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    I respect Chevra Kadisha.

    And they do it for FREE. I am sure most people could not do this


    I respect the Orthodox Union for their outstanding contributions to Klal Yisroel. The Orthodox Union has been the first and is second to none in the areas of kashrus, kiruv, political advocacy, Torah dissemination, programs for the deaf, job placement, Bais Din, Torah learning given by top drawer Rabbonim on its web site, and many more.

    It would be hard to find any Tisha B’av kinus and program event which is as meaningful and beautiful as the OU program which is webcast every year and features Rabbi Weinreb.

    A big Yasher Koach to the Orthodox Union.


    I respect chassidim for their chesed. let me tell you that when ur stuck in the hospital for a shabbos or yom tov, there is no one like the chassidim!!!!!!!!

    am yisrael chai

    kudos once again to pba for coming up with such a positive, unifying thread


    I respect Agudas Yisroel for the massive work they do for Klal Yisroel. From the time they were working tirelessly day and nigh to rescue European Jewry from the fires of Europe during the holocaust under Reb Elemelech Tress zt” and later with Rabbi Moshe Sherer zt”l spreading the message of Gedolei Yisroel unto our very own times with Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel tirelessly working to help Klal Yisroel under the wise guidance of the tzadik and Nasi of the Agudah, the Novominsker Rebbe shlit”a.


    I respect all the above posters for finding facets of other yidden which they respect and are worthy of respect. Mi K’amcha Yisroel – and we should daven that just as we are finding the good in other jews, so too Hashem should see the good in all of us.

    I don’t want to be misunderstood or to break the flow of these wonderful positive posts but there was one post above which I feel needs to be responded to and since nobody else did, I will take it on myself to do so.

    Respecting anything and everything is a wonderful thing but it has one danger – that should we respect movements that are anti-torah, perhaps we are inadvertently disrespecting the torah in the process. Of course disrespecting the torah is not the intent, and I sincerely respect ronrsr for his good intentions in trying to find something good in something as bad as the reform movement – a movement which does not believe that the Torah is from Hashem and does not represent Torah or Yiddishkeit. I hope you, ronrsr, will take no offense to this, none is intended. I realize you did not mean to say that you respect them for being anti-Torah, however, as I said, showing them any respect at all would seem to be wrong. Certain things we must fight and not respect. Had the Chasam Sofer and Rav SR Hirsch respected the reform movement, many kehillos would have been lost.

    And to be clear, I am talking about reform as a movement, which is what ronrsr referred to. Individual reform jews who never received a Torah education and dont know any better are certainly deserving of our respect, if for no other reason then just for being our brothers and sisters.

    I don’t want to hijack this thread and cause the amazing chain of positive posts to end. If anyone else wants to discuss the reform movement I think it would be best to start another thread for that. And again, ronrsr, I truly hope no offense was taken.

    To get this thread back on track, I respect all frum teens who, in this day and age, must fight temptations and nisyonos that probably no previous generation has ever had to deal with. This respect is not just for those that pass with flying colors, it is also for those who may be labeled OTD but who try their very hardest – sometimes winning the battle and sometimes unfortunately losing – to do what’s right.


    I’d like to add something based on the post the Ronsr made.

    It should be noted (and complimented, where practical) when non-jews demonstrate a trait we value.

    I was in a doctor’s office and overhear a woman call someone and relate a passage she had just read in here bible, that she thougt would be inspriational.

    When she hung up, I told her how nice a call that was, and she was very grateful for the acknowlegment


    I respect Dr. Lander ZTL for his foresight.

    I respect Satmer for its independence, and for sticking to its guns.

    I respect the “modern” community for not rejecting the Gedolim of the Charaidi world.

    I respect any Yid who lives in Eretz Yisroel, our true home.

    Every Yid is Mal’e Mitzvos K’Rimon.


    I respect the Edah HaChareidis for guiding the Torah community in Eretz Yisroel under the leadership of HaRav Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld ztvk”l, the Satmar Rebbe ztvk”l, and currently HaRav Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss shlita, wisely guiding us through troubling times with sagely advice and direction.


    And I too respect the “modern” community for embracing the Gedolim of the Charaidi world.

    And I respect every yid of every type who rises early and learns before the shachris minyan and again in the evening after work when he can barely keep his eyes open. And I respect this yid’s wife for encouraging her husband to learn while forgoing his help and companionship.

    And I respect the Daf Yomi Magid Shiur for the hours of work for every daf prepared and his wife who should be proud and encourage her husband’s efforts.


    I respect breslovers for their joyous demeanor, their hisbodedus

    meditation/ in tune w hashem, and nature.

    I also respect those chassidus that don’t split up, and keep B’achdus.


    charlie brown, thanks for saying what I wanted to, in a better way than I could ever think of.


    Beautiful thread.

    I respect all jews who respect jews from other groups and realize that even though there are some differences we are one.

    pascha bchochma

    I respect whoever started this thread.

    I respect chassidim for their joy in serving Hashem, litvaks for their dedication to Torah, only Torah, the BY system for really trying to inculcate Yiras shamayim, Lubavitchers for reminding us about Moshiach, MO for their interfacing with the culture out there and staying frum, Sephardim for their warmth and hospitableness, Russians for their hakaras Hatov and everyone who serves Hashem.


    Kudos Charlie Brown. The way you stated your point was very non-confrontational. We can only daven for these “tinokos she’nishb’u” and smile when we see them, so they will see our true soul, THE true soul. Hashem Yishmor.


    i’m crying.

    i respect all jews.

    may there be more threads like this. amen

    Will Rogers

    I respect the Gedolim shlita, for their selfless unending round-the-clock work for Klal Yisroel that enables all of us to be the best Jews we can all be.


    mikehall12382; hey, I didn’t see ur post, just notice it, i guess I’m not the only one who noticed it’s sweetness.


    I respect the Morahs from Lakewood who travel long commutes to bring their wonderful warmth and talent in chinuch to schools in other communities.

    giggle girl

    Charlie brown – i just saw this thread and wanted to thank the YWN Jews for trying to have an Ayin Tovah, but you beat me to it.


    with this Ahavas Yisrael, may we all be zoche to see the coming of Mashiach, B’Mehaira B’Yameinu Amein!


    msseeker and KIsh Echad – thanks for your kind words.

    giggle – sorry for beating you to it! 🙂


    And I appreciate Lubavitchers for going to all corners of the world to provide succor for Jewish travelers with emergencies or in need of kosher food.

    tracht gut

    This is a beautiful thread.

    makes my heart swell with pride.

    I’m so proud to be a part of this amazing nation!


    I respect Hatzolah members for dropping everything and running to the aid of their unknown brethren. I respect every Yid that comes to daven to Hashem with a minyan 3x a day.

    kol daveed

    Lately I’ve been the token Ashkenaz in an older Persian minyan. Depsite the language barrier, I have never met such a beautiful and inclusive group of Yidden – outgoing, friendly, and compassionate.

    And I respect the reform, convservative, unaffiliated Jews, mainly college students lacking a Torah background, mesorah, or any semblance of proper chinuch, surrounded by indescribable amounts of tumah in their upbringings, who shed themselves of their past and return to a genuine Torah lifestyle.


    And let’s not forget Yeshiva University for providing American Jewry with thousands of Rabbonim and mechanchim. The Yeshiva was the home of numerous g’dolim from the renowned yeshivos of Europe who more recently produced the likes of Rav Nachman Bulman, Rav Moshe Bick, Rav Herschel Shachter, Rav Aharon Kahn; to name a few.


    This thread is worth a pre-Rosh Hashana bump.


    I respect ICOT for always being among the first to wish any poster mazel tov on the mazel tov thread, for remembering about other people’s challenges and inquiring about them, for overall being a really nice person (I don’t know who he is but it comes thru on his posts) and, last but not least, for bumping up this thread.


    I respect the two guys I saw when I walked into shul at 6 for slichos. They were already learning for a while.


    charlie brown-

    Thank you.

    Your subtitle may no longer say so, but you’re still the official ego-booster of the CR ?


    I would like to add something along the lines of Rashi’s pshat on the chumash in Vayeshev where it says that Yosef’s brothers were unable to speak to him peacefully.

    Rashi explains that from this negative statement about them, you learn a positive – namely that they were honest about how they felt and didn’t act in a two-faced manner.

    Even in instances where discussions here become heated and unfortunate remarks are made, in the overwhelming majority of cases cooler heads eventually prevail, apologies are made and things are patched up.

    This is something that is quite uncommon in the online blogging/posting world, and one of the main reasons I personally enjoy this site.




    I respect Zaka workers who do the most grisly work possible and they do it for free


    I respect Rabbi Shafier of the for providing over 200 premium inspirational shiurim for FREE!


    I respect Rabbonim such as Rav Gifter and Rav Schwab for standing up for the Torah against its impostors.

    ☕️coffee addict

    i respect pba for bumping this thread 🙂

    it is funny that this was the topic for cchf’s video


    i respect the satmar chassidim who spend their whole life helping people in hospitals!! food, vsitors, help finding good docs- theyr da best!!


    I respect all of you for respecting all types of Jews and inspiring me.

    I respect all the Rabbis, teachers, and Kiruv professionals (and non-professionals) who spread Torah to Jews all over the world.


    I respect teachers in yeshivos.


    I respect everyone who held themselves in from bumping this thread, just because our Popa bar requested so.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    I respect everyone who held themselves in from bumping this thread, just because our Popa bar requested so.

    So do I.


    I thought I had done this last year too. Can you find the thread where I did.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    I don’t think you started a thread for it.


    hey, no posting until tisha bav




    I respect anyone who believes in the age gap theory, just because these days “respecting” someone means you disagree with them, think they are off the wall, but still want to be friends.


    I respect popa_bar_abba for starting this thread. It was a very inspiring read.

    I respect mechanchim and mechanchos for doing their best to raise another generation b’kedusha v’tahara.

    lebidik yankel

    I respect haredim for carrying on with fortitude under the circumstances.

    I respect Popa for his initiative in starting this wonderful thread.


    I respect everybody for complimenting popa-bar-abba on starting this thread- I am sure he/she is sooo happy and I am sure hashem is sheping nachas from this.


    I respect the Dati for their love of Eretz Yisroel and the mitzvos of Eretz Yisroel.


    i respect the guys holding the no internet signs on shmuel hanavi for hours beacuse a. theyre right and b. its a tough job.

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