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    I don’t know who you are. I don’t know where you live.

    But I know one thing. I love you. I Love all the Yidden. I’ll tell you a story. I was recently in line waiting in a yiddisher big grocery store (warehouse) and it was late, shabbos was coming, but the store was bustling. The line ups went for yards and yards.

    I suddenly stopped and just looked around me and felt a powerful unity and love for every yid, how we all carry one, how we raise families, how we are so vulnerable and yet trusting in the Ribbono Shel Olam.

    I felt one with everyone. I felt like davening for each yid’s success. That he /she should be gebentched, have nachas from their kinderlach, gezintenheit, yiras shomayim, parnassah, shalom bayis and everything good.

    I don’t know why this always hits me in the grocery stores. But i get emotional and fall in love with you each time.

    Just had to let you know.

    Queen Bee

    always runs with scissors fast, I’m surprised no one responded to this. Maybe they’re all sleeping (something I should be doing…). Beautiful post!


    Wow! That is beautiful & amazing! If only everyone would be thinking just like you, things would be so much more different. If only, if only…..I wish people would be this way.

    In the unfortunate story of Leiby Kletzky A”H, there was a lot of Achdus & a Kiddush Hashem which was brought about by all of Klal Yisroel here in our community & people out of town who came to help & give their support. And then after the Levaya when things were starting to quiet down, it seemed like even though our community was still in a state of shock & fear, the whole Achdus theme seemed to me like it was going down hill unfortunately. So as the famous question goes “why do we have to wait for a terrible tzara to befall upon someone in Klal Yisrael in order to become more B’achdus”? Don’t wait for the tzara to happen!! Why can’t the Achdus & Mentschlichkeit amongst people (be it people from our own circles or even Goyim-like those we deal w/ in business or someone behind the cash register…) be more of a natural thing by us yidden? Can you all imagine how HKB”H would be smiling down upon us if we would all be more B’achdus & more Mentschlich to all those around us in a more natural way like it’s a part of us & it’s not something that needs thinking about cause to us it would be very normal & natural for us to behave in this type of mannerism w/ other people? When will we ever learn to do things right for once & for all?

    I’m sorry if I’m coming down on you people a little too strong, but it hurts to see how some people amongst us behave & how some people just never learn their lesson from before!!

    Well Kol Hakovod to you “Always runs with scissors fast” & may you always be a great source of inspiration to all those around you!!!!!


    Great thread Scissors! this is how we should look at things u gave me alot to think about.


    wow very nice post B”H we should all learn from you and take upon ourselves to be kind to evry jew …. and lets not let leiby petira go for nothing we should all hold on to this unity and B”H we should all b zoche too see mashiach soon


    Great post, Sissors. But the title? Gosh, I don’t know what to say in reply..?


    Is this Public Affection?





    “I felt like davening for each yid’s success.”

    I don’t know if you have time to Daven but the next time you do, take a look at the words of shemonah esrei. All the braches of requests are in the plural form barach aleinuu…we should ALWAYS be Daveing for all of Klal yisrael.

    YW Moderator-42

    I love you,

    You love me,

    We’re a happy family

    With a knickknack paddy wack

    Give a dog a bone…

    I think I had too many wups of cine.


    Mod, did you drink too much at Goq’s Birthday party?

    always here

    sweet as sugar post, always runs…. 😀

    am yisrael chai

    thanks for this, and back at you

    (had to say this cuz I’m so afraid of you when I see you running so quickly with them scissors in hand…)



    why wait for something bad to happen before we all join together , lets do it now! i love you all!

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