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    Hi all-I have a question about girls sleepaway camp. I myself went to Bnos like a hundred years ago, now my 8th grader wants to go and I dont know where to send her. We are a MO family, they go to a co-ed school in the community. I was educated in the finest girls yeshiva, however my husband is not from NY, and he wanted the kids to be with “community people”, hence the reason for thier school. We are nice, religious people, with TV and internet,of sephardic descent. I cover my hair and we are regular,normal people! Im getting very descriptive because when you hear they go to a co-ed yeshiva, you may think us a certain type.

    Anyway, with all that info, I wanted to know about camps. Ive been out of the camp circle since I was a teenager and from what i hear, camps are different these day-as in girls have to wear nude stockings-all day,every day,not just on shabbat?! Anyway, can you reccomend a nice camp for a nice girl? I would like to hear what everyone thinks about Raninu,Sternberg,and Girlzone in particular, as these are what I am seriously considering.

    Thanks all for your help!


    I’d recommend Sternberg. There is a huge mix of girls from all backgrounds.

    Girlzone is a Kiruv camp with girls who have little to no background to Yiddishkeit…. not sure you want that.


    I myself went to Bnos like a hundred years ago

    Was it exactly 100 years ago, or more like 95 years? Because if it was, you might remember me- I was a staff member back then.

    I’m a bit surprised that you have a daughter in 8th grade, though. I tried googling for a story about a woman giving birth at age ~90 (assuming you were 6 years old then, and your daughter is 14 now), but I guess you kept it out of the news (ayin harah?).


    sacrilege-i know,i was thinking about sternberg. I also heard from a previous camper of Girlzone that there is also a mix of campers there even though technically it is considered a kiruv camp. I heard that it is built brand new and its quite nice in the way of sleepaway camps go. So Im thinking about it from that end. I also heard that Raninu is pretty clean and kind of luxurios, but it is very expensive. The other 2 camps are much cheaper. Help!!!

    Squeak-your sense of humor is too cute for me…



    I don’t think girlzone is for you at all. From what I know only kiruv kids go as campers there. Some ideas I can think of are Chedva, Sternberg, Raninu and Dina. I can’t say they’re all for you because I didn’t go to any of them but you can definitely check into them.


    raninu and chedva are more jappy,while sternberg is a mix of diff types,but wherever she goes she’ll have the most fun if shes w/ her friends


    Raninu is supposed to be a fantastic. I heard the staff members are very warm and friendly.

    Just out of curiosity, why wouldn’t you consider putting your daughter in an all girls school? Are there any other mothers in that school that cover their hair? I can think of a lot of MO -all girls schools that have mothers that don’t cover their hair…


    camp esh would have been a great option for you, but I don’t think they are opening this year 🙁 its pretty much the crowd your looking for. its boys and girls (seperatly, same campus sort of, of course separate bunkhouses). I’ll let you know if they do open!!


    i would recommend {ranninu} bais yackov or bnos they sound more your description. and good luck! when those girls want to go to camp, they usually choose where they want to go not you choose.sorry might sound not fair, life isn’t fair. hatzlachah again.


    its new but i would suggest shoshanim


    There is a new camp opening this summer- It’s called Camp Kaylie. It is being run by Ohel, nd the theme of the camp is acceptance. each bunk will be a mixture of children ho are typically developing and children who have special needs. The children with special needs will obviously be very high functioning and will be able to participate in the same activities as the typically developing children. There was a one week trial camp last summer, and the typically developing children did not lose out at all! It’s a novel idea and it’s bound to work out really well. The reason I am suggesting this camp is , as I mentioned earlier, the theme is acceptance. Everyone will be accepted by their peers as they are, despite their different abilities and dfferent backgrounds. The camp is seperate for boys and girls- one month each. The grounds are beutiful! Theres a huge lake with water activities, an outdoor heated pool, a rock climbing wall, a go carting course, a zipline, nature trails, and much much more. The bunkhouses and the grounds in general are in really good condition. you can find out more about the camp at . It might be a good idea for you…


    Rabbi rock-she cant be with her friends in sleepaway campo because in our circle the kids go away for the summer with their parents.

    Poster-she is in this school because that is my communitys school and that is my husbands request. there are some moms who do cover their hair,all in all,they are respectful even if they dont cover their hair.

    sms-keep me posted on that!thanx!

    moving-i will check into shoshanim!thanks! and iheard about kaylie but didnt think my daughter would appreciate that type of camp. no reason really,just figured i would go with a camp thats been doing their thing for alot of years as opposed to starting up brand new.

    thanks everyone-keep the suggestions coming!


    definitely RANINU!!!! you background doesn’t matter!! it is seriously AWESOME!!! the grounds are gorgeous! the food is great! the activities and trips are spectacular! and the people are warm and friendly!! i was there for 5 years as a camper and 1 year as staff!!! i cant wait to go back!!!


    oh btw camp esh is closed.


    I don’t think Raninu would be for you. I come from the same background as it sounds like your daughter comes from and it wasn’t for me. I would recommend Camp Dina. I went there for 2 years as a staff member and wish I had known about it when i was a camper. I had so much fun. The programs are great, there are such great girls there and the staff are really caring and loving individuals. It is an amazing atmosphere with girls from all different background: bais yaakov girls, MO girls and everything in between. It is so much fun. I know many girls of all different types (both personality-wise and yidishkeit-wise) who went/go to Camp Dina and they love it year after year. The Head Counselors are such a wonderful and caring women. It is really a great place to be. They are actually moving this year to a new bigger location which from the looks of the pictures on the website, the new camp grounds look unbelievable! Also as regards to the question that the camps have changed, most camps that I know of require you to wear nude tights or knee highs. I don’t believe though that Camp Dina requires the campers to wear them. As staff I had to, but I honestly don’t think the girls had to.




    I would also recommend shoshanim. I live in such a community and many girls go there and some community members work there. It is the right type of camp for what sounds like your crowd.


    I think we are doing sternberg…..

    tomim tihye

    Sternberg my sunshine…

    I miss it!


    i have many friends who went to sternberg for many years each and loved it! sounds like a good choice


    does anyone knoww any more similar camps to this?


    Camp Bnos is the best camp!!! i LOVE it!!!


    You sound as if you have a similar lifestyle to me. My son has gone to Dora Golding, so you might want to check out the girls camp Dina. It has a mix of children from all different types of backgrounds. Good luck.

    fan of pd



    My girls went to camp sternberg for many years and they still do one is 17 and one 19 they love it and i thing its a great place for girls!


    Camp Bnos is the best!! 🙂


    the child i am convincing to go to camp does not wish to go to sternberg for whatever reasons and isn’t raninu type. She’s not into her clothing and the like but more of a simple child.

    thank you though!!

    fan of pd

    there are some very simple girls in Raninu… i am 1 & the married and older staff are amazing people—-it might be worth it to go -just for them 🙂


    Noooo go to CAMP BNOS!!


    the girl is not camp bnos type- she doesn’t enjoy rules and too much structure!!! but thanks


    hey!! i would not go to a camp with 2 much rules!!theres not more rules in bnos than any other camp!!


    i would reccomend maarava, its very sweet and fun


    Hey yachad is also good i heard!!




    Uh chickpea….u 4got 2 add as a staff member!!


    Camp Malka!!!!!!


    @Saralastein, is that the camp run by Rabbi Hiller?


    Camp Bnos!!????


    i would say camp dina, ive been going there as a camper and now staff for many years and its a great place, there are girls from all over, and from all types of schools, from co -ed to bais yaccov. the head staff is very warm and caring and are always there to help with whatever the problem is if one arises. the staff its self is always a staff who loves to have fun and are extremely caring and love their campers. this summer for a fact i know that the staff coming are amazing nice, caring people who would look out for their camper and always be there for them.also the new campus that Dina has is a beautiful campus with lots of room and gorgeous bunk houses.


    CAMP CHAVIVA!!!!! It is a really warm camp because i’m a camper there andi know whet it is like. All girls of all types fit in, there is no one left out, it doesn’t exist. Every girl is included in every project, in every activity, in every everything. Girls have a blast, they go on fantastic trips, they have fantastic things come to them. Al the counselors care for their campers like a sister and they’re always willing to help out their campers if they need it. The director is extremely sweet and so is his wife. The camp mother- You won’t find anyone like her!!!! Everyone looks out for each other and everyone loves each other like one big happy family.


    Sternberg is awesome.


    my sister went to CHAVIVA she loved it and she’s going bak this year!!! GO CHAVIVA!!!

    Shopping613 🌠

    Hate to break it to you but RANINU IS THE GREATEST R-A-N-I-N-U! I went for 2 years and i loved it, unfortunately because of different reasons i cannot go back, but i assure antyone else to go there

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