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    sometimes i get lost with some of the hebrew and yiddish words used in the cr so i decided we should make up some new ones and define them

    oongalukshena – my body feels limp and weak like a noodle


    This should be fun!!!


    Do you remember the book “FrumSpeak”? It was very funny and very helpful.

    When we are very hungry we say we are fah-Mished.

    If we need to be picked up from an extremely remote location, we are farfetched.

    When we have put too much time in the CR, we have to get oisgecoffeed.


    gog – i was going to start a thread with the EXACT SAME TITLE- isn’t that AMAZING? jk

    it is a cute thread though.

    i say funcused when i’m confused – i know that’s not mixed with yiddish – i just like the sound of it.


    gefen i dont buy you were gonna use the same word lol


    i think olga kushenka won the figure skating gold medal in the 1967 winter olympics.


    hilarious 80!


    gog – would i lie? 🙁

    ursula – we also use fah-mished when we’re hungry.

    i like the farfetched word. cute.

    i know we use others but right now i can’t think of them. i’ll need my daughters’ help.


    gefen 🙂

    Has anyone here read anything by Milt Gross (Nize Baby; Famous Fimmales witt Odder Ewents from Heestory, etc)? I wonder if they would still seem funny to me now, or if my perspective has changed so that they would seem offensive.

    minyan gal

    There is a wonderful old book called “The Education of H*Y*M*A*N K*A*P*L*A*N” by Leo Rosten. It tells the story (if I remember correctly” about a new immigrant going to night school to learn English and how he completely fractures the language. Just to be sure that I didn’t give you the wrong information, I Googled the title before I posted this. Turns out the book was originally written 72 years ago. I could barely believe it was that old. I have read it at least once – many years ago when I was a teenager – and found it very funny. It seems that it is still available, so I think it is definitely time for a re-read. I think that many of you would find it very amusing – if you like Yinglish.


    Bump of the day.



    ☕️coffee addict

    sorry goqie,

    it seems like no one is biting

    Shticky Guy

    Great thread idea goq and I remember enjoying it when you started it, but oongalukshen… its kind of a hard word to play with.

    But maybe ‘oonga’ is Swahili for pudding, so are you talking about lukshen-pudding?

    Or, second attempt, do you know that really tall, thin guy called L. oongalukshen?

    Shticky Guy



    Just great! Another word that does not rhyme, like purple.

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