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    I distant relative sent me a check for my wedding in their reply card. I never recived it. I was wondering if anyone has a way to hint to them that i never got it with out looking like a LY (lo Yitzlach).

    All tips will be greatly appreciated.

    -lakewood dude


    Hey LD.

    If they sent you a check, tell them you cant find it and to check their checbook to see if someone cashed it.

    They should probably offer to cancel that check and send you a new one, or apologize they may have forgotten to include it.

    I have sent large amounts of mail out and then wondered if I put all the necessary things in the envelopes.

    I would not count on the post office locating it.

    Mazel Tov and Hatzlacha on your marriage!! All the best!!


    Dear Aunt Yenty thank you so much for thinking of us in your usual considerate ways , may we only have simchas to celebrate i would like to thank you for sending a gift unfortunately the check has been misplaced if you could be so kind as to replace it we would be most appreciative thank you once again looking forward to seeing you soon your nephew lakewooddude.


    thank you, but this is embarassing….. Did anyone have a simalar experience? Is there an easy method that doesn’t make you look foolish?


    How do you know they sent a check if you never received it?

    ED IT OR

    how about if you write just email them a link to this post!

    that should give the hint


    how did you find out that they sent it?


    Dear Auntie,

    It wa$ great having you at our $imcha.

    Seriously, mention in casual conversation that you hope they got your invitation in the mail, because several invitations came back return to Sender and you weren’t sure if theirs was one of them.

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