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    A Rosh Kollel with many branches throughout Israel approached Rosh Yeshivas Slabodka, HaGaon HaRav Moshe Hillel Hirsch, chaver Motetzes Gedolei HaTorah, to ask him a shaila regarding those who choose not to vaccinate, B’Chadrei Chareidim reported.

    This Rav’s Kollelim are very makpid on shemiras sedarim and he told the Rosh Yeshivah with great pain on the tremendous amount of Bittul Torah during the winter zeman due to many avreichim contracting the coronavirus and others being required to enter quarantine.

    The Rav wanted to know what he should do ahead of the upcoming summer zeman regarding avreichim who don’t want to
    It will be another 6-9 months until vaccine supplies are widely accessible nationwide and CDC clinical trial results on the safety and efficacy of vaccines for younger men and women will be available. In EY, where they are much further ahead on vaccinations, several roshei yeshivos and kollels, with support from gadolim, have said that they will permanently ban any yungerleit who refuse to vaccinate since such refusal is likely to lead to harm to others and even infections w/o hospitalizaitons could lead to considerable bittul Torah.
    Given that such a rule in the U.S. will be highly controversial, isn’t now the time now to begin that dialogue??


    >isn’t now the time now to begin that dialogue??<

    It is, and this thread might be doing just that:

    EXPLAINER: Covid Regulations Post-Vaccine


    Israel has a national system and has vaccinated a much larger percentage of population. Thuis it can institute such a rule.
    The US has a different system in each state and different groups are eligible for vaccinations at different times.
    How in good conscious could yeshivos permanently ban returning avreichim who are coming from a state not yet vaccinating their age group?


    Or about let each yeshiva make it own rules and everybody else butt out



    I agree with you completely with the proviso that the individual yeshivos MUST be in compliance with local health department requirements.


    @Ct Lawyer, as a officer of the court you know the term of Caveat emptor, so anyone who sends the children to yeshiva knows the compliance or lack there of


    for the laughs: our online school required flu vaccinations this year ….

    We filed for a religious exemption – our religion does not allow even little risk of going to the medical office to get a vaccine from flu that is not happening this year in order not to infect other online students?!

    PS please don’t ask me whether I asked a shaila about this!


    The Pfizer vaccine was not tested on persons under 16; the Moderna vaccine was not tested on persons under 18. They may well be safe for children but we don’t know. 20somethings will likely be the last to be vaccinated in the US as they are at lower risk of serious disease or death.

    Everyone who values life should get vaccinated as soon as they can.


    Charlie: Isn’t one of the vaccines (Moderna?) now being tested for younger age groups?


    GH: (Moderna?) now being tested for younger age groups

    I think they are. I am not sure how this test is being designed. I can see them testing for short-term safety. But how do you test for effectiveness given low disease rates? Either you need a huge group or maybe they are testing for some intermediate metrics, such as viral load?

    Anyway, Israelis started vaccinating kids w/ medical issues without waiting for placebo-based testing. It looks more and more that real-life testing (with caution) is more effective way to get to the solution than FDA “golden standards”. It may have been OK at the beginning -Warp speed ensured that manufacturing was being set up during themonths of Phase 3, so there was no real delay. But now, there might be time to go with less-controlled tests. For those concerned, analyzing data from uncontrolled settings is still science. It has higher chance of error – but it compensates for ability to test more variations (dosage, for example) and more test cases.

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