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    Support – “I was instructed by the ED as well as a friend who is a doctor (who btw practices peds and has rights at Maimonodies. She said their adult neurology department is known to be terriable. They did the same thing to her when she was in the ER with what turned out to be guillene bare.) I’m not sure why you are defensive about Maimonodies and any negative comments.”

    The reason is because it’s not realistic. Don’t resort to because someone told me they have a horrible neuro dept. Stick to first hand stories.

    “Health: I gave two examples I didn’t mix both up. They were both horrible experiences.

    It makes no difference to me if it was medical student or resident if he didn’t know how to perform a spinal tap he shouldn’t have done it without supervision!”

    I wasn’t saying this was a proper thing to be done to you.

    I was saying, that this could have happenned anywhere. It’s not per say a flaw in Maimonides. It could and probably does happen in every teaching hospital!

    “I would have preferred not going to the ER except that the neurology department closes and five PM daily and is closed on weekends. They connect you to the neurology floor who connects you the ED! I was using the assistant director of the department and that is how the department is run. there is no coverage after hours.”

    I already answered this in my previous post: “If the doctors in the ER feel you aren’t having an neurological emergency, they have NO right to call a Neurologist, even just a Resident Neurologist. Not all doctors have answering services for them to deal with their patients 24/7, but I’m sure plenty of Neurologists associated with Maimo do!”

    “I needed a neurologist because I had a reaction to a medication given to control my levels of csf. My itnernist was on the phone with me five times after I released and told me to go back the next day (Sunday) and insist on being seen by a neurologist since my condition constitued an emergency and needed the attention of a neurologist asap. He said he knows about the department not being available and them using the ER and then blaming the ER when their patients complain but that I should insist on being seen by a neurologist. The one decent resident we saw apologized numerous times that he couldn’t get in touch with the neurology department and that they don’t answer their pages except for stroke patients. Sorry but that isn’t an average hospital policy.”

    The ER doctors said it wasn’t a neuro emergency, so they couldn’t page Neuro. But you wanted them to page them anyway?!!? If anyone is to blame it’s your internist. If he felt you were having a neurological emergency and the ER docs were wrong, he could have came with you to the ER. He could have discussed it with them and if afterwards they were still in disagreement, he (your doc) could have paged Neuro. I’m sure they would have showed up!


    I gave you first hand situations and you still seem quite defensive.

    No the ER dr agreed it was an emergency but he said the neurology department doesn’t respond unless it is a stroke patient. he paged them for three patients including me numerous times and they never responded.

    Health: I never told my neurologist at Columbia about my experience with the spinal tap. I was barely able to string together a coherent sentence when I met him. I just gave him the facts; my symptoms, diagnostice testing I had done, the diagnosis and the medication I was given. So he wasn’t being manipulative he just didn’t like that I wasn’t given proper care. The same with my surgeon at Cornell, his body language spoke volumes when he heard about my previous surgery at Maimonodies. It took a lot of questions and answers and second guessing him until I trusted him.

    Based on the care that I have received and in some cases am still recieving at Cornell in many fields (I was never admitted to Columbia or needed their ER B”H)I can’t imagine such things happening there. Twice I got return calls from drs while they were in the OR. I had a dr call me back while he was out of town and leave me a message with his cell number and the times that he will be unavailable due to being inflight yet wanting me to call him any time to discuss my symptoms. I have gotten emails answered on weekends and at all hours of the day and night. I dont’ expect a dr to be at my beck and call 24/7 but having drs who go beyond the call of duty is really nice especially when compared to how my conditions have been dealt with previously. I am made to feel like the doctors and staff are there to treat me and make me better whenever I need them, not that I am bothering them and my symptoms aren’t important. BTW I do limit my after hours contact to emergency situations. Unfortionatly I have had numerous ones and even when it turns out that I panicked I am always reassured that I did the right thing and not to hesitate to contact them again. This is completly the opposite of the attitude I got at Maimonodies.

    I think we should just agree to disagree on the level of care patients recieve at Maimonodies and other hospitals. We obviously aren’t going to change each others opinions.


    Support, we went to Mayo Clinic a little over a year ago. We were debating between Cleveland Clinic, & Mayo. The Dr in Cleveland was away, so that made our decision. The care was out of this world. In ICU, nurse to patient ratio was 1 on 1, in a regular room, 2 patients for every nurse. Every dr. was beyond nice, professional& helpful.

    Our Dr. actually had a monitor of each of his patients at home, so he was able to keep tabs of the vitals at all times! The care we received there puts every NY hospital to shame!


    This story happened right after my bar mitzva. I was playing on the ice and I slipped and hit my head right at the eyebrow. It was such a big opening that the skin was hanging over my eye so i couldn’t see. This was at about 12:00 on a Friday and Shabbos was at 5:15. I went to the ER and sat there for about 4 hours and 15 minutes when the nurse finally called me. they checked it out and started the numbing process which is supposed to take an hour. My father mentioned to the nurse (with my approval) that Sabbath was coming and we should skip the second step of the numbing process. The nurse understood and started asking me what gemora I was learning and then she told me she learned the same one at her school. (a local not so frum day school) It was kind of funny and she got us out of there by 5:00ish for the 20 minute drive home. Me and my father were expecting to have to pull over and walk but we made every light and there was no traffic and we made it home 5 minutes before Shabbos.


    On the ball: Yes both Cleveland Clinic and Mayo are worlds above any New York hospital. I would have done the same if the Dr in Cleveland Clinic wasn’t available. I didn’t say Mayo isn’t good any more just that Cleveland Clinic for the past few years has been considered the best in the country whereas Mayo used to be the top. It is still high up just not the best. I am happy that you had a good experience. I hope eveything is good now.

    Feif Un

    Health: after you sign in, they send you to a triage nurse. She checked my symptoms, and asked me, “Did you ever have your appendix taken out yet?”

    I said no, and she said, “Well, you probably will soon!”


    I’ve had excellent dealings with Columbia, as has my family. This includes heart transplant, aortic valve replacements, cancer surgery/recovery, broken bones, neurological testing, pregnancy issues, birth, and plenty more that I am sure I am forgetting.

    My only complaint was that they didn’t have any place for family to stay over – they kicked them out of the waiting room. My husband, mother and sister had to sit in the bikur cholim room all night long…[Shout out to the wonderful Satmar Bikur Cholim for providing amazing food and space for Shabbos!]

    But for patients? Its top notch


    support- “No the ER dr agreed it was an emergency but he said the neurology department doesn’t respond unless it is a stroke patient. he paged them for three patients including me numerous times and they never responded.”

    What does it mean they “never responded”, they didn’t answer their page or they discussed it with the ER doc and decided it wasn’t a neuro emergency?

    “So he wasn’t being manipulative he just didn’t like that I wasn’t given proper care.”

    So far you haven’t proven to anyone you haven’t gotten proper care, except about the spinal tap, which could have happenned anywhere. You haven’t even told us what kind of surgery you had.

    Maybe you told the doc from the other hospitals’ a lot more than you are posting here.

    “I think we should just agree to disagree on the level of care patients recieve at Maimonodies and other hospitals. We obviously aren’t going to change each others opinions.”

    There are definitely differences amongst hospitals in medical care. As a matter of fact, the US News & World Report doesn’t just differentiate between hospitals, it separates everything by speciality. So you could have hospital “A” is better than hospital “B” in cardiology and worse than hospital “B” in pulmonology. My “beef” is you kept saying Maimo is a bad hospital with lousy medical care. You have never proved your point!


    Feif Un -Hospitals work on a system of triage. I know everyone wants to be treated and seen as soon as they walk in, esp. if they are in pain. But the reality is there are “so many” doctors and “so many” pts. The doctors have to take care of the most serious first. So if your emergency isn’t as bad as someone elses’, they will be seen first, even if they came way after you.


    I don’t understand.

    The heading is ‘Good experiences in hospitals’ yet everyone I see here is bashing..


    health, sorry couldn’t find the thread for a few days. the unit is called the specialty unit. it’s privatly own by some frum guys and run by Dr. L. our experience there is over 2 years ago so maybe he has moved on since then. People only find out about this unit by word of mouth when they need it. It is called an LTAC unit. I don’t have enough good words to praise the care there, especially after the horrible experiences we had in 2 major manhattan hospitals.

    always here

    thank you, Yochi.

    I posted B’H 6 great Maimonides experiences. in fact, I have an upcoming surgery, & was very disappointed to find out that my doctor doesn’t operate there. I may ask for her ‘boss’ who is the head of the dept. @ Maim.

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