going to eretz yisrael do i have to quarantine?

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    Does anyone know how to get exempted from the quarantine upon entry to Israel if I already had corona? What type of test do I have to bring?


    I believe you have to bidud, and you need to have proof that you have a proper place to bidud and reason for coming. Bidud is much stricter in Israel than in America. Call the Israeli embassy for all the details. Having anitbodies in the past does not mean that you cannot be reinfected.


    If you have proof from a Dr. that you had antibodies 10 days before arriving in Israel, then you can request a antibody test in Israel. and if you are positive for antibodies in the Israeli test, you can go out of quarantine.


    Only someone who tested positive for corona is exempted, anti body’s won’t help. You have to bring a medical document verifying that you tested positive, as well as 2 negatives, you will then have to have an Israeli Dr confirm your papers in ivrit. This will take up to a couple of days, and in the interim you’ll be required to quarantine.


    Yes. They don’t care what your health record is, since it’s too easy to fake and reinfection is a thing.

    Even if you can skirt the regulations by traveling via Canada or something, you shouldn’t. The bidud guidelines are there for a reason and that reason is to protect people from getting a dangerous virus from people who aren’t being careful and spreading it around.


    An American in Yerushalayim: Do you know this for fact? Where can I see the information from a legitimate source?
    Thanks for your help


    I’m an American Bachur that returned to Eretz Yisroel for Ellul zman. I came with friends that had proof of a positive and two negative covid tests, and didn’t have to quarantine after they showed to Israeli Dr who verified it, and then submitted it to the health department. you should contact your yeshiva, my yeshiva informed us of this.

    Todros Gimpel

    The rules changed on October 12th.
    See section 5 in official document.
    The new rules are: anyone that brings either a positive PCR (swab) test from overseas taken at least 10 days before flying or an antigen/antibody positive test result, will be given another antibody test in Ben Gurion Airport when they land.
    When that test comes back positive, they will be released from the mandatory 14 day quarantine and will be considered officially “recovered”.
    This will excuse them from future quarantines – even if afterwards they were together with someone sick.
    They will still need to wear masks and need to keep the regular lockdown rules.


    If you are going to eretz yisroel:

    if you atre going north of the israeli border – where shevet don and osher lived, there is no need for quarantine

    if you are south of the israeli border – whther you are going to Eretz Yisroel, or Eilat and the Arava or Ramat Hagolan/Ever hayarden you may have to quarantine

    Please clarify where you mean

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