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    There is a singer i really like who has beautiful music and has been through so so much and is really an amazing person. So just curious if any of you have any non-Jews who inspire you.


    Before anyone says the NO NON JEWS Inspire then. Would you say that Wallenberg doesnt inspire you?


    Abraham Lincoln.


    Tim Tebow. So humble, so generous. And I hate football.


    Isn’t this the issur of ?? ?????


    Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Albert Camus. Hans Scholl, Sophia School, Christoph Probst, just to name a few.

    just my hapence

    Torah – Possibly, possibly not. It’s a quite complex issue. Rav Hirsch had a special ceremony in his school for the centenary of Schiller, at which he gave a whole long drosho about how inspiring Schiller was and what lessons we can learn from his poetry and his life.



    I know of an amazing inspiring person who has been through so so much and is really an amazing person. He discovered God on his own even though he was brought up in a pagan society that worshipped idols. His own father tried to have him killed for believing in God, the king of his city threw him into a raging fire for 3 days because he believed in God. He had a son after many many years and he almost lost that son because God asked him to bring him up on an altar as a sacrifice. His other son went off the derech and became a thief and murderer. He fought against 4 mighty kings to save his nephew. His wife was kidnapped twice by evil kings who wanted to live with her and almost succeeded. Regardless of any challenge that faced him in his life he didnt waver in his belief in God for one moment. This amazing person was none other than Avraham Avinu. We don’t need any non Jewish heros, if you delve into the lives of the avos or any of the shivah Royim (7 shepherds) you will see that our heros are much greater than “their” heros lehavdil can and will ever be.


    how about Oscar Schindler

    yaakov doe

    Noach and Yisro and Rachav to name a few.


    Sophie Scholl (and friends)


    Torah is right. Sort of. And WIY is wrong. One can be inspired without praising the person as a person. And by WIY’s logic, Gedolim stories shouldn’t exist because people should be more inspired by the Avos, who were greater. Elah Mai? Inspiration can be found everywhere and from anyone, even if they weren’t the Avos and weren’t Gedolim.

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Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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