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    Dear folks,

    I enjoyed being a part of your experiences here on YWN CR. It was fun to meet a few of you and I enjoy having a place to have a Jewish discussion. Sadly, I must tell you that I will no longer be a part of this site. I had felt this way last night and actually the moderators beat me to the punchline.

    So since I am stifled and ridiculed and mocked and as I am a Servant of our G-d, I will pass on being subjected to being harassed and blasphemed by a group of insular wicked foes of Torah.

    Best Wishes,

    Basket of Radishes,


    me too

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    Interests With Prudence Trust Billows ?????

    what was the straw that broke the Mod’s back?

    5 months of unadulterated gibberish didn’t


    the straw was a curse he wrote here upon a fellow Yid. that post has of course been deleted


    Mods, thank you for posting this to show How and Why you do what you do. It certainly does show how and why some of the discussions do get so heated and why many get hurt. Some people just like to cook it up.


    I’ll tell you what someone told me when I “left”… See you in a couple of weeks 🙂

    Dr. Pepper


    Was it you that deleted my rant? I felt guilty after I wrote it and I’m glad it wasn’t published.

    It’s amazing how some posters can bring out a side of me in a few comments that my wife hasn’t been able to bring out in the 10 years we know eachother!

    me too

    Victory for the Sun

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    Such a yenta?

    Avram in MD

    “Victory for the Sun”… that names sounds Xian to me, as did a lot of the terminology Basket of Radishes used.


    Keep in mind that he became Orthodox completely on his own, seemingly without any guidance whatsoever. When he said, “Torah”, he really meant, behavior that is proper as the human mind perceives it. Perhaps, had we realized from the very beginning where he’s coming from, we could have made a difference.


    whats going on here?!?!?!??!?!


    ” we could have made a difference. “

    And in many cases we do. The most memorable one that comes to mind was someone looking to buy (or do?) something for his frum brother, and was looking for suggestions on how to best go about it.

    He turned to the CR because of the tone and content we (usually) are known for.

    In the case of Basket, he was not asking, he was asserting. So its doubtful we could have made a substantial difference.

    Because he was not open to ideas, and because he knew it all.


    i dont even feel bad for him…is that mean of me? I think he asked for it.


    I feel bad for him, and I hope he does not get turned off to Yidishkyte…


    I think this thread is turning into Lashon Hora.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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