How should one protest against shmoozers during davening?

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    Reb Eliezer

    שיבה is an acronym שתיקה יפה בשעת התפילה.



    Why not try another shul?



    Wow a discussion from 2012 that had no additions in 7 years gets bumped with a link to a 2018 thread and a suggestion to try another shul. Maybe someone should rethink about bumping dormant threads.



    Silencing a loud schmoozer in shul in 2019 has changed substantially since 2012 where a poster noted that the preferred approach was for the gabbai rishon to get in the face of the offender and scream “sheigetz aross”.. Today, we use more subtle means of shaming the individual such as having the shalicach tzibur klop on the bimah and admonish the tzibur to daven more quietly since those sitting close by to Reb Shvuntz are having a hard time hearing him. If that doesn’t work, the following Shabbos he may find his shtender relocated to the small closet behind the varbeshe section where they keep the cleaning supplies. Other new high tech options include a Shabbos “taser for talkers” or including his photo in th0se annoying pop-up ads on “Stop the Talking in Shul”.


    Little Froggie

    Word is getting around… I’ve noticed more shuls being quieter…

    On a different note… interesting this topic just got bumped now… there was a Torah dedication last week. The donor was actually not a mispalel of that shul. He chanced by once and noticed there is absolutely NO TALKING there period. He was big onto the movement of not talking in shul. So he decided to donate a Sefer Torah to that shul.

Viewing 5 posts - 51 through 55 (of 55 total)
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