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    young men

    I posted yesterday about me working from home.I would like to add more details.I live in the midwest and trying to find a job already for a while but there is only a limited amount of jobs available here so i recently came up with an idea, since almost everything today can be done via phone,internet etc.maybe I can work for a company or whatever on the east coast. I would very much prefer to work for a frum company.any suggestion would be appreciated!!


    I can’t really help you, but it might be useful to anyone who is able to help if you posted about your strengths, education, work experience, etc. though, I’m not entirely convinced this is the proper forum for this… Best of luck.


    Whatever you do, don’t apply for a job as an English teacher, or an editor, or a copywriter etc.


    HG +1

    There are a lot of people unemployed on the east coast too. Good luck…


    There is a frum website with job listings called luach.com.

    You may find some job ads in the Yated or Hamodia. In Lakewood the BP Weekly has many jobs in the back section. It’s worth getting on their mailing list.

    Look for secretarial or medical data entry and network where you are as well. You may not be able to find work for a frum company. You can speak to PCS (Professional Career Services) of the Agudah for ideas as well.

    Hatlocho Rabba


    accenture is a global business company that allows you to work out of your house a few times a week (when my mom worked there, she worked at home four days a week) and they require you to go to downtown chi town the fifth day. Pays well compared to most out of house jobs.


    snowbunny-do you know if the going downtown part is mandatory? i’d hate to have to do that…

    also, luach is a really really good place to look for jobs, as well as posting that you need a job. however, there isn’t so much from the midwest, as far as i could tell when i was looking…

    (and yes, i know this is grammatically incorrect! sorry haifagirl and others) 🙂


    do you have any degrees

    young men

    Thank you all for the comments,to kollel_wife how can I contact or look up pb weekly in lakewood.And to yeshivishaguy in freezer I dont have any degrees,I am currently working on a ged diploma.


    Smile E. Face: You do, but they were really flexible about coming down town, my mom is a single parent and some weeks if she was really busy, she didn’t have to go downtown for work. The reason they let you work out of the house so many times a week is because it is a budget cut for the company… to be honest with you though, most places that pay a decent amount of money require you to show up to their work place. My mom had to get a new job through a different company, and she has to commute downtown (from a northern suburb- not skokie) and she is only allowed to work out of the house once a week because they prefer you to show up every day and she had to negotiate it into her contract…

    Accenture definitely pays better than teaching in the Jewish Day schools…

    By the way, my mom didn’t like commuting to work when she had to, but it was a really good job for her to have as a single parent with two children because it allowed my brother and I to learn (I was in high school and he was in sixth grade when she took the job) how to become better cooks and house cleaners so that we could become more independent, while still having our mom at home when we needed her.


    not to burst your bubble but you realize how difficult it is to get a job working for Accenture – a top consulting firm and what it entails?


    There happens to be a Parnassah Expo coming up at the meadowlands.

    Dont know if you should fly in for it but it might be worth checking it out. check out their website. they also have a job board site at parnassahnetwork . com


    jewishjobs . com


    I do realize that it is difficult, my mom got her job through a temp agency, she was able to extend her contract to the point where she worked there for a bit over four years.

    You could also look at the OU job board. Plus, there is this website I have gotten a few one- time gigs online called elance.com I got jobs copying and pasting websites to word documents and got paid a bit for it. You end up competing against people from third world countries, but for me, I would bid significantly below minimum wage, and then they would notice that I am american and fluent in English, so they would pay me significantly more, and hire me.


    haifa- dont ever apply for a job that requires you to be nice.


    your website suggestions for a job was helpful.


    OU job board has so many job listings. I just got an e-mail today about job openings in Jewish settings. Ill go see if there is any info I can post here.

    And HG..come on, aren’t you finished public ally embarrassing people yet. It’s the 9 days for heavens sake.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    She posted that months ago.


    Whoops. My mistake I saw the thread for the first time today. My apologies hg.

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