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    By us it went for $1500.


    $10,000 by us

    Ben Torah

    You can get it on the cheap at a small minyan.


    $10,000? Wow thats chashuv.

    Ben Torah

    How does a higher price make it more chashuv? (If so, the guy in your shul should of doubled the price even if there was no competition at that price level.)


    It went for $150 Grand in a shul in brooklyn last year dont how much it went for this year though


    NOT ONE PENNY. We don’t charge for kibudim in my shul.


    I hear that in Kiev, Ukraine it usually goes for around 250k US dollars. (dont know about this year)


    Didn’t sell that by us. The highest bidders were around 500 shekels for aliyas.


    To my chagrin – free. The shul coulda used the money :O(


    fabie – i’m with you. i actually didn’t notice i was busy saying tehillim and trying not to fall asleep/faint, but since we do things in shekel, it definitely didn’t sell for 10,000 dollars!

    i’d guess around five hundred shekel though – my bas bayis mommy assumed her husband got a certain aliyah when she heard him bid 400. (he hadn’t but i guess that shows you how much they usually go for…)


    Looks like “how much did kibbudim go for” has become the adult equivilant to ‘when did you finish your sedorim”.

    By us all kibbudim are given out by the Rav and the “commitee” as a way to say yasher koach to all those who help out the minyan during the year.

    As always, it was given to the gabbai who after the Rav is the main cog in the minyan.


    Baruch Hashem im my shul they don’t have auctions on Yom Tov.

    Playing on the emotions of people that they feel like they have to WIN , or else their whole year is down the tubes is WRONG. I remember once davening in a shul with auctions and I LOST. The animosity that it caused was unbelievable. I made up my mind, NEVER AGAIN. It was this reason and another that helped me decide to invest elsewhere!

    minyan gal

    I am firmly of the opinion that shul honors should never have a cash value. Many people cannot afford mishugas like this but are the lifeblood of their shuls and their minyans. Many of the wealthier members are as well, but many only come a few times a year and because they have the cash can buy their aliyah. Those that are there day in and day out, regardless of their finances are the ones that truly deserve the koved.


    I always feel sickened at this time of the year, how the “services” have become so comercialised.

    People think they must make a statement by giving money they have/havent got.

    I have been to a shul where members put pressure on their peers to raise their donation to the shul. Last year they were pressurising someone who didnt have the money they were making him promise! This is pure “chamas” – a type of gezel. Is it worth a shul staying in existence through funds that are solicited in such a way? I wonder!

    baron fritz

    by us holding the 1st sefer torah for kol nidrei went for 600 times chai


    by us they sell maftir yona and psicha for neilah, it’s a way to raise a little much needed money for the shul.

    it dosent make my shul better than yours but not selling doesnt make yours better than mine!


    artchill, minyan gal,yaff80 et al

    Hold it guys!!! Selling ????? in shul is age old and has been the topic of dicussion by ????? ??????? some examples from the top of my head 1) See ???? ??? ???? ??”? ?”? ?”? ? Re buying Mitzvis in shul ftrom Maaaser money 2)See Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim 306 6 in Rema re Shabbos (also R’ Akiva Eiger ad locum Bshem Shaloh re backing out from a bid)

    3)The chasam Sofer discusses whether Kahal can sell the first aliya on ??? ?????? even when there is a kohein and whether they can or should ask the Kohem’s mechila.(I will leave it to the resident scholrs such as Popa bar Aba to supply referrences.)

    43) Yje Arizal advised his talmid to buy the ???? ?? ????? ??”? ?? ?? ???? “????? ????? see ????? ?????? ???? ?”?


    corrction Excuse My horiible typing and spelling

    ??? ?????? NOT ??? ??????

    4) The Arizal….


    We didn’t auction anything off in the minyan I davened at but they made optional mi shebairachs after aliyos where people gave a “matanah l’yeshiva bli neder”.

    The person who would have gotten psicha for Neila was still davening his shmona esrei so they gave it to me.


    CC: do you daven in your yeshiva or a shteeble or what type of minyan?


    Come to think of it:

    >>>>The person who would have gotten psicha for Neila was still davening his shmona esrei<<<< had a pretty potent segula woking for him maybe even better than pesicha


    What exactly is the segula for psicha neila, maftir yona (aren’t you lihalacha allowed to give maftir to a katan?) and some of the other things people outbid each other for? I’ve davened in a yeshiva (the yeshiva has changed over the years) minyan almost my whole life and I’ve almost never experienced selling aliyos and other kibudim. Even now that I daven in an “alumni” minyan that tries to mimic the way things are done in the yeshiva we still don’t sell aliyos.


    For several years I bought myself Maftir Yonah as a birthday present. I decided what I wanted to give the Shul over the year and stayed within that budget.

    One year one “charachter” decided to jack up the price on me. I simply outbid him by small increments until he decided that enough was enough. I told the gabai I will pay the last increase and let him have it. It was the last time he tried a stunt like this. And it was the last time I bid for Maftir Yonah


    I don’t know the price, but as a board member of our shul, we use the money pledged from RH/YK seats and kibbudim to pay a large portion of our mortgage.


    I think it is just plain wrong to sell kibudim. If our shul did that, then my husband would never have gotten neilah p’sicha a couple of years ago. The shul gives out kibudim to people whom they feel give of themselves in mesiras nefesh and avodas mishkan ha-me’at. My husband is an anav who normally refuses to receive accolades in his personal life, and he was very touched when he was asked to do the p’sicha for neilah that year. Merit is more important than money. Otherwise only people who are financially well-off would ever be thus honored.


    I think this would be a good idea.

    Try “selling” the Aliyos for Dafim of Gemara?


    Try “selling” the Aliyos for Dafim of Gemara?

    It is done in several yeshivos!

    oomis1105 wrote “I think it is just plain wrong to sell ibudim.”

    In the next compendium of the opinions of the POSKIM on the subject your opinion will caary much weight. see my previous post


    I hope the people who spend these large sums of money do so only to support the shul. I can’t imagine there is any practical zchus attached to any of these kibudim, and if there are, it certainly is hidden.


    Anyone care to answer what the signifigance of maftir yona and psicha neilah is? Why is it any more a kibbud than maftir by shachris? Why is psicha neilah any more a kibbus than psicha for avinu malkeinu?


    I agree with what Oomis wrote, but probably not for the same reason that she is thinking. One shouldnt think they are buying a kibbud. You can’t buy kavod. If that’s your intention, how sad. Same with the shul. You can’t sell kavod. You can “buy” a mitzvah. The shul is offering people the opportunity to do a mitzvah with their money. Oomis, one fact in life that may or may not be fair is that some people have more money than others.

    Pashuteh Yid

    Look, the price of kibudim can’t matter much. If one is rich, then the money is nothing to him. If one is poor, he can’t afford it anyway, so obviously the RBSH considers it as if he bought it, as long as he had it in his heart to do so.

    As far as auctioning things for blatt gemara, I am totally opposed, as there is never any way to verify that someone kept his neder. Even a bechina won’t help, because maybe he knew those dapim beforehand.


    As for the segula part the best place would be Sefforim like

    ????? ????

    The significance of Maftir Yonah my guess oven fresh. How many Maftirs are one of the required aliyos other than Taaniyos.

    Signiicance of Pesichas Neila ??? ??? ??? ??? ????? ???

    Sounds good? Anybody out there can offer something better?

    >>> never any way to verify<<<<< And $$ at time of sale ???

    Or do you work on a COD bais?


    By my shul, the rich guys buy the chashuv psichas and aliyos, then give them to the deserving minyon-ers. This way, everybody gets their reward.


    Psach lanu shaar….so now those words are diected towards mr psicha purchaser and not the ribbono she’ll olam?

    Maftir yona. So, your selling shlish, not maftir yona. It happens to come along for the ride.


    In our shul it went for about $600.


    Maftir Yonah: Segula for long life and prosperity.

    Psicha L’Neila: Becoming a chosson (I know an older boy who became a chosson shortly after buying PN so it may have something to do with it) as well as other things I will see what I can find.


    Just curious. When did “maftir yona” become THE aliya of the year?


    we don’t sell it. also maftir yona not.


    Ok, this is kol nidrei, but it went for about $50,000.


    ….so now those words are diected towards mr psicha purchaser …of course not but we see that actions are M’orer (simanim R”H night, things that H” told Yecheskel to do)

    Maftir coming along for the ride .. GOOD!!!


    A Rabbi told me, most people think Neilah is a Segulah for Parnassah but it looks like Parnassah is a Segulah for Pesicha L’Neilah!


    APY, I also thought of your point of not buying a kibud, but rather earning it (and that WAS the point of my post). As to the fairness or unfairness of the fact of life that some are rich and some are not (I, being in the latter category), that’s true. Life isn;t always fair – but it doesn’t mean that the people who sit on the boards of Yeshivahs or get honored at dinners, or are looked to like Tevye “If (he) were a rich man,” for guidance, are the ones who deserve to be thus treated, simply because they have a fatter wallet than other people. Because if that is true, that money makes you automatically more worthy of honor, then there is no logic as to why so many reshaim have it.


    The comments are interesting to read. Some say shuls shouldn’t sell anything, some say that shuls should sell. The ones who say to sell kibudim all do this because it’s a prime source of revenue. In my shul the month of Tishrei brings in just about 80% of our annual budget in a good bidding year. Add membership dues and we are OK. I think that the comments not to sell have no idea of how their shul’s budget is covered. Maybe if they cut out selling and raise the dues by $500 a year, these comments would change.


    I’ve davened in shuls where the kibudim are auctioned.

    And, I’ve davened in shuls where the kibudim are allocated by the gabbai with the unspoken understanding that a generous donation will be made following yom tov.

    I’ve also davened in a shul where the recipients of major kibbudim are selected by the gabboim and the rov, and are bestowed upon those who are o’sek on behalf of the shul or community, and without expectation of major cash donations following – the kibbud is intend to (gasp) honor the recipient.

    And, I’ve been gabbai at a shul where a good man was given in aliyah on yomim noraim simply because he is a good man. And he declined a separate misheberach for his family because he was could not afford to pledge a mattanah.


    HadaLXTP – I’ve seen that done before. In a yeshiva about four years ago, they sold the kibbud ofmlighting the lag baomer bonfire for blattei gemera.


    Wow, 5-digit price tags? Ours went for a “measly” $520.


    NOT ONE PENNY. We don’t charge for kibudim in my shul.

    I believe that is a general rule for Young Israel’s, as well.

    And your husband would also probably get a Kibbud based on the

    “o’sek on behalf of the shul or community” criterion.


    On Rooash Hashana I subbed for the Gabbai who was at his Rebbe. The Kohain got an aliya gratis because he was the only Kohain. Whe I asked if he wants to include his children in the one Mi Sheberech he made for the Rebbe, Dayan,Baal Shachris & Kol hakahal, he declined because of????? ???????


    Whatever the revenue stream of the shul, I still think its wrong to buy and sell kibbudim. I think it is perfectly OK for shuls to offer people the ability to buy a mitzvah. I’m not disagreeing with the practice, just the semantics of what it is called. It just grates my ears when I hear someone say “we bought or sold a kibbud”. The mechaber tells us that “mefarsimei osei mitzvah”, not “lokchei kavod”.

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