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    1. when you pass police and you act all innocent even though you’re not guilty of anything.

    2. when you go through the whole alphabet coz you cant remember what letter comes next.

    3. When you cant remember whether you saved your homework as fhkdjh or asadsg.

    4. That mini heartattack you have when your foot slips a stair.

    ANY MORE?????


    1. <slinks past lugging enormous lumpy bag>

    2. backwards

    3. torah_griffin_first_tau_draft_evening_march_3_2013

    4. <tumble>


    when you need to sneeze/burp but it just won’t happen


    turning off the lights downstairs and running upstairs so noone kills u


    dropping something in a store and not being able to put it back properly on the shelf…


    <nodding, nodding, nodding>. Except the hw one. I save my things properly :).

    7. Thinking something is about to fall off the shelf and lunging to save it… Then standing there arm outstretched, looking ridiculous when nothing happens.

    8. The half sneeze. ”ah, ahhh, ahhhh, AHHH! <silence>”

    9. When your foot slips on the ice, and you do the polka to catch your balance, then see someone staring at you as you continue down the block.

    10. Waving to your friend driving by… Oops that wasn’t her.


    Having to carry in a bunch of stuff from the car and trying to do it all in one trip. So you stagger out of the car in the rain holding stuff in your hand, under your arm, between your teeth. On the way, the stuff falls all over the place, and you end up working twice as hard.


    when all the books DO fall off the shelf and each one hits you on the way down


    haha love this!!!

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    when you plug your phone into it’s charger but forget to plug the charger into the wall


    OOM: Happens to me all the time! (the books one.)


    OOM: doesn’t happen very often that i actually LOL at my computer screen! boy am i glad that’s never happened to me 🙂


    hehe 🙂


    iluvbeingjewish, oneofmany and SaysMe. I am literally laughing out loud. heres some more:

    1. Checkong your phone to see the what the time is and then checking it againg coz you werent paying attention the first time.

    2. the awkward moment when youre on the phone and you say an awesome joke and the person on the phone doesnt laugh. Thats when you realise youve been talking to yourself for 5 mins,

    3. when ur at a friends house and u follow them around coz u dont know what to do.

    4. avoiding looking at someone coz u know they are looking at u.

    5. charging your phone 5 mins before you leave coz u think it will make a diff.


    When a Rebbi (or someone respectful) catches you doing something that looks completely weird out of context.

    When you just put on a freshly cleaned and pressed shirt, and within the hour you manage to get a slight stain right where it’s visible!


    lol that second one reminds me: when you are on the phone and you want to hang up, and you are like, so…yeah…


    When you visibly fold your legs at a meeting, to give you some confidence. Then u realize you’re wearing horribly mismatched socks.

    Embarrassing Stories

    Most embarrasing moment outside



    haha, these are great! It’s so good to know i’m not the only one these things happen too!!

    Also, when you meet someone and they start asking you qs, but you have to sneeze, so are trying to avoid that funny look on your face, but can’t quite talk either

    And had this this week: when you realize after an hour out that your shirt/sweater/coat is misbuttoned


    1. when youve already said “What?” 3 times and still have no idea what the person said so you just agree.

    2. when you throw something at your friend and it hits someone else.

    3. when youve finished your test and you realise youve missed a page…..

    4. im staring at my closet full of clothes and i still have nothing to wear

    5. i hate it when my hair looks perfect just before i get in the shower..


    nsh- that first one is so true, I hate it when that happens to me. Similarly, when you pretend to chop what the other person just said even though you didn’t, and then in the next sentence or 2, you can’t follow the conversation anymore.

    (if you guys didn’t get what I just meant by that, then here’s another one for the list, not being able to get your point across)


    what? (sorry i wsnt paying tenchn)


    How about when you put something in the oven and either forget to turn it on or turn on lower oven instead of upper or vice versa and then when you go check on it you are all “what why is this cold” and then you realize what you did?


    This one happens to me ALL the time!!!

    When you don’t have your phone in your pocket (either because it’s Shabbos or because it’s in your hand) and you “feel” the vibration in your pocket!!!


    *hopping into the shower only to realize that the water looks and feels like rain on your glasses-how cool that it works on your eyes, oh wait, why am i seeing so clearly?…

    *waking up to people talking about you…

    *the second you hit enter on chat the other person goes offline

    *you call/chat/text the wrong person because she has the same name as five other people in your contacts

    *standing up very quietly so as not to disturb the class/shiur while leaving, and tripping VERY loudly after successfully standing up…and then everyone turns around and stares 🙂

    *being the only person to know the answer/offer an answer, and saying, rather loudly and confidently, the wrong answer, and you were so proud of yourself too! (???? ??? ????)



    these are all gr8!


    Or how about when you touch something hot and reflexively pull your hand away and then (moronically) touch it again?


    What about when you come up with the perfect outfit ten seconds before you rush out the door, put it on, and it’s not til you’re on the bus that you realize that these are the tights that you forgot to throw out because they have runs and are all baggy?

    Yes, that did happen to me today. I don’t know HOW you figured that out.


    wiy- when you reflexively pull away, you don’t know if it was because it was hot, cold, or a shock. Only when you retouch it do you realize it was moronic to 🙂


    these are all great ones!

    how about when your wrist has a mosquito bite so you switch your watch to the next hand and then keep on checking the time – on the wrong hand.


    1The awkward moment when someone is talking to you (and you’re not really listening) and you laugh, then realize he wasn’t saying a joke. 2Waiting an hour to ask a question and then you’re told it’s not valid. 3Asking a question and then realizing s/o just asked it while you were spacing out! 4When you forget what your saying-IN MIDDLE OF TALKING.


    phil99. good ones!

    how about this:

    admit it, weve all tried someones password

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    need seminary help- and some of us succeeded. I have a knack for guessing other peoples passwords while forgetting my own… 🙂


    1. when I’m standing alone in public and play with my fone or pretend to txt someone so I don’t look like a loner…

    2. Slapping ur friend hard when you get excited, then realize it’s not ur friend, it’s the person uv been trying to impress…

    3. Waking up from a great dream and tryin to fall back asleep so you can see what happens next.

    4. That little dance ur thumbs do when ur not sure what to txt



    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Phil99 – I can SO relate, I am often either spaced out or laughing at the wrong time. By the way, welcome to the CR, can I see your ID?

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    I just thought of one – when you have several CR users in one house and you post a whole shpiel only to realize you posted under a siblings SN!!!!


    1. what about when youre almost asleep and you are having a dream about something really dramatic eg: falling off something and you wake up to catch yourself. by then your wide awake.


    How about leaving a nail salon after getting a fresh manicure, then 2 minutes later getting pulled over and having to mess up your nails by frantically fumbling for your license and registration…yeah that really happened to me, that was a waste of a manicure!


    Phil-great ones! and Ilbj- the thumb dance, classic! I LOL’d on that one.

    How about forgetting someone’s name, (and they like you and respect you a lot) and frantically trying to avoid using his name while baffling frantically to remember it!


    rabbi perfect i can relate to that. ill be like ” and…………. this girl here really wants it!”


    when you do the laundry and totally forget you put a load in the wash and it’s just sitting there wet, waiting to get put in the dryer. Yep, i did that yesterday. And i hope i’m not the only one who has!


    1. A colleague walks up to the sink as your washing for lunch so you quickly pretend to just be washing out the cup so as not to look like a moron pouring water over your hands

    2. start rehearsing a message in your head as soon as your transferred to the answering machine

    3. someone calls and you have no idea who you’re talking to and they think you know who they are and then they say ‘can you tell x that I called?’ and you’re too embarrased to ask who it is

    4. check behind the shower curtain before using the bathroom


    trying to kick the football only to have Lucy pull it away again! Good Grief!

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    dotnetter- for #3 I just ask “At which number should he call you back at?” and look up that number… 🙂


    dot netter: we dont have a shower curtain

    how about when you think you have finished the test and then you realised you missed a page…..

    and heres another one:

    dear teacher,

    when 90% of us fail, it isn’t coz we didnt try. its coz your a terrible teacher.


    your students!

    how bout this one:

    *3 am phone call*

    hi are you sleeping?

    no, im skydiving….


    lol that’s good. How about (and actually I hope I’m the only one this happens to) taking some cookies/chips etc. from your friends and only after you put it in your mouth remembering to ask them if it’s dairy!


    i hate it when you spent all night doing a major assignment till 2 in the am and then you go to school and realise you left it at home………

    on the ball

    Freaking out when being asked ‘Would you like to save your changes?’ on an important Word or Excel document because you could swear you never made any.


    on the ball. i totally relate to that!

    how about: i’m staring at my cupboard full of clothes and i still have nothing to wear.

    (I might have posted this prev)


    SaysMe – I can do even better than the laundry problem. How about putting in a load of laundry, starting the machine and then realizing within 30 seconds that you forgot to put something in the machine that ABSOLUTELY MUST be clean by the next morning. So you turn off the machine and go do something else during the 2 1/2 minutes that the door stays locked just for security reasons so that you can’t open it while the water is pouring in (and then it goes straight on your laundry room floor, LOL).

    But instead, you go to the washing machine the NEXT MORNING to put the next load in, totally forgetting about the thing you really wanted clean, and finding a bunch of REALLY WET clothes in the machine. Then you start to figure out what is wrong with the washing machine and what you’re going to have to do now to get the clothes somewhat drier so that you can put them into the dryer – trying the machine on spin so that it will drain out the water and even start loading some clothes into the dryer once they’ve been spun, and finally coming to the amazing conclusion that the CLOTHES WERE NEVER CLEANED to start with since you never put that all important garment into the washing machine and you NEVER turned the machine back on so all of the clothes in the machine are DIRTY!!!!! UGH


    how about sending a long text message and realizing a minute later you sent it to the wrong person! My mother once got a whole text from my brothers teacher that was meant to go to his wife. It said something about being late for dinner. A minute later she got another text from him apologizing and saying it was meant for his wife. How funny!?

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