my suggestion of getting a cat. Cats have proven successful in eliminating small rodents for thousands of years and are used even today by many bodegas in New York. They don’t often eat mice; the mice are smart enough that they just avoid buildings with cats like the plague! Cats are very clean animals and can be very affectionate and entertaining. Furthermore, animal shelters have thousands of cats that will be killed if nobody adopts them, and they will provide it pre-spayed or pre-neutered so you don’t have to worry about that shilah. The only reason not to have a cat is if one is allergic.


    The only reason not to have a cat is if one is allergic

    or doesnt like cats

    or doesnt want their expensive furniture ruined

    or doesnt want their infants face scratched

    or doesnt want their own face scratched

    or doesnt want the expense

    or doesnt want to fool with cat excrement

    or doesnt want to worry about contracting toxoplasmosis

    or other feline contracted diseases.


    We have cats in our yard, so apparently that isn’t enough. Our mice are (hopefully were) in our kitchen cupboards, attic, etc. I’m not so sure if we invited them in, they would actually help.


    Well, here is an article I found about my idea:

    Should You Get a Rat for a Pet?

    I’m probably not the right person to answer this question, since I am, after all, a bit prejudiced. But I’ll try to be as unbiased in answering this question as I can!

    If you are considering getting a rodent for a pet, please don’t rule out rats (or buy rats) until you’ve thoroughly investigated them. Check books, web sites and online FAQs and talk to rat owners. What you find out just may surprise you. They do have an awful reputation, which is very undeserved. Rats are much more social than mice or hamsters and a lot less jumpy than gerbils. In fact, they are about as intelligent and just as good pets as dogs – just smaller.

    Here are some pros and cons about rats that I think you should be aware of. Remember, though, one person’s pro just might be another person’s con and vice versa!


    Rats are loving, adaptable, friendly animals who form very close bonds to their human companions.

    Rats don’t require a whole lot of space or a yard or fancy equipment. Cages and toys can be homemade – they’re not fussy!

    Rats are fairly inexpensive to keep happily fed and housed. Cages need to be cleaned every 4-5 days.

    Rats usually sleep during the day when most people are away at work or school, but can adapt to any sort of sleeping schedule that their owners have.

    Rats are social animals and love human attention and interaction. They are lots of fun to play with. Most are good traveling companions.

    Rats can be litter-box trained, but it does take lots of persistence.

    Rats are generally good with children and very patient, but they can’t take too much rough handling. Supervision around small children who might accidentally drop, squeeze, sit or step on them is a must!


    Rats do need a lot of attention – if you don’t have an hour or two to spend with them a day, get mice instead! They also need a same-sex cage mate to keep them company for the times you can’t be with them.

    Rats will chew on almost anything – usually power cords that are connected to expensive equipment, your favorite furniture, important papers, etc. They will also hoard everything they can carry such as batteries, small toys, pens, coins, rolls of paper towels, etc. They need a safe, rat-proof place to socialize and live.

    Rats can’t stand temperatures above 80F. This means that in the hot summer, they need an air-conditioning or an alternative, such as ice bottles placed in their cages, cool air from fans, a cool basement to live in, etc.



    I’m a little concerned with what my neighbors will think when they see me walking down the street with my pet rat on a leash.


    Ain ohd:

    I’m sorry, but that is not on the list of “cons” I posted.



    There’s another PRO you can add to the list…

    If you want a rat, you don’t even have to go to a pet shop or a shelter to get one – You can just pick one up one the way home from work on the subway!

    But, alas, we digress…



    I’ll take our cats to the need to put out dangerous rat poison or traps that can endanger the lives of children.


    Get Bats!!!! Bats also eat mice.


    And, cats stink.

    Glue traps are only good while the glue is still very sticky, which is not very long. And with poison, the mice get immune to the poison and start to eat it for snack.

    The best way I find to get rid of mice is using the old fashioned mouse trap. Carefully, bait a bunch of traps and put them all on a large size tray or the like, and put the tray on the floor and against a wall in an area which cannot be reached by anyone; like behind the couch.

    Check it a few days later and count your catch.


    An owl would be an interesting addition to one’s home.

    They love to snack on rodents.


    And babies! I’ve seen babies eat just about anything.


    Rats are adorable on “Ratatouille”(however that’s spelled!),but that’s it!(DVD)


    OK, I will take everyone’s advice. I’m on my way out to pick up a rebbe picture, mouse traps, glue traps, an electrocuter, a rat, a cat, and a baby.

    On second thought, maybe I’ll just learn to share my life with Mickey and Minnie.


    oh, forgot I need to pick up a bat…I assume not the kind you use for baseball.

    i am here

    yup that might just work when you see a mouse you and swing it and get a home run. njoy the game.

    Who’s on first?????



    On your “to do” list, you skipped the most important one…

    Close up all holes and spaces from outside to inside!!!

    All those other things are be’dieveds, hole closing is le’hatchila!!!


    you dont have to live with minnie and micky if you dont want and by the wat i thought for a sec you meant the real ones. the ones the kids play with…. oh i love those…….


    A rat, a cat, a bat… Wheres Dr. Seuss? Seriously, I think I heard mice don’t like the smell of mint. I would imagine that would go for other strong smells as well, I don’t know if it actually works though.

    I always say someone should come up with some cat-scent in a bottle…





    If you put out mint, you might want to make sure first that it is not going to scare away your rat also.


    AinOhdMilvado – I stand corrected. I don’t know where they go, but with the poison, you usually don’t have to clean up the mess.

    As opposed to traps.


    cherrybim “And, cats stink.

    Glue traps are only good while the glue is still very sticky, which is not very long. And with poison, the mice get immune to the poison and start to eat it for snack.”

    Only the Decon brand, not the Tomcat brand.


    My Granparents had a cat in their store to get rid of mice.

    But that was before they had effective ways to get rid of them.


    i heard that eretz yisroel was filled with mice; so they brought in cats. now eretz yisroel is filled with cats…

    hmm… anyone ever read the book, “the king, the mouse, and the cheese?”


    also, anyone read sara yocheved rigler’s book and her experience with rats in the house?


    1) Reb Shaye’le Karesztierer’s descendants have said that the segula is a baabemaaseh but if you want the picture it is online somewhere.

    2) A cat is not recommended for indoor mouse control except in a warehouse. You are just exchanging one vilde chaya for another. Cats do more damage than mice. They are not domesticated and not affectionate – they just rub against you to mark you as part of their territory. Odor, hair cleanup, tzoiah cleanup, damage to furniture, carpets, stored food – all not worth it.

    Poison traps do not leak any poison into the air. We all have worse poisons in our homes anyway.

    3) Very few of the commonly sold products work. Best to call the pros.


    Then again, ever since I got Lybush, a 500 pound African black maned kitty from Obama’s home village in Kenya, I have never seen a mouse, a gonif or any other living creature besides myself and my ketzele anywhere in my dalet amois.



    I believe you!!! But… you must need some HUGE litterbox!!!

    and… you must have an even bigger bill at Glatt Mart than my wife does!!!


    Al pi halacha there is no need to serve a vilde chaya kosher meat, unless he has a few too many at Shabbos kiddush.

    Lybush does just fine on a strict diet of executed prisoners flown in frozen from China.



    You are very creative! Just be sure to remove the bullets from his food before serving. We wouldn’t want Lybush to get lead poisoning!

    B.T.W. – That gives me a GREAT idea. Maybe someone could open a glatt kosher slaughterhouse in China, ship us the meat frozen, and it would still be way cheaper than buying glatt kosher American beef!!!

    Ken Zayn

    I have a picture of you, I think its very nice

    I hung it in my attic, to scare away the mice



    If I might offer a suggestion that might save you some money.

    Try contacting P.E.T.A. As I’m sure you know, they are always breaking in to laboratories to “liberate” animals that are held there for testing new medications. The problem they have is, once they free them, they don’t know what to do with them.

    Perhaps you could offer to take these creatures off their hands. I’m sure a nice lab rat or rabbit would be a nice treat for Lybush.


    Ah, yes, but Lybush prefers two legged rats. I will have to take him to visit the Senate when it is in session.



    “3) Very few of the commonly sold products work. Best to call the pros.”

    Yea, and the one that works is Tomcat. A lot cheaper than the “Pros”.


    The traps or the bait? I remember Tomcat spring loaded traps going way back.

    A four legged tomcat does not work :).

    Rumor has it that if you program those high frequency noise devices to repeatedly play Hora Hora by Lipa Schmeltzer, they do work.

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