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    Any ideas what to do for hair loss for my D H he’s only in his very early twenties?

    Feif Un

    Deal with it. There’s not much that can be done, unless you want to spend a lot of money.


    At Bed Bath and Beyond they have a head massager for $3.99 that might help. It stimulates the scalp.


    What can be done by spending a lot of money? (And how much is a lot?)


    I’ve heard that it’s genetic, so look at his family to see if you see it elsewhere (dad, uncles, etc). If not, there may be some other issue contributing. Women can have hair loss with hormonal imbalances. Check it out medically. Treatment ranges from topical (not sure if it’s effective) to minor surgical (hair plugs). Does it bother him, you, or both? He may be reacting to fear of how you’ll react.


    Bigger yarmulke


    get a prescription for propecia- stops hair loss in men in over 90% of users- get it quick-dont wait until hair is gone- better to prevent loss than grow back


    come over….


    Look at the bright side, he wont be accused of being “MO” due to his bobby pin, or his chup.


    Minoxidil cream 2%. it’s over the counter so he doesn’t need a prescription. Rub it on the scalp 2x daily. It stimulates hair growth. Black current oil and primrose oil supplements have shown to be effective because they have GLA to make new and robust hairs. Also tell him to use a soft bristle brush (dr oz online advice).


    I’ve been losing mine since I was sixteen. Don’t worry about it and just live with it. Its the big brains pushing the hair out 🙂


    “Look at the bright side, he wont be accused of being “MO” due to his bobby pin, or his chup.”

    FUNNY 🙂 🙂 🙂


    Rebbi1: love that one!


    “Minoxidil cream 2%.”

    Rogaine and it’s shampoo don’t work too well!

    “get a prescription for propecia”

    This costs an arm and a leg. No insurance coverage. If you also have BPH, then insurance will cover your script. “Kevis” is the same drug topically, but probably just as much money.

    If you got the dough, you can watch your hair grow.

    If you don’t got the dough -you’ll just have to let your hair Go!


    Health: Ha ha ha ha!


    my neighbor lost his hair (little boy) from a virus (I think thats what it is but its common….) he is undergoing treatment now where they sew hairs back into the scalp. costs a pretty penny and takes months and months but he looks great and like a regular healthy kid.

    Prince william is losing is hair too and I’m sure money is not stopping him from anything…maybe its his anorexic wife doing it to him


    its called alopecia

    no one really knows what the cause is


    mod- thank you. yes thats what it is.


    alopecia is a very general term. however some forms of alopecia

    are an auto-immune disorder.


    How do you know about Prince William?


    the cause of all forms of alopecia are unknown

    autoimmune causality is a theory

    it doesnt respond to steroids or other immunosuppresives


    Mommamia –

    Here is a song/limmerick one of my sons sings to me. –

    Here is a table and there is a chair and there is a man who has no hair!


    I was losing my hair. My doctor told me to take iron. I did and the hair loss stopped. Don’t know if that will work for everybody. Iron bisglycinate doesn’t have the side effects of regular iron pills.


    if you’ve seen a picture of the prince lately you will notice it.


    Have him grow a trimmed beard, and his remaining hair short. (Since hair loss is an issue, I’m guessing that shaving does not present a problem)

    But whatever he does, do NOT allow a comb over. That is a huge no-no.


    Lost almost all my hair a short while ago (BH it’d under the sheital, but still not a nice thing). Not much to do about it, unless I wanted to have cortizone injections. It actually grew back after a little while.


    my 3 1/2 yr old has been losing her hair since she was 2. b”H its not her whole head, its just small spots at a time. we found out a recipe from the Steipler that goes as follows: 1 egg yolk, 1 tsp castor oil, 1 tsp olive oil, and a few drops from a lemon. u rub this on a freshly washed head, leave it on for 1/2 hr and then wash it out. do this once a week. its torture to wash out, i have to wash her hair about 3 times after but im pretty sure its helping. not sure if it only works on someone with alopecia which is what she has, or if it can be used also for regular baldness

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