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    My davening has become so dry of late. For some reason, I don’t feel anything. I used to LOVE to daven. I still do, but my davening is almost devoid of emotion. I beg for a good life and good kids etc. but I don’t really have kavana.

    If anybody can please inspire me or help me out I’d GREATLY appreciate it. TIA.


    IME, so much of “feeling” davening comes from talking to Hashem in my own words. Ask Him to help you daven.


    (There are several threads with davening tips.)


    am yisrael chai

    The Baal Shem Tov had a time that he was taken away from heaven all his lofty kavanos and was strugling with simple peirish hamilos and was told that davkah those tefilos where he strugled were reaching high up in heaven.

    golden mom

    it might help if u understood literally the davening maybe take a couple of tefillos not too many to start with and learn their meaning i think it will bring new meaning and help u have kavana atleast in those few u learned and u can go further from there and its always good to also talk from ur heart straight to ur Father/King


    I agree with Kapusta, pray in, your own words, to feel the inspiration and kavanah. Also, picture in your mind what you are saying. Like the Brachos in the beginning. Picture enjoying the blessings you have as you say it. And when saying Shemona Esrei and other prayers, picture it. Some people might need to study the translation to understand the words. But anyway, hope this helps



    Not to accuse you chas veshalom but it is brought down that people who do averois with their mouth misusing their speech their tefillos are blocked. That can include loshon hora or hurtful comments….

    Another important factor is to Daven before the sof zman tefillah. You can keep track by using


    Wow WIY, thanks for that info.

    I was also going to say, Daven in your own words. Is there something you feel strongly about, concern, worry, fear? When the feeling hits, whisper to HKB’H then. That builds a more meaningful connection. Also, think of HKB’H like your father (or any close person who’s been there for you) who you are coming to for advice, comfort and help.


    I agree with Kapusta. Good Luck, Observanteen.


    Firstly don’t worry about it because it’s NORMAL! The others said some good suggestions, like pray to be able to pray and the story of the baal shem tov.

    Perhaps you can try to learn something, i liked to use praying with fire volume 2 (i found that it focuses more on ????? itself than volume 1)

    Remember that life is like a graph, you have the ups and the downs but the main thing is that the trend is upwards! Don’t be discouraged and keep on trying! And DON’T give up praying kavanah or not!!!


    Thanks loads to everyone who replied.

    WIY: Wow, that’s scary. I’ll work on that. Thanks for the info.

    AYC: Thanks for the links, I’ll check them out.

    Princess: Thanks for the chizuk. I’ll try to get hold of the book. (btw, I DO get frustrated. I mean, I used to daven with such kavana. I don’t know what happened:(

    deiyezooger: Wow, that’s very inspirational.

    kapusta: Will do. Thanks for the idea – love it.

    golden mom: You’re right. I think I’ll do that.

    Thank you once again to all who offered their tips. I greatly appreciate it!

    Aishes Chayil


    Say Perek Shira for a period of 40 days with a lot of Kavanah.

    Its beautiful, and you will enjoy the meaningful composition.




    You are welcome!


    Observanteen – i can’t tell you what happened but it is NORMAL! And yes, it’s perfectly normal to be frustrated over it too…

    Perhaps it may help to be glad that you feel frustrated because it would be way worse if you just didn’t care. This type of thought is obviously only if it makes you feel better and not worse!!

    i really hope that G-d will ???? ???? – open our mouth – to pray to him and make us want it . .


    Thanks so much, Princess. It really means a lot to me that you care. And I’m happy to hear that it’s “normal” although I wish I wouldn’t be normal in this case:)

    “Perhaps it may help to be glad that you feel frustrated because it would be way worse if you just didn’t care. “

    That’s an interesting thought…never thought of it that way. Thank you once again!


    observanteen: perhaps try using an interlinear siddur. I have one for the weekday and one for Shabbos and I love it!


    Observanteen and everyone else

    AriZal: The Secret to Hashem Answering Your Tefilos? Have In Mind Before Starting to Daven That You Love Every Jew.

    What does V’Ahavta L’Rei’acha Komocha have to do with davening? When we daven to Hashem we are asking him to answer our prayers because everything is in his hands and only his hands. The reason why we don’t love everyone is because of the negative things they may have done to us. If we truly believe that everything that happens to us comes exclusively from Hashem and that that no one can do anything bad to us unless Hashem wills it, than we would indeed love everyone without exception.

    In order to show Hashem that we really rely on him as the only real source of our sorrow and happiness, we express our love for every Jew before davening. With this bitachon Hashem will certainly answer our tefilos.


    Try it, (its actually mentioned in Hilchos Tefillah) once you start doing this (before each Tefillah or at the minimum once a day before Shacharis) and try hard to love every Yid in your heart (meaning try to feel it) and forgive them (think about specific things that people did to you and imagine forgiving them and feeling love for them) realizing everything is from Hashem and nobody can do anything to you without Hashems sending them as a shliach in a very short time your Tefillos will feel quantifiably different and will come alive so to speak.

    am yisrael chai


    Chevy Garfinkel gives an inspiring class on the subject on Monday evenings 8PM at Ohr Naava, corner of East 23 St & Ave V in Brooklyn.

    You may find it very helpful.


    Sure 😉 i’m glad! Really! And yes, i do care ..

    Maybe trying to pray for somebody else or try to thank hashem … Pray for me and i’ll try to pray for you, okay?! i guess i thought of it in that way because it’s a way i can feel at times..

    (i know it doesn’t come in exactly, but can i ask you, when are you getting married?!)


    Great idea, Princess! I’ll definitely pray for you.

    I’m getting married in February IY”H. And you’re absolutely invited!


    I think the Chevy Garfinkel shiurim are available on Torahanytime (or possibly a similar site).

    I once heard that for a Tefilla to be accepted, one should start a Tefilla by thanking Hashem.


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