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    I hate skinny people who can eat anything they want and don’t gain any weight. It’s so annoying.

    doodle jump

    You meant to say hate and not ate. Right?


    me too!


    Yeah tell me about it! I have a friend who can eat dinner for five, and then 2 pints of ice cream for dessert, and still stays size zero! They do get on our nerves when we eat one little thing and gain 5 pounds from it! 😉



    Maybe she’s bulimic.


    you dont hate them, you are just jealous and wish you could do the same thing!


    I used to be that way. I would eat anything I wanted to and still remained extremely thin. A few pregnancies and births down the line, I can tell you that that has changed. I am still thin, but I can no longer eat anything I want. Chances are the same thing will happen to those people you hate. 🙂

    morah reyna

    Theres a few things I don’t like. The only thing I HATE is Shidduchim!


    doodle jump – ROTFL!! Please don’t give us any ideas… 😉


    I hate skinny people

    Let me get this straight… you hate people because of their physiology?

    It would be one thing if you said “I hate the fact that some people can eat…” but that’s not what you said. You said that you actually hate the people… and these are people that have not done any harm to you. How would you like it if people hated you even though you never harmed them and it was for something that was beyond your control?

    And what happened to the lav of “lo sisna es achicha?”

    The Wolf

    pascha bchochma

    You mean you hate yourself because you’re not as thin as you would like to be, and are jealous of skinny people. Thank Hashem you’re a healthy weight if you are and you wouldn’t want the opposite extreme either.

    As a very skinny person, I can tell you there is nothing to be jealous of. I struggle to keep on the pounds and am at least 15 lbs underweight. When I get sick it’s hard to eat and when I fast it takes me 3 days to recover. This runs in one side of my family and only goes away after we have kids (then we become normally thin instead of terribly underweight.)

    It may sound like fun to you but believe me it used to really scare me how easily I bruised and how hard it was for me to gain weight.


    Hate is a very strong word.

    I hate beets. I hate terrorists. I hate changing linen.

    Choose your words carefully


    Yeah, in a famine I’ll still be kicking long after all the twiggys have passed on. So comforting.


    It used to bother me too. But, I came to realize that life’s not easy no matter what. The skinny girl doesn’t have it all – believe me! She’d probably even switch places with you. So, there really is no reason to envy others. Oh, and of course not to HATE others for such a petty thing.


    I’m skinny. I worked for years to lose the weight. It is a constant work to keep it off.

    I am so happy to be thin. I would give most anything not to be fat again.

    Now that I’m going to BJJJJJJJJJJ, I am going to get the best shidduch ever. Probably my husband will be the best guy in lakewood.


    popa- are you my brother?

    you sound exactly like him


    popa- are you my brother?

    No, sorry. But I’m flattered. (Should I be?)

    Besides, I now contend that I am a high school girl on the way to BJJJJJJJJJJJ. (If they give me a full scholarship anyway- otherwise it’s bnos sara.)


    Pops, please stop getting Gold. It was ok to get it once, but now you’ve gotta behave!! (Oh, and ONE ‘J’ is enough. We get the picture.)


    well I guess you can be flattered- my brothers a nice guy (at least when he was young he was nice)

    How do you know that you’re not?


    Because all my siblings know my username. And I know all of their usernames.

    observanteen: Can I actually do that? Will seminaries give you scholarships if you threaten to go to lower ranked seminaries, like with universities?


    ok so scratch that.

    but you talk the same way


    I’m NOT Fat…


    I’m tall, from side to side.


    ha ha! lol! “im not fat…im tall from side to side” that is funny!!! haha


    hate is a waste of energy


    neek: Are YOU fat?


    its not that im fat. im just completely and utterly out of shape.


    I don’t hate such people I’m just JEALOUS! And I know its wrong but I can’t help it! I can’t eat anything cuz I’ll gain weight while my friends can hang out at coffee bean and ice cream shops and pizza stores and still fit into their children’s size cloths!

    Bar Shattya

    A wise man (at least) once said “If you don’t hate anyone, you don’t stand for anything”


    Exercise 3/4 times a week for at least a half hour you’ll lose a lot of weight.

    Pashuteh Yid

    Neek, it was also funny about 40 years ago in the movie “Fiddler on the Roof”.


    “A wise man (at least) once said “If you don’t hate anyone, you don’t stand for anything” “

    Right. Sometimes its a yids job to hate whether its reshaim or bad hashkafos or people who dont keep the torah.

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