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    My 6 year old son just has his six month check-up at the dentist.

    Another hole!

    I don’t give him regular sweet snacks/drinks and I make sure he thoroughly brushes his teeth twice a day.

    What more can I do?

    Any tips?


    i think these things are partially genetic


    There is a book called Holes by Louis Sachar. It is a really good book.


    Get a second opinion before you let the dentist drill. Some dentists have a knack for “finding” cavities.


    I feel for him. Literally! I think ‘ZeesKite’ is affecting my teeth.


    Believe it or not you’re not alone!

    My grandchildren have the same issue and no they are not junk eaters. The dentist explained that even the carbs such as bread that they eat can be the cause, as we know carbs convert into sugar. Another factor was the drinking water, so now they drink bottled water only. Brushing teeth more than once a day is also helpful.

    Genetics are not ruled out but any protective measure must be tried.

    Good Luck!

    Ctrl Alt Del

    Ms, the issue with the water is that aside from most major metropolitan areas, public water is not fluoridated. that is, it has no fluoride ion added. My kids use a fluoride rinse every night. If this is the case for you, you will prob see a great improvement once you switch to a fluoride water/rinse.

    tomim tihye

    Sufficient calcium intake is crucial for building Whole teeth.

    One cup of milk or yogurt does not suffice.

    Speak to pediatrician.


    thanks to all for suggestions.

    BSD – I have heard teeth chattering stories about those type of dentists. This isn’t the case, though. The holes are where my son told me beforehand his tooth was hurting him.

    tomim – I was considering extra Vitamin D and/or Calcium.

    Anyone seen that makes a difference?

    I heard that eating a piece of hard fruit/veg cleans out teeth.

    I was thinking of sending with a piece of carrot for him to eat each day after his meal.

    Shticky Guy

    Yes it can be hereditary. Yes some dentists seen to thrive on cavities and find them more than other dentists. Yes flouride mouthwash is amazing; when I use it I can actually feel tingling in my teeth. Yes timing of brushing teeth is of utmost importance. And yes we must be careful what we eat inbetween brushings. I think everything has been said.

    One dentist has the following notice hanging up by his dental chair:???? ??? ???????” ??” (Open wide your mouth and I will fill it) !!


    I believe you should speak to your pediatrician/nutritionist as well. Fluoride is another additive that sometimes need to be added to the diet. There might be something you have to add or something you need to subtract like too much sugar. But it might be that he is NOT brushing his teeth correctly or not long enough or he is sneaking candy after he brushes his teeth. In addition soda is very bad for the teeth. So if they drink soda or even a lot of juice (sugar) try switching them to water.

    tomim tihye

    Choc, my oldest had four cavities when she was 5 years old, and I increased her calcium/D intake. Six years and one cavity later, we still aim for 100% RDA calcium daily.

    Grandma told me that peanuts, sugarless gum, and cheese have cleansing properties.



    I find it hard to believe that dentist would say that, although not an MD most people know that when carbohydrates are eaten and digested they turn into BLOOD sugar (blood glucose).

    Tooth decay has A LOT to do with genetics and with acid. I think you may have misunderstood what the Dentist was trying to say. When foods containing sugars and starches get left on teeth and then it mixes with the bacteria that is in the mouth the mouth starts digesting the food turning it in to acid.


    ICOT – thanks for your points.

    Aries – you are right about improper teeth cleaning. The dentist said that until the age of 8, children lack the coordination for proper teeth cleaning and need supervision. That was probably the reason for the original set of holes. Now, I make sure they thoroughly brush their teeth and I supervise. As for soda – i don’t give sweet drinks during the week.

    Tomim – Thanks. That’s what I wanted to know. I’m going to look into calcium/D.


    Sacrilege: In school they told us that saliva starts the digestion process and starches begin to be turned into sugar in the mouth. Bacteria turns that sugar into acid if left on teeth long enough.


    I love that book 🙂


    s2021: Wholly?



    You are right that digestion starts in the mouth but even the simplest carbs that are very easy to break down take about 30 minutes. Dont think thats happening in the mouth…


    when i was young i used to have many cavities and my dentist always used to say “yeah you gotta brush your teeth and keep away from candy but cavities is a nature!”.



    so what does a non-sweet carb do to my teeth? Nothing?

    (assuming it doesn’t get stuck between the teeth, the mouth self cleans after a while)


    Try chewy Fluorides, and the mouthwash called ACT.

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