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    Do you believe that hypnotism exists? That it works?

    Supposing it works, is it assur to let go of your daas in this way?

    Are the tricks that hypnotists do in shows problematic in terms of kavod habriyos?

    Would you go to a hypnotist for any reason?


    Its on my bucket list to be Hypotized

    From what I heard not everyone can be hynpotized and I always wanted to know if I was one of them

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    watch the ImprovEverywhere hypnotist clip, and you’ll never look at hypnotist shows the same way again…

    Rav Tuv

    Yes hypnotism works. I know first hand. There is no loss of daas, no trance. Hard to explain what happens but it works.


    It’s funny that you bring this up because yesterday I was looking at an Igros Moshe and I came across a tshuva where someone asked R’ Moshe zatzal if it’s it’s muttar to go to a doctor to be healed through hypnotism. R’ Moshe answered that there’s no issur involved, it’s not an act of kishuf. However if the doctor isn’t a shomer Torah U’mitzvos, then you would be choshed him on an aveira and you shouldn’t go to him. If he’s a shomer Torah U’mitzvos then it’s muttar to go to him. It sounds like that there is such a concept that hypnotism exists.


    musser zoger: who did you go to?


    It doesn’t work on anyone by anyone. Some people respond to only certain practitioners. There is also such a thing as self hypnosis.

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    Yes, a goblin can self-hypnotize himself and find out he’s not a goblin after all, but an orc.

    Rav Tuv


    Went many years ago in Chicago. Helped me quit a 15 year smoking habit, cold turkey.

    Shopping613 🌠

    Duh it works, bubut its very sketchy, since for some reason it only works on certain people and only certain people can do it and how and when it will work……

    no wonder so many ppl think its made up


    Hypnosis is a psychological phenomena, it puts a person in a relaxed state of mind which leaves them open to various suggestions which is why they’ll do things you suggest to them. They can also suggest things to themselves. All they need to do is become relaxed and at peace (a bit like meditation), then tell themselves what they’d like to achieve. Not everyone can be hypnotized though, and even those who can be, still may not gain anything from clinical-hypnosis. When someone is hypnotized, they have absolute control of themselves, they wouldn’t do something that they found highly objectionable. In short, hypnosis is nothing more than a state of mind, one in which the individual is highly relaxed and open to helpful suggestions.

    Now you can decide.


    yes, hypnosis does exists, and in many cases, it works too. people can do it for all sorts of reasons- I know someone who had hypnosis done to them after a car accident

    also, sometimes you can cure psychological problems by hypnosis…

    And I don’t think there are any halachic problems with hypnotizing…


    totally works. my cousin got cured from bedwetting with hypnosis and another friend got relieved from trauma after a very bad burn.



    It exists and works. However not every hypnotist is good at what he claims to be good at. Its an art so to speak and you get better at it with time. A person can be helped in many areas with hypnotism however expect a few sessions. One session cant really cure anything but even one session helps.

    “Are the tricks that hypnotists do in shows problematic in terms of kavod habriyos?” No because the hypnotist is only making “suggestions” and you have a choice whether or not to follow them. If you want to act the fool and listen then you are acting the fool in public. I cant think it being worse than being a clown by profession. Their job is to act like fools in public.

    Would I go?

    Yes. I have gone. It wasn’t easy getting myself to go but I had a lot of reasons to go and nothing to lose except for the fee that is. I have been to 2 different hypnotists and they were both pretty good. They helped me somewhat. The way I understand it they help you get over the hump so that you can do the rest yourself. Usually theres something stopping you from getting past something, like some kind of fear or low self image…They help you get past it so you can go and live your life.


    I am not a hypnotist… although I play one on TV.


    I had a bad pain in my mouth last night amd painkillers or dousing whisky on it didnt work. I went on youtube and found a hypnosis video to remove the pain. The hypnotist paralyzed me (on condition if an emergency would arise I would retain full conciseness) and relaxed me and the pain. It felt so good, I woke up after my phone died feeling much better.

    Tonight I’m gonna try another video to see if I can get myself a deep refreshing sleep, Ill get back to you to let you know how it goes


    I am getting sleepy…


    Ok i did it. He knocked me out but had a very hard time getting out of bed this morning and def did not feel refreshed. Not sure if it had to do w the hypnosis ( it was an hour long amd have no clue what he was telling me after ten min) or my body is behind on alot of sleep. Will try again tonight


    Can mods be hypnotized?


    @whitecar did you have any success?



    So that night it didnt work (it was downloaded on google drive whoch had a outage and i dont have access to youtube) last night didnt want to risk it. Perhaps tonight


    Ok i did it last night. Helped me fall asleep but i dont think this particaualler one was hypnotism. It was more like guided meditaition.


    Yes, it’s absolutely real, I have seen people I know get hypnotized. And from my understanding, it feels like a very relaxed state of mind, where you wake up feeling refreshed.

    One thing to note is that while they can make suggestions, they cannot make you do something you don’t believe in. So in a way, it’s almost like drinking too much and losing your inhibitions, where maybe you say something that you didn’t mean, but it wouldn’t make you do something you would never do otherwise.


    Sure it’s real.

    YouTube has a lot of videos for beginners.

    And hypnobirthing… All I can say is thank you Hashem for that!

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