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    am yisrael chai-

    You’re not being ignored or overlooked.

    In an online forum, people often don’t read every post all the way thru, and a cursory look thru this thread may miss what you posted about your own situation, since you started your post with words of consolation to others.

    FWIW, my prior post quoted what you said, because I think it was both thoughtful and true.


    It breaks my heart to hear that you are going through such difficult situation. I just heard an inspirational beautiful speech on Shabbos from Mrs. Chana Werdyger and she brought out a very important point, that we all have to “live here and now” all/most of our nisyonos.. is a chain, something that happened in the past and continuing in the future that makes it difficult for us to live every second of the day, if we would think of just right now, to be happy at this very moment without carrying on our heads whatever happened and the unknown that will happen we will be a lot more at peace. Of course its hard to internalize it when we can’t even think straight, but with practice it works! And one more thing.. We have to remember that there are many business out there and we are only boss of what we do and not of others, Hashem has his ultimate business running with his own methods which we sometimes don’t understand, and whoever is causing u agmas nefesh has their own business – which you can not control, so left for you is to simply run your own business and don’t let the Yetzer Hora rob you of your work. Hatzlacha!

Viewing 2 posts - 51 through 52 (of 52 total)
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