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    Is there an issue with eating goyish brands that are 100% kosher? Does it look right for a frum Jew to be digging into a box of Pringles chips or Oreo cookies? Or should one stick with the Jewish brands?


    No problem. As long as it’s kosher. It’s nice to support Jewish people though, so if there’s not much of a price difference and it tastes the same to you, you should buy the Jewish brand. But there’s no reason to judge anyone who doesn’t.


    I don’t think there is anything wrong with a frum Jew eating Goyish brands (I don’t think a frum Jew should be “digging into” anything). However, there is a halachah that one should buy from Jews before buying from Goyim. That doesn’t mean that if a Jew is selling it at three times the price you have to buy it from him, or you have to buy a brand that you don’t like just because it’s Jewish, but that you’re looking to support Jews before you look to support Goyim.

    The way I look at it, if there is a Jewish product that’s more expensive than the Goyish, or there is a Jewish product that you like less than the Goyish version: what would you do if your own brother was selling it? If the difference between the Jewish and Goyish brand is small enough that you would buy the brand you like less if your brother was selling it, then you should buy the Jewish brand. If however the difference is so great that even if your brother was selling it, you would buy the other one, than you don’t have to buy the Jewish brand.


    honestly if it’s a good hechsher, whatever tastes better.

    Unless that person feels they want to work on themselves.

    In that case i’d tell them to eat the Jewish brand,

    (which is usually made by a lower end goyishe company)

    but it still taste bad, so they get to work on their Taivas Achilah.

    There is the issue of supporting yidden, so if your not a total Mefunak, i’d suggest finding at lease some products that taste almost the same as its goyishe competition. (not really competition)

    I find some people are Dafka Makpid everything should be goyish,

    not just heinz ketchup, hellmans mayo, frenchs mustard.

    I mean from cereals, & beverages, (even seltzer), to baked goods

    canned vegetables, & tomato sauce.

    Believe me, I know there’s is a difference in quality. but it’s

    kind of too much. It seems childish, sorta like they need to work on their jewish pride a little.


    and what is the story with chewing gum?

    if you buy the mentos with the hebrew words on it , it is almost 3 bux a pack. the english one is about 1.29

    i cant read the hebrew ingredients. anyone know the difference?

    also, ive seen where twizzlers has a sticker slapped on it and is then kosher enough for the frum stores to carry it, yet the twizzlers sold in shop rite that has no sticker is less expensive.



    I guess that makes me m.o. Who new?


    Please tell me this is a joke. There is no source anywhere for not eating food owned by a non-Jewish brand.

    YW Moderator-42

    Oreos are 100% kosher and most are even parve, so too pringles. I eat these on Shabbos all the time.


    No , it makes u a smart consumer with great taste…the Jewish brands are OK, but you really can’t compare them. Pringles are awsome and who doesn’t like Oreos…


    You eat OU-D Oreos cookies with (or after) fleishigs?


    i never thought of this, thnx for bringing it up


    Pringles are not Bishul Yisroel and Oreo’s are also not Pas Yisroel.

    Ask your LOR about it.


    I don’t think Pringles are served at state dinners, so they don’t need to be bishul yisroel.


    How many yidden make money from say, a bottle of heimishe ketchup? The non jewish factory owner that made the ketchup? His non jewish workers The non jewish shipping company that delivers it to the heimishe area for distribution? The non jews who deliver it to the stores? The non jews who stock the shelves of the heimishe store? The only yidden in the equation making money are the rav hamachshir, the marketing/distribution company selling to the store and the heimishe store owner. Nu, the same 3 are also involved in selling Heinz or Hunts.


    Tomche, supposedly Rav Willig says that even the OU-D Oreos are just dairy equipment and can be eaten after milk. That is what is quoted in his name.


    you are still supporting yidden when you buy non jewish brands because they are paying for a hechsher so that we will eat it. so eat and enjoy!


    You should buy whichever is cheaper and in my experience I’ve never found the jewish brands to be cheaper…. Just a waste of money



    LOL 🙂


    These snacks are not ???? ?? ???? ?????. Also, plenty of rabbanim hold that packaged goods, especially those of a public company, do not need to be bishul yisroel, v’kol shekein pas yisroel.

    REGARDING OREOS AFTER MEAT: While it is true that all Oreos have an OUd even though some of them do not contain milk, you need to check the packaging, because some of them do contain milk. I guess this is due to different plants or something but it is a fact. So before eating them after meat, check the ingredients. If it does contain milk there is an indication right under the ingredients by the allergy warning.


    Someone we know is a follower if Rabbi Abadi, who apparently feels that chewing gum is not an issue because gelatin is not a food. I’m not saying I personally follow that, but it did make for an interesting discussion.


    whats_in_a_name: LOL….ROTL!!!! You do know that the OU is an MO organization? I guess that makes all Jews MO:)


    Some pringles have the OU hechsher on it, so it makes it 100% kosher even though it’s not a jewish brand.


    A Woman outside bklyn-

    I am a follower of Rabbi Abadi, and yes, he holds chewing gum is not an issue. I think that the last time we tried to discuss it on the site the issue was closed unfortunately.


    You eat OU-D Oreo cookies together with meat?


    supposedly Rav Willig says that even the OU-D Oreos are just dairy equipment and can be eaten after milk

    as my nieces are wont to say: “duuuh”


    Come on Mod… you know he meant that they are just made with fleishig equipment and you can be eaten after milk.


    My apologies for the typo late at night. I meant after meat.


    We used to know someone who worked for the OU and he said that Rabbonim call the OU all the time and then will put their sticker on the product, based on what the OU says.

    When we go up to shamayim after 120 years I don’t think the first question we will be asked is “did you only eat heimishe brands and products?”

    Personally, I buy what is cheaper. So if the ungers tomato sauce is cheaper than the hunts tomato sauce, I’ll buy the ungers.


    they ARE only DE however OU doesnt use the DE designation anymore so it gets labeled as D


    Why not ask the OU what type of hechsher they give on Oreo cookies?


    The OU tried to put a DE (dairy equipment) at a certain time. It didn’t work, so they will put an OUD even if it is not milchig but made on equipment that was used for dairy. I don’t know if the equipment is “kashered/sterilized” to avoid this problem, but I’m not into giving hashgochos so…

    I would be careful about just looking at the ingredients. You cannot rely on allergy warnings because that is to avoid lawsuits. So if the equipment was ever used for milk/nuts/etc. they put the warning (even if there is none in the product being used.

    FYI–the OU started with Educator cookies which were also not “pas Yisroel” but they tasted good. 🙂


    When we go up to shamayim after 120 years I don’t think the first question we will be asked is “did you only eat heimishe brands and products?”

    In shamayim they’ll give you credit if you give parnassa to a Yid, by buying a Yid’s product rather than a nochri’s.

    just me

    I actually like the Pashkes “oreo type” cookies better than Oreos. I was very excited when Oreos got a hechsher but I was disappointed when I tasted it. Also, I don’t like to have dairy cookies or cakes in the house because it is easy for a child (or a careless adult) to make a mistake.


    Does anyone really prefer Mayim Chaim (Or Be’er Mayim) Soda to Coke or Pepsi?


    If there was a problem eating food from a “goyish” company (aside: I hate that term…non Heimshe…a little better) than the OU, StarK, ChofK, etc. would not give hechsherim on them nor would they make theese big announcements as to what is becoming kosher (Gatorade, Tootsie Rolls, etc.).

    Buy what you like and dont worry about it.

    Also, I was at the Anderson Pretzel Factory and at the end of the tour they have the factory store. On one of the walls are all of the companies that the bake/pacjage for including Blloms, Paskez and Shoprite. It is all the same pretzel just processed at different times.


    whatevers cheaper


    Yes, I prefer the haimishe sodas (except colas) to the nationwide and store brands. When I lived and worked in Manhattan in the late 80s until 1992, I often shopped at the old 47th Street Photo and I would pick up a few cans of Mayim Chayim lemon from their soda machine along with whatever else I bought. I also schlepped it from Boro Park every couple of Sundays. (My community doesn’t even hold by it and I did know who the actual manufacturer was, but it was easier to find it as Mayim Chayim.) Mayim Chayim or perhaps another of the haimishe re-labelers had a brand called Naturale 90 when I was last in the US and that is a premium brand, as good as anything you’d find in a store like Zabars or Dean and deLuca.

    And yes, I know of the old slogan: “Mayim Chayim – Mey Raglayim!”

    Rabbi Abadi? I used to flood his site with questions about drinking Windex and bleach, especially in Adar, so he would have less time to lead Yidden astray. He answered quite a few of them.


    My brother was once a mashgiach in an ou factory. He saw them sticking on heimishe stickers onto the packages. he called the company and asked them who is your mashgiach adn they gave him his name. He was not their mashgiach – he was the ou mashgiach.



    You cannot rely on allergy warnings because that is to avoid lawsuits. So if the equipment was ever used for milk/nuts/etc. they put the warning (even if there is none in the product being used.

    What you just said is more of a reason to rely on them l’kula.

    600 Kilo Bear-

    I am officially ???? on your straight up ????? ????? ???, who I am proud to say is my rav.


    i think its an admirable thing if someone wants to take it upon themselves only to eat heimishe hechsheirim. I just want to point out that people have to get their priorities straight bec i was in a grocery store and a lady came in fuming and yelling because in her delivery there were herrs potato chips instead of leibers. she embarrassed the store owner and made a huge chillul hashem.

    What was she thinking???? her priorities are a tad mixed up


    And yes, I know of the old slogan: “Mayim Chayim – Mey Raglayim!”



    Pringles are awsome and who doesn’t like Oreos…

    *raises hand*

    With ya on the pringles thing though.



    “Mayim Chayim Mey Raglayim” was an old joke about the color, (purported) quality and (purported) taste of Mayim Chayim soda. As I said, it is actually a fine product. In the 80’s the actual manufacturer was Hoffman which was a very respected local and private label producer. I don’t know who the manufacturer is today.

    The other old line was to call it Chayim’s Mayim (and the other haimish brand Ber’s Mayim).


    The vast majority of heimeshe brands in America do not produce their own products and the rav hamachshir must rely on the OU or another major hashgacha for the heimeshe hehashgacha label.

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