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    It seems like nowadays, everything is so fast and society is in such a rush. Running to the subway, people hunking horns and so on. I think what we all need to learn is slow down a little bit. I guess one could say that you can’t slow down when you need to catch a train. However, you can if you come sooner.

    Traffic is an annoying factor, and people are understandably in a rush. But here too, people should have patience. Guess it’s easier said than done. I have personal experience in waiting for things for a long time, and still I’m waiting for certain things, but I know it’ll come eventually. Wherever we are, it’s good to pause and do things right. Like it says in Mesilas yesharim, we need to be cautious and pay attention to ourselves.


    sm29-take a vacation to LA. much calmer and relaxed place. yeah there’s traffic but there’s traffic anywhere. it’s not nearly as bad as the east coast


    🙂 Yea I’m in LA

    I was just mentioning this because of something I read and felt it’s a good lesson for people in general 🙂


    I never understood what the appeal of large cities was.

    Because out in the country, things are usually much more relaxed.

    Plus you get to see open land and relatively fresh air and grass and trees growing and rustling in the wind (as opposed to hearing sirens and honking horns and looking at brick walls and trash cans etc…), and animals running around or eating etc…


    sm29-seems like everyone is! LOL


    It bothers me the way people always are in such a rush when they drive. Many times people make very dangerous moves just because they are frustrated with the driver in front of them. Many times this doesn’t even save time. I remember once we were on a long drive and there was a car that was swerving all over the place trying to get through the traffic. I was watching it as it made its way ahead of us and out of site. Later down the road, we caught up to it because it was caught in traffic that it couldn’t get through. That driver must have gone through a lot of stress and effort to keep switching lanes to try to get ahead while we were calmly driving in mostly the same lane. At the end, we both ended up at the same place at the same time so what did the other guy gain? Of course, sometimes it will save you a little bit of time to be aggressive, but is it really worth it? You gain maybe an extra minute or two here and there but you go through so much stress to get there.


    u probably heard this but: rather waste three seconds of ur life than waste ur life in three seconds.


    Its really scarey driving down those roads,I think people just act without thinking.. If they’d just think they’d realize the rush is not worth it. Like they say “Haste makes waste!”


    It’s quite scary that in order to cross a “quiet” street safely you hafta say tehilim!


    OMG! IDK Wha u tlkng bout? R u 4 sure? Cuz I dnt c a rush.

    lol! Gtg, bbs ttyl!!! 😉


    With some of these aggressive drivers, it’s not so much about getting there faster as it is about showing off.

    When I was a teenager I worked for a short time for a company that

    did house to house soliciting for the people t meet with a company salesman to pitch their product (siding, an extra thick longer lasting painting, for houses).

    One day there was no room in the car for all of us who were going to go knocking on doors to get to the area we were to be working that day so I had to follow them in my own car.

    They drove down the road at breakneck speed swerving into and out of traffic and I could barely keep up not loosing them.

    Finally when we got there the arrogant driver said “I had to slow down for you, you are just not a real driver”.

    It was all about him being Mr “Indy 500, race car driver”, not about getting to work any faster and he didn’t care who elses lives he put in danger and thought his own was as safe as if he were in bed since he was

    “so good” and thought it would have been impossible for him to ever make a mistake and cause an accident.


    i enjoy fast paced settings. i am the type of person who always needs to be doing 2 things at once. if im writing an article, working on an essay, posting a long winded drasha here, im working on at least one other thing at the same time. i like big cities, they are fast paced, and thats what i need. occasionally i like taking a break, so ill travel to a smaller city, but i always like staying in cities. idk, thats just me


    It is one thing for an individual to like a fast pace.

    But when he is a boss and demands it from his workers and they (or at least some of them) have a hard time with it and it makes them miserable, that could be a different story.


    It’s fine to like to do a lot of things at once. But if, for example, someone is late for something and is impatient, that might bother others around them

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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