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    Flatbush, people who don’t dress tzanua are a different topic altogether. And don’t think that its confined to the three communities you chose to mention – there are plenty of people who don’t dress appropriately in other communities. No one is perfect, but they arent professing that they are better than anyone.

    As to who they look ridiculous to? ME. They look hot and sweaty FOR NO REASON. Yes, to me that is ridiculous. I also think when women wear pointy shoes (100% accepted in todays society) that they look stupid. Plenty of very frum women wear them – does that mean thats what I should be wearing? I am not sure why you are so offended by the fact that I don’t believe in following non-sensical fashion statements, especially when you attacked those who DON’T wear this clothing.

    Are you trying to say that people who don’t wear “the accepted garb for Torah learned individuals” are not Torah learned people?

    I have the utmost respect for people who wear kippot and tzitzit, as that is a sign of keeping Torah and mitzvot. Not someone wearing a black hat (especially when it has nothing to do with davening).


    SJS- what’s eating you? Why are you so against it? It’s one thing to say you don’t HAVE to wear it, but another to dafka dislike and be against yeshivish/chassidish livush.

    I would understand your position if you told me the yeshivish guy at the zoo was wearing his black hat & jacket and was acting inappropriately. Then I can hear your argument about what is & what isn’t important. But to despise the livush in and of itself simply boggles the mind.



    At this point the “discussion” is over because its now PERSONAL.

    “especially when you attacked those who DON’T wear this clothing”

    I’m not mekabel what anyone says about any community and neither should anyone else.

    Mods: Please close the thread.


    Areivim, please don’t misunderstand me. Anyone can wear anything that they want. But when its a fashion decision, why can’t I think it looks stupid? No one seems to care that I think pointy shoes on women are stupid…why should a hat/jacket be any difference? I never said “Oh they shouldn’t wear it.”

    The ONLY thing that bothers me is that people start attributing this fashion statement to religious observance and that bothers me.

    GAW, when I said that I was refering to one person in this thread who did say that.


    gavra- I hope you’re not implying that I created this “personal” tone??

    yes- flatbush27- it was very wrong to specify communities. How will you ask all those people for forgiveness? You are somewhat lucky that most of us here are not mikabel what was said.

    I agree this thread should be closed. It has turned into a spiteful and personal argument; with insults flying left right & center. It hurts to read the posts here

Viewing 5 posts - 251 through 255 (of 255 total)
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