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    I’m BAAACK with the latest from Creedmoor, Creedmoor-Otisville veshaar marin bishin, and everything else I can exaggerate from the seamy underbelly of the mikveh.

    I’m not getting into any debate here though; while this CR is way above any other forums out there I really don’t “do” forums anymore so I will depart motzoei shabbos after Peerim.

    Until then – shygetz aross!


    Good, we’ll try to bump up some of the good threads you missed.

    ED IT OR

    wahey its purim season, we never grow out of purim! CAN’T WAIT


    Welcome back!!

    I thought we banished you already. We threw you out of our beis medrish and exorcised your shtender with a chorus of 2 Catholic priests, one Greek Orthodox, seven imams, and 12 sikrikim standing around it chanting shygetz aross on a motzei shabbos 3 nights after the full moon while the rest of the oilam was out saying kiddish l’vooneh.

    (Mods, please let this through in the spirit of Peerim, the OP, and Moireyni V’rabyni Yoichenan Valker ZYA)


    The non-Jewish clergy thought the sikrikim were spitting on them so that put an end to the show :)))!


    popa, bump the “crosses the line” thread

    <evil grin>


    Which one? Do you mean the NK one?

    I actually regretted getting involved in that one. Just debating gave them much more credence than they deserve.


    Not that one. I didn’t want to be too obvious, but…. I meant the one about Boteach’s book.


    Another reason we sing, “A GANTZ YUHR PEERIM!”.


    Welcome back.

    A couple of months ago we were in the Museum of the State of New York.

    There’s a huge room there with several fire trucks from several different eras, including one from the 30’s or 40’s from the Otisville Fire Department. Guess who came to mind?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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