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    west bank

    Shalom Chaverim,
    I’m an Israeli citizen planning to visit friends in the U.S.
    I’ve seen conflicting reports regarding covid vax requirements for foreign nationals.
    Does anyone have updated accurate info and what does a non vaccinated yid do?


    There are no covid vaccination requirements. You can be totally unvaccinated.


    there are restrictions for non-US citizen. I heard of people who were not able to board the plane because they had only one of two doses.

    from CDC:Updated Apr. 19, 2023
    You must show proof of being fully vaccinated with the primary series of an accepted COVID-19 vaccine before you board your flight to the United States. Only limited exceptions apply.

    2 weeks (14 days) after your dose of an accepted single-dose vaccine
    2 weeks (14 days) after your second dose of an accepted 2-dose series
    2 weeks (14 days) after you received the full series of an accepted COVID-19 vaccine (not placebo) in a clinical trial
    2 weeks (14 days) after you received 2 doses of any “mix-and-match” combination of accepted COVID-19 vaccines administered at least 17 days apart*

    A person who has received only one dose of an accepted 2-dose series and has recovered from COVID-19 does not meet this definition, and therefore is NOT considered fully vaccinated for travel to the United States.

    Single dose
    Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine, Bivalent
    Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, Bivalent
    Convidecia (CanSinoBIO)

    2-dose series
    Comirnaty (Pfizer-BioNTech)
    Spikevax (Moderna)
    Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca)
    CoronaVac (Sinovac)
    Nuvaxovid (Novavax)

    Documentation Type Examples
    Verifiable records (digital or paper) Vaccination certificate with QR code1, digital pass via Smartphone application with QR code1 (e.g., United Kingdom National Health Service COVID Pass, European Union Digital COVID Certificate)
    Non-verifiable paper records Printout of COVID-19 vaccination record or a COVID-19 vaccination certificate issued at national or subnational level or by an authorized vaccine provider (e.g., the CDC vaccination card)
    Non-verifiable digital records Digital photos of vaccination card or record, downloaded vaccine record or vaccination certificate from official source (e.g., public health agency, government agency, or other authorized vaccine provider), or a mobile phone application without QR code1
    1. The QR code in a verifiable vaccination record links to information confirming the credential was generated from an immunization record in an official database and is protected from tampering.

    All forms of proof of COVID-19 vaccination must have
    Personal identifiers (full name plus at least one other identifier such as date of birth or passport number) that match the personal identifiers on the passenger’s passport or other travel documents
    Name of official source issuing the record (e.g., public health agency, government agency, or other authorized vaccine provider)
    Vaccine manufacturer and date(s) of vaccination

    west bank

    thanks for the info,
    any idea how to go around it?


    I always knew the price to pay for a Jew to travel in America or even worse to live there, was a way too expensive.


    @west-bank Two ways:

    • Lie about it and forge documents
    • Do the same thing that literally billions of people have done for the last 2.5 years with zero consequences and get vaccinated against COVID

    west bank > any idea how to go around it?

    The best way to go around it – down South, then around Florida, to Mexico, then follow everyone else North over the border.

    Don’t forget to first ask your local Rav whether he recommends going around.


    If one has both US and Israeli citizenship, you can travel freely. If only Israeli citizenship, you could be stopped from boarding the plane at Ben Gurion airport. If you are someone except from getting the vaccine, you may be allowed if you have proof from the Health ministry.


    @ AAQ,
    “Don’t forget to first ask your local Rav whether he recommends going around.”

    This is rich, coming from someone who openly mocks the idea of daas torah and asay lecho rav.


    common, as I mentioned before, I’d love to follow DT, but my DT does not recommend that. So, I am following DT.

    That said, I am absolutely for asking when you are planning to do something that clearly violates halocho but you think that you have overriding priorities.

    For example, when a member of my family was slightly hurt by a negligent community member in an auto accident, and the perpetrator left right after giving a statement to police and did not contact with any remorse gestures. I was wondering whether it is appropriate to pursue the guy financially to pay for medical expenses and whether this should be done through beis din. I asked a beis din Rav and he, surprisingly, suggested going through goyishe system, even suggesting that the person, and the community, needed that lesson. I did not ask for technical heshbonos at the time, and at the end decided not to follow up – if someone needs a lesson, I was not planning to spend my time on providing it. Maybe I am not the best Yid I can be …


    ps I do not recall mocking “asey lecho rav”, only DT. The first one is in the mishna. I may be a Gaon (no Rashi, etc), but not a Tanna.


    West Bank: If getting the vaccine is such a big deal for you, than have your friends fly over to EY and spare you the extreme burden of getting the shot like hundreds of millions of others have done w/o any problems. You will be safe and they will be helping the economy of EY.

    Pine Lake Park

    How could you say “there are no consequences to the vaccine”, when it’s only been 2 years and many consequences have ALREADY been seen?
    Just saying….
    It could years to see more widespread serious consequences


    @Bath_Tavath The COVID vaccines have been extensively tested, possibly more so than any other medicine on the planet. And the risks are minuscule. For a healthy person, it’s literally riskier to drive down the block. It’s at least 10,000 times more likely an individual will contact COVID and face serious injury, then be injured by the vaccine in any significant way.


    @AAQ, oh please you constantly knock anyone who is shoal etzah from rav, especially during covid even more so when it went against your idea of what he should have paskined.
    I have no desire to hijack this thread, so I am not going to respond on this.


    you are talking like suddenly, out of nowhere, someone forced a new vaccine on unexpecting people. This is childish. Any long term effects are likely to come from the new virus that CCP unleashed on us. Vaccines saved many lives during pandemic.


    “[One option would be to]Lie about it and forge documents…”

    On further consideration, this may be a great idea. Specifically, when the OP is arrested and detained at JFK for forging vaccination documents, we can start a pidyon shavuim funding campaign on behalf of West Bank.


    Gadol, there is also a shaila whether one can leave EY for a spurious reason. So, it could be Hashem’s will that he gets back to West Bank ASAP.


    AAQ: Great point….I’m not always thinking in terms of hashgacha paratis.


    Hashem can send a vaccine and then put an officer to make sure that even a choleh nefesh gets it, but ultimately he can’t make him drink it….


    According to the media, there was a statement released by the Biden Admin (can be found on whitehouse dot gov) the vaccine requirement for international travelers will end after May 11 (it says end of day on May 11 so really May 12)


    As of May 11th there is no vaccine requirement.


    Great, at least one CR thread ends with solution!
    OP, you may want to check if you should wait till May 12 to fly or maybe you can arrive 1130p on May 11 and pass customs at 0000 May 12.

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