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    The adults in our house only eat the hand shmurah matzah over passover, how much should I buy? I always buy too much, and noone eats it after passover. Plus, so expensive! Is $18.50 a pound very expensive or a decent price? thank you!

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Buy less than you usually buy.

    me too

    Do you expect someone to tell how much per person?

    Do you eat gebrokt? Do you wash for every meal? Appetites vary

    But here is some advice for after yom tov.

    every Isru chag pesach we make a list of what we used and the # of users this is a great help in planning & shopping. We also list left over non perishables so we can shop before opening the Pesach cupboards.

    In Brooklyn the major kehilos have have reduced price outlets (warehouses, bulk, cash,advance ordering, no delivery) for many pesach staples. Bobov(both) satmar (both) etc. too early for detais.


    How much did you use last year?

    Use that as your guide. Maybe one extra box, maybe.

    You can always buy during Chol Hamoed, if you see you are running short.


    $18.50 is a steal (I’ve heard of $22/lb)

    As far as how much, what we buy is 2 lbs per person. The usage plummets after day 1 and 2, and if you are lucky enough to run out, you can always buy more on Chol Hamoed (or get from your brother-in-law, who overbought by 12 lbs.. just in case)


    Ha lachma anya — this is the bread that makes us poor.

    Di achala avhasana b’arra d’mitzrayim — that our parents ate in Egypt, but not here because they can’t afford it.

    $18.50 sounds reasonable. I recall seeing it slightly cheaper last year and you might be able to get a better deal if you bake with a chabura.


    thanks everyone I appreciate 🙂 chag kosher vesamaech!

    always here

    bpt~ how’d you know that last year, when we ran short, we got from my brother-in-law, who had overbought?! LOL 😉 <true story>


    “when we ran short, we got from my brother-in-law, who had overbought”

    Because, every family (my own included) has one such individual, that is always (over)prepared.

    The trick is not to be the one.. just know who is.



    2 POUNDS a person sounds like very little. Do you mean 2 kilos? That would be on the high end, for a big eater or if you are very machmir and need the matzos to fill you up because everything else you eat is not very filling (ie you don’t like potatoes).

    You will finish a pound for the sedorim alone.

    I highly recommend the Shyster Shortweight Matzo Bakery in a town that begins with an O and is located in Upriver New York. They charge 13.95 a pound (9-11 ounces to the pound by the Shysterlach).


    If money is tight, get machine shmura.

    a mamin

    Dont pass out we buy approx 32 pds and we eat matzo every shabbos until Shvuos!! we love matzo and yes it costs a fortune!!


    After Pesach my kids don’t want to look at it.


    Buy machine shmura. MUCH cheaper

    a mamin

    You can not compare the taste of machine shmura matzo to hand !


    You cannot compare the value of saving (potentially) hundreds of dollars on matzah to the marginally better taste

    a mamin

    Enlightened Jew:: Wow!! you must really look foward to YomTov!! Pesach is not a cheap Yom Tov, actually probably the most expensive one!! I can truly say I love every minute of it! Even with all the work!! We definitely have a hard time making ends meet but I know every penny spent on Yom Tov gets taken care of somehow….. You can sit at your seder enjoying your cheaper matzos nad I will sit at mine enjoying mine!! By the way, Matzo stands for Mekol Tzara Hatzeleinu! Hatzlocha!

    yaakov doe

    I’d go with 5 lbs per adult. It’s great after Pesach too and you need for Pesach Shanei also. Try the whole wheat.

    Nothing’s better that shmurah matzoh with butter or cream cheese or chopped liver.


    apparently youve never had it smeared with chicken schmaltz and a little salt.


    My mother makes a salad bowl full of charoses for the matzah. A nice thick layer of charoses on matzah is what Pesach is all about.

    Chaburah matzah here is $21 a pound. 5 lbs per adult will guarantee that charoses will be the only thing I will be able to afford to eat the whole chodesh Nisan.

    They need to make a kosher l’pesach metamucil.

    me too

    @Derech HaMelech

    1) Buy the whole wheat matzo and you will have some more fiber, the taste is better



    Citrucel Caplets Reg & Sugar Free Orange Flavor Powder

    Dr. Choice Fiber Powder & Tablets – when bearing STAR-K

    Fibercon Caplets

    Konsyl Powder – when bearing OK

    Metamucil All Powders

    Shaklee Fiber Plan Dietery Supplements (Unflavored) – when bearing Star-K

    Fiber Plan Tablets- when bearing Star-D Dairy)



    We buy 15 lbs for a family of 5 adults.-usually we have just enough to save 1 lb. for pesach sheini.


    You can buy it in a grocery for about 12 a lb.-usually is still fresh-we buy from the rav of our shul and pay 22.50 but its baked in Nissan.


    a mamin-

    I look very much to Pesach because we don’t MAKE ourselves crazy with cleaning and expense. We do what we need to do, spend wisely, and enter yom tov like normal people, not rags. We don’t spend $1,000 on food just FOR ONE WEEK.


    And, I might add, I am APPALLED at the portrayal of Pesach responsibilities and roles in popular Jewish media. In my house it is both the husband and the wife’s Pesach responsibility to clean and cook. Not – it is the wife’s responsibility and the husband helps out. It is BOTH our responsibilities at the get go.

    a mamin

    Enlightened Jew:; You seem to be enlightened in different ways….

    I LOVE YOMTOV and so do all the members of my family!! We enjoy the work and everything involved!! Your spending less than $ 1000 on YomTov just means you are buying for less people than we are.

    We don’t enter Yom Tov like a rag. We are doing what we are supposed to, plus any more that I alone put on myself with no fault to others.

    me too


    Taht clipping I posted is from Star K archives

    I supplied so you will have to your own searching

    Just search for fiber passover


    I dont see any consensus here on how much matza to buy per person for Pesach.
    11 years later and I laugh at how little things costed back then!
    At $32 / lb (where I live) is considered mid range for hand Shmura.


    2011 > Is $18.50 a pound very expensive
    2022> At $32 / lb (where I live) is considered mid rang

    this thread should be useful for economists to track inflation (or affluence of Yidden). Assuming 2% inflation for 10 years and 10% last year, the price is still 30% higher. So, B’H, Yidden are ready to pay for mitzvos.

    Avram in MD


    “this thread should be useful for economists to track inflation (or affluence of Yidden). Assuming 2% inflation for 10 years and 10% last year, the price is still 30% higher. So, B’H, Yidden are ready to pay for mitzvos.”

    Brand and location also play a big role in the price.


    Avram in MD: My family in Baltimore tells me the reliable “hand shmurah is going from a low end of $35/lb at Chabad to upwards of $40+ at some of the hameshe markets, some of which are already sold out. One of the local outlets is reselling hand shumrah from Brooklyn’s Kehilath Yakov (Pupa) & Zehlem Matzo Bakery for “only” $45/lb.


    Avram> Brand and location also play a big role in the price.

    yes, this is marketing 101.


    How many pounds of prunes should you buy per pound of shmurah matzoh? I say the ratio should be 4 to 1, prunes to matzoh.


    Huju: Do you have a special family minhag for Matzoh/Prune sandwiches along the lines of Hillel’s matzoh/marror along with a heter for the combo? I recall that the gemorah (Berachos 49a) admonishes us not to perform mitzvos “bundled together” ( aka chavilos chavilos) so as not to give the impression that mitzvos are an unwanted burden to be rushed.


    There is a gemora maybe in a couple of places about Israeli Rabonim coming to Bavel and eating sweet and cheap figs – and praising Bavel same night. And cursing it next morning – after having stomach problems.


    Huju: On further consideration, it should have been clear that your family’s shmurah mitzvah and prune minhag does not involve two distinct mitzvahs and thus not subject to the inyan of . ain osim mitzvos chavilos chavilos. While eating the prunes may have collateral benefits to your enjoyment of the yom tov, they are not strictly de’oraisa.


    If you buy whole-wheat, you will see, you eat less if it…


    What does that mean, nobody eats it after Pesach? I eat matza year round, and I make sure to finish the shmura first so it doesn’t go stale. This year it will be a bit of a problem because I’m flying to the states on chol hamoed. Such is life.


    Warm up the Matzahs long after Pesach, and will feel and taste very fresh.


    Warm up the Matzahs long after Pesach, and will feel and taste very fresh.


    Warm up the Matzahs long after Pesach, and will feel and taste very fresh.


    Per UJM, just drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with minced garlic, salt, pepper and maybe even some fresh rosemary and pop in the oven at 350 F until golden and crisp.


    Godol: Are you agreeing with me again? I must say that it seems to start becoming a trend with you.


    If you are still eating matzoh, you bought too much.


    I like eating hand matzah all year.

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