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    She tried to be accepted as a nurse at ‘Ichilov’ and was refused: “From Bnei Brak? Not by us”

    A young ultra-Orthodox woman from Bnei Brak tried to get a job as a nurse at the Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv. When she arrived for the interview this morning, she received, according to her, humiliating and shocking treatment when they tried to claim that she was not suitable for the position because she is ultra-Orthodox..

    Hezki Neiman, Behadrei Haredim, 11 Av 5782, 08/08/2022

    Tags: Ichilov Hospital, discrimination

    A. A young woman from Bnei Brak, a nurse in training, arrived at the Ichilov Hospital this morning (Monday) for a job interview in the operating rooms after passing the initial screenings. As soon as she entered the room, the interviewer felt hostile towards her from the moment she saw that she was dressed as an ultra-Orthodox, “Where are you from?” asked the interviewer. After she replied that she was from Bnei Brak, the interviewer informed her: “It doesn’t fit with us, you’ll want more children.”

    The woman was shocked. She has never encountered such a humiliating and racist experience towards her, not only that the interviewer asked her against the law and in a way that invades her privacy about her family situation and slammed her, “because you are probably not satisfied with the number of children you have and you would like more children”. The words were said in an attempt to claim that she is not suitable for the position for the working hours in the operating rooms. The young interviewee asked the mother interviewer, “Are there no more women with children who work as nurses in the operating room?” The interviewer dismissed her with the answer “it’s not the same”.

    The interviewer continued to humiliate and belittle her when she asked her why she even wanted to work at the Ichilov Hospital “You have a hospital for religious people, the Mayanei hayeshuah, why don’t you work for them”? The young woman, who had not yet digested the situation, tried to reply that she was simply looking for a job at the hospital that offered a vacancy, the interviewer apparently decided that she had had enough of this religious woman, she called her supervisor in her presence and complained that she had sent “some religious woman” to her interview, which is really inappropriate her.

    The interviewer concluded the job interview by saying that the interviewee agrees that she is not suitable for the position and that the hours are not relevant for her, despite her protest that she does not agree to this and her claim that the position does suit her, and thus the interview ended.

    The young woman returned to her home while digesting the humiliating experience she went through and decided that she would not remain silent, she called the hospital where they promised her to find out about the serious issue, and indeed after a short time the person in charge called and apologized on behalf of the hospital and said that she had talked to the interviewer who also apologized for the things and claimed that she had no intention of hurting her, the person in charge told her that she would be happy to offer her a job in another position at the hospital.

    In a conversation with ‘Behadari Haredim’, the woman claims that she does not know if she is able to work in a place that humiliated her so much and that the interviewer’s apology is not enough, beyond the fact that she broke the law and invaded privacy, she expects the hospital to take steps to ensure that such a case does not happen again in the future. She also says that she is considering suing the hospital for her experience…


    Realization of the zionist dream – to be free from the yoke of Torah and Mitsvos.


    Welcome to the real world and take off your rose colored glasses, if I got a dollar every time I was passed on a job because I am an openly frum person I would be rich.

    Reb Eliezer

    I was refused a job at an orthodox place claiming that in computers, where new systems are placed in production over the weekend, they need a ‘shabbos goy’ to be able to maintain its proper functioning.


    She should call 1-800-DISCRIMINATION


    common, getting rejected because you’re frum by goyim is one thing – that is to be expected, and is part of galus.

    The point here is that this shows how non-jewish and in fact anti-Jewish average Israeli culture is. While marketed as a safe place for Jews, the ones who actually practice Judaism are derided and discriminated against.


    maybe she can sue the pants off them (or threaten to make a big deal about it) and she will not need to work!


    He could have easily found a way to dismiss her without showing his attitude …

    As Berdichever would say – look Eibishte how honest are your children, they’ll risk a lawsuit but will not lie! Hopefully, after this story, more nashei hayil from Bnei Brak will get jobs at Ichilov and Tel-Avivians
    will start changing their attitudes when they encounter these nurses.

    Avi K

    This is illegal. She should call *3406 between 9 and 3 Sun-Thurs. I will write, though, that I am somewhat cynical about claims of humiliation. BTW, at one time married women in general were refused jobs because of this.


    The original posting suggests there was no objection to her being Shomer Shabbos, only to her being hareidi. Given the zionist belief, especially among Religious Zionists, that Hareidincan not possibly be functional in the “modern world”, a hareidi in a job requiring secular education and skills is seen as a threat for challenging their bigotted assumptions about hareidim.


    ברוכים הבאים להארץ

    My parent did aliya with the Jewish Agancy and were horrified with the attitude to chareidim from beginning to end


    Now, imagine if she was an Arab….oh boy. In Israrl where Arabs are first class citizens.


    @avira, here its anti Jewish there its anti frum. everything in Israel is politics

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