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    I’m new to the yeshiva world news coffee room. I was looking around and i noticed that there are men and women responding and “chatting” with one another on this site, is that halachically permissible?


    Im not sure although its a great question…

    Sure it’s a great question. That’s why you asked it


    Im gonna ask my local orthodox rabbi


    Another problem i see is that for some users i don’t know whether they are male or female! So i don’t know if it is halchically permissible for me to respond!


    This question has already been asked. And if you don’t even know the gender, why does it even matter? You don’t know the species either.


    What is gender?

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Male goose?



    Don’t be so discriminatory.

    A goose is a goose.


    Is it permissable to help someone else of the opposite gender in a store? Perhaps they should make separate hours and registers for men and ladies. Come on that would be rediculous and insane. Do they do that in Williamsburg or any chasiddish communities?


    *if it wants to be


    feivel: If *xe wants to be


    Geese are still “it” regardless of gender.


    It matters because I care about my marriage very much, and I want to take part of this coffee room. So I am torn, talking to women on the Internet can cause shalom bayis issues. Reb yidd23 I do not appreciate being mocked, I do know the species. There are very few non humans on computers.

    Little Froggie

    y’mean me?!?

    Little Froggie

    It’s OK. You could talk to me from today till next doomsday… it won’t affect you (or me, or anyone). You’ll still have your shalom bais (if you had beforehand!) And that’s a campaign promise (Kunda line)

    so says Froggie the little


    shlumpy shlom, this site is definitely not appropriate. Talking to the opposite gender is the least of the concerns here. There is lashon harah said almost every day. It’s definitely a moshav leitzim. Don’t stay here!

    Little Froggie

    oops, forgot to mention.. deep down I’m from the human species. And if you REALLY must know, it’s of the male variety. (You haven’t stated your’s, nor brought the necessary documents/ proofs, for all I know, I might be ‘speaking’ to a woman or female, whichever comes first. Gasp!)


    My natural tone sounds mocking to some people. It only sometimes is.


    DaMoshe, still lurking in the shadows?

    I do not think there is very much loshon hara in the CR, especially considering that we are all anonymous here. But moshav letzim can indeed be a problem, as is bizuy Talmidei Chahamim and hurtful speech.

    But then again, these issues come up whenever and wherever there are JEws talking…

    Shopping613 🌠

    Shlumpy Shlon I’m sorry people aren’t giving you such a honest answer. We get too many trolls around here for people to think you are serious. And esspecially for us old timers such a question sounds almost silly as we all know we have the most AMAZING MODS EVER!!!!!!!!!!

    They make sure there is no personal information, loshon hara, or anything else being shared. Every post goes through them. I’m sure they also got hakamos from rabanim when they opened the place. In any case it’s pretty kosher and impossible to personally contact anyone without through a mod and the entire internet seeing, so feel safe.

    I doubt this place can cause any shalom bayis issues because of the way that its impossible to contact one and another and the mods are super strict. (AND AWESOME)

    P.S. – mod, I’m having problems signing in. I had to go on incognito to do so. Any idea what’s that about? It let me sign in but when the page reloaded it was like I didn’t sign in at all. Tried 3 or 4 times.

    Try clearing your cookies, or signing in to the main site, then signing in to the CR. Thank you for the compliment.


    Shlumpy, I’d posit this question back to you. If you are holding yourself to a standard (and I commend you for making it YOUR standard, not demanding it of everyone else) where you are concerned about responding to anonymous (potential) women discussing issues that are not personal but rather philosophical, halachic or societal, I’d suggest that using the internet at all for anything other than parnossah challenges the standard you’ve set for yourself. Should you perhaps reconsider being on the internet at all, never mind the coffee room?


    We are not chatting in private or secretly. It is all out in the open for everyone to read. The MODS also work hard to make sure inappropriate things do not get posted. If you have any reservations whatsoever about the CR, this might not be the best place for you. If however, you are OK with it, welcome to the conversation.


    Usually, when you question something it is your yetzer tov saying, “wake up, dude!! Don’t you realize this is the wrong thing?” But as you can see i post on here, so i don’t think there’s something wrong with it. maybe youre on a higher madreiga.

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