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    What a shame how our wonderful city completely and totally fell apart from some snow. We are all incapacitated,stuck prisoners in our own homes and neighborhoods. We cannot drive our strong cars,we cannot get deliveries,the children are home,the schools shut down, there is no garbage pick up,the banks closed,a lot of businesses are closed. Everything has come to a halt. From snow. We are so not managing,I hope it doesn’t give any crazy people any ideas….if this is what snow can do to us, I shudder to think what these crazy Arabs can do to us chas v’sholom…..hashem yishmor.


    What do you mean you hope the terrorists aren’t watching?

    Who do you think is the one who did this in teh first place?


    Obviously I know the terrorists didn’t cause the snowstorm! My point is if they see how poorly the city is managing the aftermath of the storm,and how incapacitated the people are,they will run to c’vsh take advantage. Imagine what a well coordinated attack would do to us right now. Ambulances can’t get to sick people,fire trucks are getting stuck….it’s a recipe for disaster. We should be more in control of the cleanup to prevent us from being such a soft target.

    Avram in MD


    If ambulances, fire trucks, garbage trucks, and plows are having difficulty getting around, I don’t think the terrorists would have an easier time. Snow is an equal opportunity city stopper.


    You think so, Avram? I don’t. These terrorists are very determined. They go as far as to sacrifice thier own lives. That should tell you something. And I’m not saying they will attack now,in the middle of the blizzard,but that they see how we are not coping well with a couple of inches of snow,how much more so,will we not be able to cope with an attack. That is my point. We are a stalled city due to snow. Imagine what an attack will do to us.if we cannot manage to clean up after snow,how will we manage to clean up after an attack c’vsh?if they see this,I’m sure they will hurry and attack us due to our inability to cope with such a simple matter. It says we are a soft target.


    My point is not to alarm you,but I was just making a statement. Right now we are not managing well from SNOW. If we cannot hold the city together through a snow emergency, then its just laughable that we would be able to hold a city together through a REAL emergency. And that fact makes us a very easy target. That was my point. I am just stating the obvious,something that apparently (and understandably) you dont want to hear.

    always here

    I hear you, estherhamalka, & understand your point completely. I also don’t understand the (foolish) responses to your posting!

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