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    So you would miss everything. Suppose you have a flight on March 7 evening. Not an ElAl flight even if they would have a reading not sure that they do.

    You arrive inIsrael (not a direct flight) after it’s over. Can you then celebrate in Yerushalayim ?

    Also is Efrat celebrating as Yerushalim does?


    Sorry I didn’t explain the question.

    Should one try to celebrate while flying and in transit lounge, that in the davening and supplying a Hallel instead of the Megilla and try to make Mishloach Manos on the day etc.

    Or since you will be in E”Y for it, do you wait for that time?

    A Heimishe Mom

    How about fly a day earlier?


    How about asking a Rov? He might know better than the Coffee Room!


    Most of E”Y does not celebrate Shushan Purim. It’s almost only Yerushalayim, although there may be another area outside that also holds Purim is on the 15th of Adar. As far as Efrat goes, I don’t think that area has Purim on the 15th. Even when I lived in Ramat Shlomo, because there was machlokes of whether we had a continuous connection to the buildings of Yerushalayim (not just seeing them), there were people who kept 2 days of Purim just because of the sofek. The same is true of Ramot. Efrat is a lot farther away, so I doubt it has Purim on the 15th unless there was some mesora about there being a wall around the city back in the times of Yehoshua.


    Megilla on 15th of Adar has nothing to do with Eretz Yisroel.

    It has to do with walled cities (at the time of the Story of Purim or the times of Yehoshua bin Nun [machlokes]) at the sorrounding area. Most areas in EY have Purim on 14 w/ the exception of Yerushalayim Yafo and even in the times of Gemara Tiveria was a machlokes.

    As the exact location of Efrat, I don’t know, but they probably have Purim on 14 Adar.


    when zaidy was young he will take a ride to visit his bubby on the east side he …lalalala

    i 4got the rest i guess it’s part in parcel of old age…lol


    be sure to be prudent in your costuming while flying. Check with the TSA to make sure that they will allow you fly with the keffiyah and plastic machine gun.

    old man

    My opinion:

    1. As soon as Purim starts on the evening of March 7, you are obligated in mitzvos hayom. Do everything you can to fulfill these mitzvos (megillah at night, the following day, seudah, mishloach manos, matanos l’evyonim). Being in the airport or on the plane may make it difficult, do your best. It has been done before by many people.

    2. If you arrive in Yerushalayim before the start of Purim there, (15 Adar, the evening of March 8) you are obligated once again to fulfill these mitzvos, even if you have already done them on 14 Adar.

    3. You may not delay your Purim ( not observe 14 Adar) on the assumption that you will get to Yerushalayim before the evening of March 8.

    4. In Efrat, Purim is 14 Adar.


    If you didn’t have time before you left America, you would probably have to read megillah on the plane. What’s the issue reading megillah on an airplane. Remember things like noisemakers are mere minhagim that can be skipped. You might arrive in time for the seudah. You could always go to Jerusalem (or some other city with the right sort of walls) if you want to do everything under more normal conditions on Shushan Purim.

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