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    Joe Schmo

    Did anyone here ever have their identity stolen?

    Any tips to correct this mess? Or any time to help prevent this from happening?



    shred, shred, shred and shred again. Also, be careful when paying with CC. There have been some freaky stories circulating.


    Identity theft can cause the victim to have difficulty:

    – Getting credit cards

    – Getting a mortgage

    – Opening a bank account

    – Getting a job

    – Leaving the country

    The victim can also find himself hounded by collection agencies and creditors who have also been victimized by the fraudster.

    Preventative measures:

    Your home – Get a cross-cut shredder for your house. A shredder that simply cuts paper into strips is not nearly as secure. If your shredder can also cut credit cards, so much the better. Shred all bills, bank statements, credit-card offers, old credit and bank cards, and anything that may contain confidential data

    If you are a victim:

    File a police report.

    Contact the credit agencies.

    You can actually lock your credit info, but you must then pay a fee to unfreeze it whenever a legit query is needed.

    Keep a paper trail and phone log of all your activities in fighting the fraud.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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