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    I am a monsey teenager who was chubby then I went on a healthy diet and lost a nice amount of weight. Now however when I would like to just maintain my weight I am having menstrual difficulties. I am looking for practical ways to get back on track. please i dont have anyone i feel comfortable talking to so I need help fast!


    The best thing would be to talk to an adult and make an appt with a dr who can figure it out with you – you don’t want to have issues after you are married – it is better to work on it now. hatzlacha

    Be lucky

    Eat a lot of fatty food and drink a lot of soda that’s what I do


    You should talk to a doctor if you are having menstrual irregularities.

    If your eating habits are such that you are not eating a specific food group( e.g. no starch, sugar, dairy, meat etc) that may be the cause. You should slowly ease back into eating all food groups in moderation. But again, talk to you doctor!


    Not to sound repedative, but make a doctors appoinment, you dont have to tell anyone why just say its your check up! IF all else fails, there is probably some kind of number you could call….


    first thing to know is DONT STARVE YOURSELF if you do that will get back all the weight you had lost

    b.well speaking of difficulties… might get quite a lot of them if you starve yourself

    i hate to say this but not all diets work for everyone, but good general advice : eats lots of salad, fuit, vegetables ,and try to be active

    and lastly tell your parents or a big sister cuz its important for you and your kids



    menucha12 -“first thing to know is DONT STARVE YOURSELF if you do that”

    Very important point. Not eating properly can lead to eating disorders which are mental illnesses. These are very hard to treat. They usually need treatment from a psychiatrist & a psychologist.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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