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    I’m so nice to my mirror!

    Why is it so rude to me?

    Walk more!Eyebrows!Moisturize!HUP!HUP!HUP!HUP!2,3,4!keep it moving,LET’S go…


    Easy answer – don’t look in the mirror.

    I spend almost no time looking in the mirror at myself – maybe one minute total per month. And the few seconds here or there is usually not intentional. I’ve been doing it for over a year now.

    My bathroom scale scale is another thing. It’s kinda rude. I step on it to show it who’s boss, but it gives me a rude response.


    mirrors reflect not only you but the way YOU feel and think about yourself.


    eclipse, show him whos boss. the next time he’s rude, punch him. he will not be rude anymore. (no I do not go around punching pple in real life.)

    Shticky Guy

    Eclipse dont tell me… You look in the mirror expecting to see a stunning eclipse but all you see is a watermelon 🙂


    When I was young we had to pay a lot of money to enter the “house of mirrors” where thin people looked very fat.

    Have you also noticed that today they seem to make all mirrors that way?


    twiggy…right on!

    everyone thanks for the morning laughs!


    MDG; The result of going out on the street without looking in the mirror could be that you have a piece of Potao (Or, Lukshen) Kugel stuck to your face (Note; I didn’t say “Beard” because I don’t know if poster MDG is M. or F.). Or your sweater or shirt could be buttoned crooked. The only way to find out that something is amiss is, when your friends start laughing before you say a word.


    I’d rather look in the mirror and not be the fairest of them all. The wicked Queen always had to be the fairest, so when she found out she wasn’t, she got so jealous, she tried to kill Snow White. This is the lesson of the fairy tale -be happy with what you are. Because you know what -you nor anyone else is perfect! I’m not giving an excuse not to try to perfect one’s self, but while our goal in life is perfection esp. in Avodas Hashem, we still have to accept ourselves the way we are now. So if you have to lose a “few” extra pounds, keep trying you’ll get there sooner than you think. But, the main thing is not to despair, no matter what you perceive yourself as now!


    This is the lesson of the fairy tale -be happy with what you are.

    interesting take

    i always thought it was “never trust a woodsman”

    or similarly “if you want something done right, do it yourself”


    Want to know what the mirror really sees? I heard a great thought the other day about sight:

    For near-sighted people, when they squint, they can see a bit farther. The harder they squint, the further they can see.

    Which stands to reason, when you squint so hard, that your eyes shut, you should be able to see even further, right?

    Answer: You can. Because when you close your eyes, you can see inside yourself, and thats’ the most telling sight you’ll ever see.

    The piece of spinach stuck between your teeth? The extra wrinkles you just noticed this month? Thats not the real you.


    mirror mirror on the wall, who is the kvetchiest one of all?



    Most men’s clothing is pretty simple. Hair is short and easy to brush or comb. I can feel where to shave. Beyond that I don’t worry.

    As far as other things being not in place (like food on the face):

    1) we generally know if something is amiss.

    2) I have a wife. All men make mistakes, but married men find out faster.





    i thought that was the sound that santa claws makes (mew ho)

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