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    I am a weirdo I am strange and different from others i have always been different from most people and i will be different forever but guess what just because I’m weird it doesn’t mean I am stupid my whole life people thought that I am so stupid that they could just make jokes about me right in front of my face and i would not realize it either that or they didn’t care if they hurt my feelings, if you need to demean others to make yourself feel superior than at least have a shred of human dignity to not do it in front of us.

    Moderator’s note:

    Here on the CR, you’ve shown yourself to be intelligent, witty, warm, and a very caring person. We don’t know what’s on the outside, but on the inside, you’re very special.


    You may be weird as a loon in real life, but I’m just seeing you here on the CR, and I think you’re better than normal: smart, funny, perceptive, empathetic.

    I’m sorry it’s hard on the outside. Maybe tell us who is being a jerk and we’ll all come beat him up.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Goq – I’m with popa, let me at ’em!!

    Seriously though, those of us who have had the privilege to know you for who you REALLY are think you are wonderful. I am soooo sorry for all your suffering though. I wish I could make it all go away.


    you shoulda looked em in the eye and said that last line: if you need to demean others to make yourself feel superior than at least have a shred of human dignity to not do it in front of us.

    Some senseless people in this world… sorry you had to endure one last week.



    I was gonna write something to the effect of “you think you’ve got problems…” People here don’t come to the same conclusion about me as they do about you. (But I didn’t write it)

    Mod (a caring one!!) wrote so eloquently, so did popa and Syag.

    I’m not a md, phd, or any other certified anything, (never claimed to be), but maybe if you’d clear these notions from your conscious, you’d FEEL pretty much in. Which in fact you ARE!


    I have a best friend who’s always been “different” and a lot of girls make fun of her to her face not realizing that she one hundred percent understands what they’re saying… She’s totally normal once you get to know her, but if you just meet her she does seem strange.

    It’s stupid that people judge based on first impressions, and even dumber that they think it’s ok to make fun just because the person doesn’t seem to care/understand.

    My friend does understand and she does care- even if she just smiles and pretends not to notice all the mean comments.

    Goq, you need to let people know that what they say hurts you so that theyll stop! Unfortunately there are a lot of stupid people out there that think it’s ok because you’re not reacting.


    Goq, your post makes me feel sad. A friend of mine has developed a program for children to help them boost their self esteem. I have heard her speak and the part that I took away that has helped me see myself and those around me in a more generous light is this: This is the way H-shem made me. H-shem does not make mistakes and he does not create anything for no reason therefore H-shem has created me like this for a reason which means I have value to H-shem as I am and no one can take that away. People being mean or demeaning does not diminish the fact that I still have value. Goq, take chizuk from the fact that H-shem made you the way you are so YOU have value to H-shem. I know it hurts when people don’t value you or are mean but try to remember that where it counts you are important!

    Shopping613 🌠

    Goq, don’t say that!!! You are caring, lovable, sweet and add so much here. Some people are feel so bad about themselves, they lower others to feel better. But you should know YOU ARE AWESOME! Dont listen to anyone else ok, tell yourself that you are wanted in life, needed, you have a purpose, Hashem loves you and created you in his image, and anyone who puts you down, is like putting the image of Hashem down.

    Im sorry you feel so bad, Im sorry things arent good by you, but dont worry, everything in the world is temporary, so thinks wont be bad all the time!

    Keep smilin 😉


    If all humans were the same, what would be the point in anything?


    ??????? ????? ??????!use it ‘ when someone hurts you just daven and bless ppl you have the power!!

    it worked many times for me!!

    YW Moderator-42

    Goq, you’re a gem! Keep your head up and don’t let other people’s behavior toward you bother you.


    goq: I don’t let people talk about friends that way. 🙂

    I used to be in a very similar situation (though it wasn’t my family that was problematic- they were and continue to be awesome) where I had social issues in school and was quite depressed and even self-harming in upper elementary school. After a bit too much feeling sorry for myself, one friend pulled me over and told me that she didn’t like it when people talked that way about her friends and that I needed to stop it. It was a kind of a jolt- I had a friend who actually cared about my saying things like that about myself- and even though it was one semi-casual sentence, it really (if only temporarily) snapped me out of myself and helped me see all the people in my life who really cared.

    I find that the saying “nichnas yayin yatza sod” can sometimes be true on the internet- you say a lot that seems private because you don’t actually see who you’re talking to. Even trolls IME sometimes release too much about themselves because they feel like nobody knows who they are- they are intoxicated by their anonymity. Never having met you in person I don’t know what you’re like, but knowing your posts, as popa and the mods and Syag and all of the other people on here who actually really like you said, we know a lot of what you’re like- the opposite of weirdo. Normal and even more than that. Not to mention one of the nicest people here, always at the front lines when it comes to defending people and preventing namecalling and abuse. The sensitivity you’ve obviously gained from your negative experiences seems to have really shaped you into someone we would, I’m sure, all love to know in real life.

    Who are these people who treat you like a nebach? I’ll get my dad to write them a computer virus :). In my personal circumstances, I found that in my progression from elementary school to high school, I was able to have a new, much more emotionally healthy seviva and it did wonders for me- I have no idea what you’re life’s like, but any environment that is sapping you so much emotionally isn’t worth being in, not for a million dollars.

    Hatzlacha! Whenever someone says something, picture Popa throwing deep-dish pizzas at him. Then, when he asks why you’re laughing, punch him in the face.



    goq,I am so sorry and sad for all the pain and hardship that has been part of your life. I really do not comment too much in the cr, but I really enjoy reading your posts. may you continue to bring happiness to other people.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Goq, I think the wonderful person we see here is the real you, as Writersoul expressed so beautifully.

    I won’t pretend to know what you should tell the next person who says something insensitive to you or about you. But I think I can tell you what you should tell yourself – that if that person knew who you really were, they would never say such a thing.


    Thank you Amichai and Daas Yochid and 42 for your posts, and especially to you writersoul you expressed it so well big smile to you and to all who responded on this thread 🙂


    No problem, goq, that’s what CRamigos/CRamigas are for :).

    (Not as good as yours, but I’m working on it… 🙂 )


    Goq, I rarely still post here, but I do read, and had to log in to respond!

    I don’t know why or if you are different IRL, but here in cyberland, you are one of the very few normal people left on this site!

    You’re incredibly nice to everyone, post intelligently, and I love your humor!

    So yeah, perhaps you’re weird because there aren’t many normal people left in our world! The normal ones become the rare weirdos! 🙂


    hey Goq,

    I can not come here to post as often as I would like but I do read your posts and enjoy, always have. you’re a good man, and I feel like a close friend when you post. You are truly one of a kind, and have a warm, special heart. you know the saying, misery loves company? Well, when I saw the thread ‘I am a weirdo’ I said ‘Great!’ and clicked on it hoping to find my cyber/soulfriend.

    Ach, shouldda known it was you!


    L’chaim buddy!


    Thank you smartcookie i am glad to know you are still around thank you for your kind words, Reb BaalHabooze great to see you again you always bring me a smile.


    Hey, Goq! I agree with all the kind posters! It’s a good idea to hang around nice people, they will always be a true window into who you are. Mean people will just project themselves, and show you how they feel about themselves.

    Can you be more specific about your issue? Have you ever considered working with a therapist to improve your social skills? It might be a worthwhile investment, where it can improve your earning capabilities exponentially!


    One person’s weird, is another person’s eccentric, interesting,and intriguing. Some of us LIKE weird. (I don’t think you are, at all).


    Most people are weird, but they keep it secret because they think they’re the only one.


    Pretty much. It’s weird and strange to find nice people, and people who care. It’s different to find people who aren’t totally focused on themselves. And it’s definitely unusual to find people with a good sense of humor. So it looks like we agree.




    i made up two quotes which if i may say so myself are pretty good

    1. no one is normal, normal is boring, everyone is their own species of crazy (or in this case, wierdness)

    2. nobody is perfect- im a nobody, hence im perfect 🙂


    Goq, I would’ve responded earlier if only I’d SEEN this earlier. 🙁

    You are the kindest, funniest, most caring guy ever. And anyone who says you’re not doesn’t know you. If you want proof of that- usually on these kinds of threads there’s always some moron that says something to the extent of- well at least you know it! But I looked through this thread and there wasn’t ONE idiot saying that. You are one of the posters that make me wish I knew them in three dimensional life. If you’re “different” or you “stick out” it’s because you are one of those real human beings that are so special they make everyone jealous.


    Thanks to all the kind posters again your all very kind.

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