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    Bar Shattya

    I posted the about about being fat and I began thinking what can be posted here that could help fat people lose weight. So I thought maybe if we start a list of people who have lost weight, this might motivate others. This doesn’t have to be you, but can be others whom you know that have succeeded in quitting.

    Popa_bar_abba- Let’s start with you. I remember you saying that you used to be fat. Tell us exactly how you managed to lose it.

    Personally I motivated myself by racing someone, and acheived it by eating a lot of protein in the morning tiny nibbles the rest of the day and running five miles or so.


    Yea I can use some help too. I’ve gone up 5 skirt sizes since high school. The problem is I love to eat. So if anyone that has a regime that includes eating whatever you want, let me know. Otherwise I’ll keep rolling down the streets

    Bar Shattya

    Oh i forgot that. Part of the diet is i get to break it when i feel like it. dont usually feel like it when i’m racing, though

    happy face

    ootinny, There is one popular diet you can try: “the seefood diet”, i guess the SYMS diet ( shut you mouth diet) is not for you!!I gained at least 15 pounds this summer alone( i don’t know exactly how much i gained, cuz i don’t wanna weigh myself, but i know i gained!!)The problem is that there are alot of weddings comin up, and i don’t fit into my clothing!! I’m sooooo embarrassed!!!


    I could really use some help in this department! I need some good ideas and methods of losing weight. My problem is that unless I really starve, I don’t lose any weight. I exercise moderately.


    My favorite topic!

    OK, lets start with the background: Are you talking about needing to lose 20-30 lbs, or are you talking about true obesity? I can help with the 20-30, but if you’re in the 100+ lbs overweight range, that needs professional help (but please don’t consider a band, unless its a matter of life and death)

    So, if you’re talking about shedding 20-30 lbs we can talk. Its really pretty simple:

    # 4 – Only eat store bought / takeout food / simcha food once a week. All else needs to be made from scratch. That means, muffins, salad dressing, soup, side dishes, ect


    i’m embarased too! my skirts don’t fit!

    happy face

    BPT, are you a nutritionist or diet coach?? Thnx 4 those tips!! #4 is really strict!!! in that case i will need to make my lunches at home!! so when can i expect to shed 20-30 pounds, in a week or 2??? Are potatoes considered hydrogenated foods?


    ” are you a nutritionist or diet coach?? “

    I’m neither. But I’m in my 40s, spend all day at a desk, yet despite that, I’m at a good BMI, in good health and my medical numbers (blood pressure, HDL, LDL, ect) are all in the safe range.

    How? Simple. Diet and excercise.

    Back to your questions:

    On a sustainable diet and exercise plan, you should see results in about 3-4 weeks. Each person is different, but thats the general target.

    Potatoes are a starch, so consider that a side dish. (no more than 25% of your plate)

    Oh, and one more thing. Meal timing is crucial!

    Never skip breakfast, eat lunch anywhere between 12pm and 2pm. As for supper, try not to eat past 8:00 (and for sure not past 9:30). Eat too close to bedtime, and you’ll be asking your body to metabolize the food you just ate, but in sleep mode, will do so much slower (which means more calories retained, and ultimatley, converted to stored fat)

    happy face

    bpt, what do u consider a good breakfast? is an energy bar, or a yogurt considered a good enough breakfast?? thanks 4 ur detailed answer I would like to follow ur guidelines!!……… hopefully!!!


    A great website to help you lose weight is Basically you tell them your lifestyle, weight etc and how much you want to lose and how fast. It then tells you how many calories you need to eat a day to achieve that. You have to record everything you eat but its not so hard cuz there are tons of foods in their database already. The great thing about it is that you can still treat yourself to junk just then you have to be careful to stay under your aloted calories.


    Energy bar? Probably not as healthy as you think. Read the ingredience and see how much of it is processed, how much are things that you could not point to in a farm or field. If its made of oats, nuts, raisins, you’re probably ok. If its got things you cannot spell, think twice.

    Best bet for breakfast? My vote is cereal and milk (the blue cap), with a bananna (and oatmeal, with a bananna in the winter)

    Leave the eggs are for Shabbos, (or a Sunday omlet)


    Don’t say “fat people.” You might insult someone. Rather, say “gravitationally challenged.”


    Sorry, I forgot to commend the yogurt.

    VERY healthy.

    Loaded with calcium and has good bacteria in it to keep your stomach running smooth

    Bar Shattya

    oy vey

    chee chee chee. We could call them shidduchly challenged.


    my fifth grade teacher used to say “Girls, I’m not fat I’m fluffy!”

    kol daveed

    Truth be told, the trick is many small, healthy meals through the deal plus moderate exercise. I eat a light breakfast in the morning (egg whites or yogurt)then go to work and eat a light meal every 1.5 to 2 hours (peach/other fruit, tuna or chicken, cooked veggies or salad with lemon juice, handful of almonds, etc.). This way by the end of the day my blood sugar hasn’t been spiking or dropping and I can eat a light dinner in the mid to late afternoon before sleeping a few hours later. The perks of this are that I’m really never hungry nor am I overly full and sluggish. Moreover, I don’t actually feel like I’m dieting and my metabolism remains where it should be.

    “B’derech she’adam rotzei lailaich bah, molichin oto” Hashem should lead you all on the road to healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives. Hatzlacha Rabbah!


    This is what is working for me. I went to an Endocrinologist and got myself checked out. He found out what was going on with my body and my metabolism. That was the first thing. Fortunately and unfortunately he was a good detective and excellent doctor and found out things that my regular doctor never bothered to check for. He put me on the right medications and he is taking very good care of me. He and his staff including a nutritionist have taught me a lot about what is going on with me and what I need to know about the food I eat, especially carbs, white flour and sugar. He also explained about skipping meals and slowing down my already sluggish metabolism by NOT taking in enough calories and eating the wrong foods.

    So this was his advice. Make sure to eat protein within one hour of waking up to kick start your metabolism. Your metabolism needs protein to get fired up just like a car needs fuel to run. Without the protein your metabolism will not start burning off the fat. Calorie counting doesn’t work unless you are watching your carb intake. If you are eating the appropriate amount of calories but they are all the wrong calories your body will store fat instead of burn fat.

    When dieting don’t watch the scale because it is your enemy. If you are not going to a doctor who has a bmi scale, then don’t weigh yourself. You don’t know if you are losing water, muscle or fat. You might be very proud of yourself but if you are losing water you will gain it back, if you are losing muscle you are harming yourself and you will replace it with fat and if you gained a pound or two, you will be discouraged and maybe eat less, but that could be a good gain of muscle that you put on through exercise and muscle burns fat. So if you are working with a doctor he will encourage you through the process and help keep you healthy with minor corrections as you go along. If you do it on your own be very careful not to fall into the diet pitfalls like weighing yourself 3 times a day or everyday and then punishing or rewarding yourself according to the scale.


    Don’t say “fat people.” You might insult someone. Rather, say “gravitationally challenged.”

    Au contraire, my friend. Perhaps a “gravity overconsumer” is more appropriate, but that connotes overeating. I leave it to you to find a more sensitive term, but one that properly conveys the condition.

    As an aside, we should all be looking to conserve gravity when possible. I know that the ASCG has been making strides to raise awareness of this.


    One of the reasons we overeat is because we do not get enough nutrition from over processed food. A body is screaming for fuel and we are giving it junk. If one eats with proper nutritous guidance, the body will be satisfied with less quantity and better quality.

    One popular, but not so easy idea, is to cut out the “whites”. No white sugar products, no white flour products and no milk products. Read ingredients on packaging. They are listed in order of quantity in the product. If the first five ingredients contain any of the above, it should not be eaten. If an ingredient is something unrecognizable to you-“dye number 876″then how healthy can this be? I decided for myself that I want every food item to “work” for me, to keep me strong and healthy, so I put thought and research into it. I discovered:

    It takes 20 minutes for your brain to realize that you have eaten, so chew every bite at least 15 times. The better you have chewed your food, the easier it is for the body to break down. Remember to take deep breaths throughout the day so that you can give all of your body the oxygen it needs.

    Walk as much as you can during the day.

    When I decided to change the way I thought about eating I took classes on nutrition. It took me two full weeks to stop feeling the craving for milk and cereal, sugary things, and white bread. Luckily my nutrition teacher was very supportive and she encouraged me to wait it out. She had the class record everything that we ate and the times that we ate. I was shocked at how much of a nosher I was! After two weeks of deleting the “whites”my acne cleared up, my skin and hair started to look amazing, and the weight came off gradually-over a half year’s time.

    I went to many smachot and avoided the cakes, sodas, and treats all served in abundance. It took a lot of willpower. My teacher said to time yourself. If you want to eat something badly, delay the gratification. You want that chocolate covered sugar coated confection? Play a game. Time how often you think about it. At first for me it is a few times a minute, then it gets to once in five minutes, and finally once an hour. After that it gets easy to tell yourself that you can live without it. In fact, without it you will live healthier and stronger! And save at the dentist!

    I am constantly appalled at the sheer amounts that are served at smachot and how much people shove into themselves! I am still amazed at the mad dash in shul for a the buffet kiddush on Shabbos morning. I do not know if the men talk about the food the way the women do, but I do know that when a family wants to make an event, there is a great pressure to give a table that will wow everyone.

    A woman in our class made a bar mitzvah where she served only healthy items. She was very nervous about the reaction from friends and family so she invited some class members for moral support. Food- wise it was one of the best smachot ever! The menu was simple and wholesome and I had no simcha food regrets afterwards. Everyone complimented her on her original idea! It still is the only simcha I have attended that was so nutritious. I hope through this posting, the idea will catch on!


    Tall from side to side…


    I have the app for myfitnesspal and it really helped me. I say helpED since I haven’t been so good about it recently but I think I would like to get back to it.

    bpt’s diet sounds good or you could always take my advice… don’t eat at all and purge what you do eat;) just kidding. Please don’t do that!!! It’s addicting!!!

    Bar Shattya

    The venerable bar shattya thinks it helps to consider your body a separate entity as yourself. I give my body what I FEEL like giving it. Body doesn’t tell ME what to eat. I’ll decide for myself. Also get used to feeling hungry. I can feel my stomach burning away. Very satisfying.


    i am not overweight

    i am under height

    in otherwords, if i were 5’10 my weight would be perfect.

    however, being 5’1 i need to lose a few pounds.



    Ootinny, consider that the problem may lie with your dryer, which is shrinking your clothing excessively.

    Seriously though, when I was 11 and very fat, I lost 70 pounds, going from a roundish 180 to 110, by borrowing my dear aunt’s weight watchers diet and adhering to it for a few months. Nobody ever told me I was allowed to cheat.

    Two winters ago, I joined Weight Watchers for real and lost 20 pounds in 4 months, and kept about 75% of it off since then.


    Look at and click on HWL DIET and join his program helps you lose 3/4 to 1.5 lb per day and it is safe and it works. It is not expensive and Dr. Weber is there to support you every step of the way. Amazing.. it really is amazing. I know people who have lost 30 in 30 days and even one who lost 34 in 21 days

    The Best Bubby

    There is a Dukan Diet, by Dr. Pierre Dukan, which helps people lose alot of weight quicky and TO KEEP IT OFF! My neighbor has lost an enormous amount of weight and still losing. BPT is correct and said not to eat later than 8:30 p.m.

    My niece was very heavy and she lost alot of weight and kept it off. She never eats after 6:00 p.m.

    The best diet is to eat a LOW GI diet. Oatmeal or oat bran in the morning with skim or semi skimmed milk, or a plain, no fat yogurt with a few spoons of UNSUGARED meusli, i.e. Rude Health. Or 2 slices wholemeal bread or wholegrain bread with tuna, no mayo. Or just a small TEASPOON of mayo. Or make 1 whole egg and 2 extra egg whites for breakfast. Or a portion of cottage cheese.Eat apple or pear for snack or a few almonds or brazil nuts. Lunch has to be a protein i.e. grilled piece of fish, grilled chicken, no fat no skin, or sliced thin turkey roll, salad with herbs and lemon juice, vinegar and maybe a teaspoon of olive oil if u like it, and vegetables or quinoa with onions, mushrooms etc. No corn or beetroot, potato or rice. Learn to drink water with slices of lemon or lime. Fruit for snack. You can have a vegetable soup at night and also portion of protein, salad and vegetables. NO POTATOES, no white rice, only a few tablespoons of brown basmati rice, no white bread.

    I make butternut squash soup with 1 onion, 1 red pepper, 1 sweet potato and a couple of carrots, whole cut up butternut squash and I add 1 cup of red lentils. Add some parve soup powder dissolved in boiling water and seasoning and boil for about an hour or so. Then you can blend with hand blender. This is delicious and can be eaten all the time.

    My friend sticks to this and she has lost over 80 lbs and keeps it off. It is a new way of life. Don’t drink juices as as they have enormous amount of sugar. This is a great diet/way of life for people with a lot of weight to lose and who have diabetes, high colestarol, high blood pressure.

    BPT was correct with the size of portions.

    I squeeze about 50 -60 lemons at a time and then I put the juice in ice cube trays and freeze. I then put in to zip lock freezer bags and have squeezed juice ready all the time to add to water or to cook with. It is fantastic for Shabbos, so that you don’t have to worry about squeezing slices of lemon in your drink in error, with the spoon.

    Be matzliach! Let us know how you get on.


    maybe someone wrote this, i havent read all the post but if steadiloy drink about a gallon of water a day youll see results soon. do that with moderate excercise and dieting and youll drop poundage real quick


    Sorry, but the gallon of water idea is a bad one. Unless you running a marathon, that much water will just pass thru your system, taking along your body’s nutrients out with it.

    Most of your daily water requirement comes from the food you eat (like fruits, salads, soup, ect)

    Under normal ciscumstances and normal weather, the max one needs of plain water is 4 cups ( 6-8 if your’re working out or in extreme hot climate).

    And thank you, happiest for your vote of confidence! The reason my diet seems so likable is because its simple and sustainable. No one (myself included) likes counting each calorie, each point (if you are in Weigh Watchers), each gram.

    Eat with your head, not your instinct.

    YW Moderator-42

    Bar Shatya, how about the Tanta Diet? I need a diet that includes pringles.


    Best diet to follow is Weight Watchers….it allows you to eat almost everything (in moderation) and rewards you when yo excercise (more points). I follow it on line, so i dont go to the classes. It is very simple to follow as long as you are honest with yourself.

    I work in a fast food place at night and sit at a desk all day and when I follow the plan I am able to lose weight. So anyone can do it. My secret tric is that I never dip into my weekly allowance or my exercise points until Shabbos. This alllows me to enjoy shabbos with alot less guilt. Since the summer of 2007 i have managed to keep off over 50 pounds (i had 75 but “fell off the wagon”).

    For most of us battling the bulge it is/has been a life long battle (first diet was in 6th grade some 30+ years ago). So now every meal and snack is a decision whether to stay on the plan or “cheat”. This way even whwn I do cheat, at least I am in control.

    Hatzlacha To All.


    42 i would not advocate you eating your aunt.

    YW Moderator-42

    Correct Goq, ants aren’t Kosher.

    YW Moderator-42
    Bar Shattya

    the tanta diet is only for people who can subsist without beer or coffee


    I use to weigh about 285 lb about 4 years and happy to say I have lost to date 100 lb and down to 185 lb losing fat and gained a lot of muscle. I would attribute it to a lifestyle change in the way I eat where before I lived to eat now I eat to live. Meaning before I put anything in my body I ask will this this benefit me in any way and if the answer is no I am not putting it in my body. Also investing in a treadmill for my home was probably the best investment I have ever made speed walking on an incline approximately 30 miles a week. In addition eating 6 eggs (2 yolk 4 whites) every morning was really instrumental as besides it being a lot of protein there is an enzyme in the eggs that suppresses appetite.

    Bar Shattya

    2 yolks and 4 whites doesnt equal 6 eggs, maybe 3


    I cannot believe no one here has mentioned TLC. To Learn COntrol. Its the biggest and most popular program around the Heimishe Community. Ask any ladies from Monroe, to boro park to WIlliamsburg. I am also on it. I love it. ITs a very technical and strict program. You must weigh every ounce going into your mouth. But its worth it. I am losing, and hang in there, i’ll get back to you and let you know when I’m at my ideal body weight. WIth Aibishter’s help.

    Find a chapter in your neighborhood today!


    If thats the case, wouldn’t anything with a sugar substitute do that too?


    I have a theory for weight loss, I don’t know if it works or what damage it might (c’v) do but I’ll throw it out for discussion anyway. (Do it at your own risk- totally not recommending.) Watch one thing; Calories, fat, sugar (simple carbs), salt and eat reasonably well in the other categories.

    Also keep in mind that in general, losing weight is easy, keeping it off is hard. Whatever diet plan you try needs a (healthy) cheat system in place otherwise you’ll be off it in a week or two.



    I’ve done south beach briefly and loved the food, but found it hard to follow long term. I found weight watchers to be much more realistic in terms of lifestyle changes that one can keep. No foods, whatsoever, are eliminated. They only make you accountable for your choices in terms of quantity. The only way it will work, though, is by measuring and recording everything. I lost 50 pounds on it and dropped 3 dress sizes. It began creeping back on around Purim, when all the junk came into my home. That combined with their changing the program really threw me. I didn’t just diet alone, though. I hired a trainer 3x a week and walked everywhere. Now I’m briefly doing a medically supervised program with calorie restriction, but, frankly, I find it too restrictive. I’m eating way more fruits, and one of my kids who’s chubby and loves junk saw me cutting celery and asked me for some. He actually said yum! OMG! I would never have expected that.

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