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    What is Biden hiding? He’s a third world dictator. But at least he doesn’t send mean tweets; he just destroys every fabric of the country. Maybe YWN didn’t get it from their AP feed but look it up if you’re capable.

    ☕️coffee addict

    There is an article about it

    DEEP STATE: IRS Removes ENTIRE Team Investigating Hunter Biden

    Democrats are pro anything as long as it’s not towards themselves


    Imagine if Biden invited for dinner neo-nazis

    ☕️coffee addict

    Biden eulogized a kkk leader


    It would behoove the partisans to wait a bit. The lawyers for the whistleblower as well as the JD are both on the record about being open about this. Only the AG is not commenting. He is A Trump appointee. This story could go either way. But by the time it gets there the media would have already decided and they will miss the real headline.


    He just funds them in Ukraine instead.


    “Imagine if Biden invited for dinner neo-nazis”
    It would be ignored, or twisted into a positive like with everything he does.


    And imagine if Biden said, but wouldn’t DO, that is, build a southern Wall, and proclaim at mass rallies that Mexico was going to pay for it.
    And imagine if Biden paid hush money to non-tznius women.
    And imagine if Biden, in the midst of a pandemic, held mass rallies, with no masks – which contributed massively to the 1,000,000 Americans who died because of this pandemic.
    And imagine if Biden abandoned the Kurds to their fate.
    And imagine if most of Biden’s team would have wound up in jail
    And so on…..


    NO president ever gets treated nicely by the media. Why are you all so prickly about this? It’s not Zionism, Chabad, or Modern Orthodoxy.


    You are missing something here in this jarring comparisons: Trump voters forgive his quirks for the attractive sides he brings: dismissing establishment, doing things others were afraid, etc. Biden had only one attraction – that he is a safe choice. Now, turns out a safe choice has corrupt connections, can not even retreat troops from a 3rd world country, etc.


    If you want to see where true power lies, find where people don’t have to follow the rules the rest of us do.


    Always amazes me that all my points against Trump are always ignored, with no real defenses of this ogre. But magas immediately lash out at his successor. It wouldn’t have mattered who it would have been.


    Dear Yechiell,

    Your not really saying anything worthwhile by comparing Biden to Trump. Biden has a chance to be worst president ever. Trump will never me more than a non-President. He basically did nothing besides for pushing headlines.


    Dear Lost,

    The law applies differently to mentally retarded citizens. Is that what you meant?


    Dear Always,

    The last four presidents wanted to get out of Afghanistan. Trump had it on the table. He wimped out. Biden did it with steely determination. Things Trump did (Moving the embassy to Jerusalem.) do was not because of courage or resolve. He is as hesitant and in need of approval as they come.

    His dismissal of the establishment wasn’t a policy of small government or anti corruption or less bureaucracy. He simply never bothered to figure out what the different complexities of government is for.

    Though come to think of it, I agree with you. Trump voters find his ignorance of government and civic duty very endearing.


    on Afghanistan: it was reported that T indeed wanted to leave and would have benefited politically and chance his mind based on strong message from his military leaders. Biden did not. T had strong-minded advisors, some disagreeing with him. They were given a chance to express them, and – in some cases – he listened. B has non-leaders in key positions, who do not confront him when needed, or are not capable of forming independent opinions.

    On embassy: classic pattern of ingratitude. He did something we were asking for, everyone was telling him how wrong he was, but we still have reasons to not be grateful. Try to look at this without a bias.

    I agree that T may not have an overarching theory of government, the way Reagan (“I am from the government …”) or Obama (“you did not build it”) were. He is more a transactional guy, focused on a particular deal and making it work. Say, explain a simple thing: why was T trying to stop Russian pipeline and got some concessions from Germans, and B reversed the course (and so did Germans after B won).


    To coffee addict: Please name the KKK leader that Biden eulogized?


    huju, my guess – Robert Byrd?


    Dear Always,

    On Afghanistan. Forget that. On making sense. Biden and Trump saw the same reports on Afghanistan and received similar advice. Trump backed down when he realized the ruckus that may (and did) follow a full withdrawal. Biden stayed the course. It could be that Trump had the better policy decision. But it is clear that he is as afraid of making tough choices as anyone else.

    On the Embassy or on being Honest. Moving the Embassy was the popular choice since the bill was passed over twenty five years ago. Clinton, Bush, and Obama, kept pushing it off in the hopes of some concessions from the Israelis. Trump understood that moving the Embassy helps his home politics so he did it. It had nothing to do with Mid East policy. This is obvious from the eventual Abraham Accords.

    On Nordstream2 or on being informed. Trump put sanctions on the construction companies after the pipeline was all but built. There didn’t seem to be anything to gain other than help the USA sell some old oil. Biden took off the sanctions for two reasons. One, he likes undoing what Trump did. Two, there weren’t doing anything consequential.

    Postscript. You can try to embellish Trump’s greatness all you want. It’s nothing compared to The Don Himself. He is going on his seventh decade about how great he is despite all the disadvantages he had to go through. Like for instance, Fred giving only a million dollars to burn into his first bankruptcy. But to do not bring up to anyone that is not a fan that Trump is courageous and not afraid. That is one thing he himself won’t try to sell to anyone. The truth is, he is deathly afraid. His pathetic outbursts when his next karma comes due, are now common occurrences. He never says he is ready to deal with whatever is next.

    He is a wimp who likes to fight. A loser’s idea of a leader.


    n0, could you look at your post with a fresh look – you are tying yourself into a pretzel finding far-fetched explanations for each of the cases. In each of them, you agree with the fact, but then find a way to say it was popular, it does not really mean that he did it on purpose, etc.

    On Afghanistan, you seem to agree with my thesis, while highlighting that T had doubts too. I agree, I am not trying to paint him as a super-hero.

    On embassy, I do not know of evidence that any previous Presidents were bargaining rather than just simply postponing. When T did that, it was met with usual condemnations how stupid and risky it was. Thanks for adding accords to the list. I presume you also discount it for some reason.

    NS2 is now seen ass the center of German folly in their accommodating policy towards Russia. T tried to force them to reconsider, Biden caved, making it another factor in Putin’s decision to start the war, planning for no opposition. This is very “consequential”.


    Dear Always,

    I’m not debating any policy here. I’m taking issue with you saying that he is not afraid to do things. That is totally false. He is afraid to do anything. The only reason he stayed in Afghanistan was because he was afraid of the fallout. Not that the fallout would be a policy problem. He was too scared to deal with it.

    Again. The policy could be justified. Trump’s cowardly disposition cannot.

    There was a real chance for conservatives to reclaim the country. Since Trump is a perpetual outsider, he could have circumvented all the political gridlock in Washington. But he was his own worst enemy. He didn’t see anything through. He would start some good policy. And then chicken out. Again and again. Nobody in Congress could touch him politically. Yet, he reacted to their stances again and again. He continually sabotaged himself. And Congress kept on cashing in on these blank check policies. Which we will say for for decades. This system was started in the Recession of 08. And was greatly enhanced by Obama.

    It will take a great leader to overcome. Not a coward. Or Biden.

    Trump was a tantalizing opportunity. But it had no chance of fixing the problem. Until then, all the policy debates are a form of denial. None of them can work in this system.

    It should be noted, that The Federalist Society took full advantage of this and we know have the most conservative supreme court ever.

    anonymous Jew

    It must also be noted that the Russia hoax and the resulting impeachment pretty much neutralized Trump’s first 2 years


    Dear Anonymous,

    Because he chose to let it neutralize him. It was the same Republican majority.

    We now know that the Mueller Investigation did not go after Trump personally. If he would have ignored it, he would have been much stronger for it.

    The impeachment was the second two years. Again, he was so consumed by it, that he did nothing else. Congress enjoyed the blank checks it gave them.


    N0, maybe we just use different terms. I am not claiming that “he is not afraid”. I am not into hero-worship or similar avoda zara. I see him as Yaftach be’doro … His middos are both the source of his great things and his problems too, like with most people.

    I was comfortable – at a time – with Romney’s policies, but he had no heart to fight dirty politics. He was laughed off for claiming that Russia is our biggest enemy – maybe there would be no war at the moment were he a President. While Romney correctly concluded that 47% will vote for handouts, Trump was able to win elections in his own ways, changing calculus of the 47% through his populist inspiration – “what do you have to lose”.

    As you just added judges to the long list of his accomplishments, we need to acknowledge the achievements, rather than trying to explain them away just because you do not like the guy personally. It is a very Jewish thing to do, even as it is hard.

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