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    How much meat per person per meal for pesach? 1/2 lbs, 3/4 lbs?


    It depends on the persons appetite.


    The same amount they normally eat during the year. I personally do not each much of the main course at shulchan orech so as to save some appetite for the afikomen. All other seudos I eat my normal portion size.


    It’s a holiday, so a little too much is called for. A sensible serving for a healthy adult is 4-5 oz., so a holiday serving of 8 oz. is plenty.


    1lb raw weight for adults, 10 ounces for children above toddler stage. 6 ounces for toddlers.

    The brisket will shrink approx 50% in cooking

    From my years in the catering and deli business, so long ago, and hosting a huge family for Yomin Tovim for 35+ years.


    A good rule of thumb is 1/2 lb of meat per person, even if that person is a child. It’s best to have more than not to have enough.


    1/2 lb per person always works for me. I’ve never had to little, usually it’s just enough with 3-4 few slices left over.


    Given that brisket is still a relatively fatty/high cholesterol meat, even after cooking, a 4oz to 6oz portion should be plenty for a typical adult, ex=specially since you are likely to have a number of other dishes at the seder. Also, the brisket gravy itself is typically fatty if you allow the meat to “lose” its fat into the sauce while cooking and not skim it afterwards. Clearly, the fortunate younger folks or those with great metabolism and no cardio/health concerns can eat considerably more.
    Chag kosher, vasameach u’bataovon!!

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